Sick Girl Beauty

Sometimes I feel like I spend half of winter with a cold. A runny nose that doesn’t stop; a perpetual tickle in the back of my throat. Always tired, no matter how much I sleep. My skin becomes ashy, the area around my nose gets dry and red, and dark circles rim my eyes. It isn’t pretty.

However, (as much as I’d like it to at times,) life can’t stop. I have a complex about calling in sick to work, and need to at least look somewhat presentable. For that reason, I rely on the below essentials to help.
1. Cetaphil moisturizing cream (designed for bodies, not face) is intensely hydrating and doesn’t make my break out. When I’m sick, I even put it on my face. 2.  Burt’s Bees chapstick gets used compulsively.  3.  This tinted moisturizer from Jouer is the best. (Yet another Birchbox discovery, it leaves skin looking even – and awake-looking)  4.  I’m not a foundation girl, but when things get really bad, a few dots of Clinique’s special redness relief foundation works miracles on the red bits around the nose & cheeks.  5.  Benefit Hoola Bronzer is bronzy, and somehow manages to counteract the red in my face. 6.  Lastly, I use this shimmery pencil from Smashbox.  I put a little in the corner of my eyes to wake them up. 
Add a little (waterproof) mascara, and you’re good to go.

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