Short Suit

STRIPES_3Zara Jacket // gifted Yoana Baraschi lace tank

Otte Shorts // YSL heels // Rebecca Minkoff Pouch

One of the best parts of trading corporate life for the start-up world a few years ago is that whole matter of dress code.  Even in my last role, where the dress code was business casual, wearing little silk shorts to the office would never fly.  At my current job, it’s mostly girls, and we wear what we want.  It’s a refreshing + fun change.  Our cofounder wears dressy shorts into the office on a weekly basis, so I’ve gladly adopted the trend.  I love this pair from Otte, and like wearing them with a jacket + heels to keep the look from getting too casual.

I hope you guys are having a good week.  I’ve had a busy week at work but am really looking forward to cocktails with friends tonight for one of my closest pals’ birthdays!

STRIPES_1my bracelets are Vita Fede + BaubleBar

Everyone asks about that pouch.  It is one of my most treasured possessions – a Christmas gift from Rebecca Minkoff.  The monogram was painted by Logan ReaI and I believe he does custom work.   Also, RM  launched their new monogram shop a few weeks ago which has some pretty good alternatives!



STRIPES_4photography by Lydia Hudgens

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Leave a Comment


  1. Kimberly:

    The mix of textures here is just perfect – love the stripes on lace and your bracelets are drool-worthy!

    5.9.13 Reply
  2. Rachelle:

    I’m so jelly you get to go to work dressed like that, as much as I am thankful for my corporate job, I would love to work in an environment where I can express myself more. Adore this outfit.


    5.9.13 Reply
  3. Kate:

    Sigh – I work in an office setting and while we are also business casual and I have pretty much the freedom to wear what I want, there are definitely all of those little restrictions that prevent you from wearing exactly what you want! Silk shorts definitely would not fly – but they look absolutely ADORABLE on you, and I’m big time envious of your freedom! Love this Zara jacket, too!

    5.9.13 Reply
  4. Rachel:

    I love the look of shorts with a classy jacket or blazer! I can’t wear shorts to work, but I’d definitely wear this on weekends!

    5.9.13 Reply
  5. Alyssa:

    That top is gorgeous, Grace! I’m loving the chic look of matching short suites lately, and this is a fun twist on that.

    5.9.13 Reply
  6. Lauren:

    love that lace top- so cute!

    5.9.13 Reply
  7. Marissa:

    Just posted on this look today in my new series! I’m just loving the shorts + blazer look. (that jacket!!!) xo

    5.9.13 Reply
  8. Sam:

    So cute! It must be such fun to work in an office of creative ladies. Love the dressy shorts. I tried them out last summer and really loved being able to stay cool, but still look put together.


    5.9.13 Reply
  9. Desperate Houselife:

    Love this. LOVE the lace!!

    5.9.13 Reply
  10. viv:

    This look is perfect!

    5.9.13 Reply
  11. Sara:

    I am so jealous of your office culture– short suits are so cute and I wish I could wear them around here! I have also been eyeing many Zara jackets lately and this one may be one of my faves. So cute!

    5.9.13 Reply
  12. Mary - The Classy Cubicle:

    LOVE that jacket! Beautiful ensemble!!

    The Classy Cubicle

    5.9.13 Reply
  13. Daisy:

    love the play on different patterns & textures! x

    & Pretty Things

    5.9.13 Reply
  14. Lauren:

    Love this “short suit” looking to pull together one of my own soon and I think you just gave me a GREAT idea! Adorable Grace.

    Best, Lauren/PRBlonde

    5.9.13 Reply
  15. Kodi:

    That Zara jacket is so good — and a great boxy pairing with the shorts!
    grey et al

    5.9.13 Reply
  16. Chelsea:

    I love love love this gorgeous top and those easy-breezy silk shorts. I’m so glad you get to wear whatever you feel like. You’re so effortlessly cool Grace!

    Chelsea & The City

    5.9.13 Reply
  17. Stefanie // Life on the Squares:

    Grace, your hair looks ah-mazing here! and I love the shorts suit look on you

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

    5.9.13 Reply
  18. Kristina:

    How fun that you can wear whatever you want to work! Those shorts are adorable.

    Kristina does the Internets

    5.9.13 Reply
  19. Jordan - Queen of LA:

    love the stripes, the monogram, the lace, and your hair!

    5.9.13 Reply
  20. Nnenna:

    I’m envious that you can get away with shorts at your workplace! This outfit is so cute and I love love love your striped jacket.

    5.10.13 Reply
  21. Bettina:

    Love. I just wore a pair of silk shorts that are similar to these over the weekend in Vegas for a bachelorette and I’m so in love with how versatile they’re going to be. I think everyone should own a pair!

    5.13.13 Reply
  22. Gaby:

    Um, in major love with the outfit Grace!

    5.20.13 Reply
  23. Moi Contre Le Vie:

    Great look! I really like the mix of fabrics, textures, and colors/prints. Lovely!

    6.4.13 Reply
  24. jane:

    hi wanted to get this jacket. how was the sizing. they only have medium. was it true to size or small for you. Thanks!

    8.6.13 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Hi! I think the medium might work. I got a medium and its a bit tight on me, it runs a little small!

      8.6.13 Reply