Sick Day DIY: Honestly WTF’s DIY Woven Chain Bracelet

As I wrote earlier today, I’m not feeling so great.  Last week I developed a terrible hacking cough cold and threw my back out to boot.  I spent all weekend resting and trying to move as little as possible.  Meanwhile, things at my job have been crazy… so calling in sick isn’t even a remote possibility.  Work and trying to get better are taking up the bulk of my time, leaving little room for arts & crafts.

When I got home tonight, I just needed to make something before working on that whole “rest” thing.  We’ve all seen the fabulous Honestly WTF DIY (Woven Chain Bracelet.)  I figured this was just the thing to scratch my itch for crafts.

All you need to make this is chain and embroidery floss.  I used chain that (no joke) came from the boyfriend’s costume when we threw a Jersey Shore theme party last year.  For floss, I used fun shades of pink, orange, and yellow… needed something fun and cheery!  Head to Honestly WTF for the full instructions, but here’s how mine came out.  It took about 15 minutes to make.

And there you have it… voila… in no time at all, a fun, fab, (and cheery!) new accessory.  I decided to make mine into a necklace by attaching more chain to the sides.
This project was so easy and fun to make.  The weaving part is incredibly satisfying, and not feeling well, it took very little energy.
Happy crafting!

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