Shopping List: Spring 2013

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So…  as of this week, I’m officially halfway through my shopping ban.  It’s been six weeks.  (April 20th is the end date… I’ll be on vacation.)  Not purchasing any clothing or accessories has been pretty tough… but not nearly as bad as I’d imagined.  Ultimately it’s been a really good thing.  I’ve had time to really think about what I need to get rid of, what I need to add to my closet… and what I am sure I’m going to actually really wear.  Oddly,  pretty much everything I want for Spring is navy, white, or silver.    This wasn’t planned, but isn’t really all that surprising.

Separately, is it just me, or are the eighties coming back?  Lip prints, white heels, lighter denim…

White Heels (from Zara… really digging the whole white shoe trend this Spring.) // Silver Ring (obsessed with all things Vita Fede right now!) // Silver Bracelet // White Blazer (my #1 necessity for Spring.) // Lips Necklace // Celine Luggage Tote (still saving… it will be mine.) // Silver + Lucite Heels // Jeans (really love the lighter wash.)  // Diamond Bar Studs (so elegant… I’m in love.)  // Striped Tee // Pencil Skirt

Let’s compare notes… what are your must haves this Spring!?

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  1. Rachel says 3.6.13

    Congrats on making it this far! Those white heels from Zara are gorgeous, and I’d die for a Celine tote (someday…sigh). I want a jean jacket, so that’s on my spring list!

  2. Love your spring picks! I saw those white sandals yesterday on Zara and put them on my ‘want’ list. Those bar stud earring are perfection, too!

  3. I did the same thing and only lasted 4 weeks! Still a record for me! Good luck lady!

  4. Gaby says 3.6.13

    Yes, it looks like the 80’s are coming back. A white blazer is also on my wishlist, I really need one! And not that much surprising (because I live in neutrals), I’m leaning towards neutrals instead of lots of colors, at least for now!

    • Lauren says 3.6.13

      I agree on the 80’s coming back! part of me cringes over white heels, but I had a pair in college (wait… that was far from the 80’s) and I loved them then … so maybe I could give them a try again! I just bought 3 pairs of shoes from Zara – my new quest for my wardrobe is to buy/wear more really high quality basics and get inventive with the shoes and accessories!

  5. ALISON says 3.6.13

    I’ll be honest, I can’t do winter anymore! My wardrobe has consisted of a rotation of black pants and blouses and I am just craving springtime florals, sandals and shorts:) Loving your picks!

  6. Emma Finlayson says 3.6.13

    Black and white Zara wedges, soft boyfriend jeans, a floral blazer, a chevron print tote…. now I just need to track them all down. I am picky.

  7. Kristina says 3.6.13

    Wow your shopping ban is so long, congrats on making it this far! I love the color palette, it’s so classic.


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  8. Sara says 3.6.13

    I cannot get enough stripes in my life lately. I went shopping a few weeks ago and came home with 5 shirts: 4 were striped and one was polka dotted. Two of which were navy and white. I think we are definitely on the same page for spring!

  9. Alyssa says 3.6.13

    I’m super impressed you’ve done so well–especially if you’re going on vacation…that ALWAYS tempts me to pick up a few things! I would die over a Celine I’m pretty sure (no actually, I’m sure.), so that’s on my constant wish list. Other than that, I’m in the market for a few pretty sundresses and some sandals for spring.

  10. viv says 3.6.13

    Love your picks. And that Celine bag in navy is perfect! Keep saving!

  11. Lauren says 3.6.13

    love your picks— i basically live in navy and white (and stripes) in the spring/summer so i love everything on your list. i’ve also been seeing that lulu frost necklace everywhere & i love it!

  12. Liz says 3.6.13

    Sooo impressive that you’ve made it this far, such a great way to help take a step back and figure out what you really need. I’m definitely pining after some navy accents, a pair of white heels, and a few extra pops of color. I also can’t wait until winter layering dials back a bit so I can let a few statement necklaces and bracelets shine!

  13. Elisa says 3.6.13

    I have had that ring on my wishlist ever since I first saw the collection. Love the whole line!

    Love this set, too – classic, with modern details.

  14. Sarah says 3.6.13

    Great picks! White heels are high on my list as well! I’m also coveting a white bag (probably one of the ones you mentioned in your previous post :), more maxi dresses (i practically live in those), white shorts (I’m seeing a pattern emerge) and I just ordered a long pleated maxi skirt off eBay… So we’ll see how that goes!

  15. Novella - says 3.6.13

    I love (and want!) everything! Unfortunately here in Italy it’s very cold indeed 🙁
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  16. Taylor says 3.6.13

    Great Picks!!! I am on the hunt for a few new dresses that can be dressed up for Corporate America (ie WORK) and dressed down for play!

  17. Sarah says 3.6.13

    Love those diamond bar studs! So simple, but really unique.

  18. I think your pretty new future Goyard needs to be here too — unless the Celine has replaced it! 🙂

  19. Emily Lunstroth says 3.6.13

    GO you!

  20. Monique says 3.6.13

    Good job on the shopping ban! I keep telling myself I have to do that! I’m also digging the white shoes popping up. I’ve been craving a little white shoulder bag too! These are all lovely picks!

  21. Zoë says 3.6.13

    Good for you for having a shopping ban! I hope you’re planning to reward yourself 😉 I love that bag and the striped shirt.

    My favorite spring looks:

  22. As you know, I’m loving white shoes too so that’s one. I love stripes and florals for sure! I’m so proud of you for holding out on shopping. Ugh after I got my credit card bill from NYC, I have been slowing down the spending too!! xo

  23. Merrill says 3.6.13

    Leave it to J. Crew to release yet another necklace I have fallen madly in love with!

  24. Illumine says 3.6.13

    Thanks for doing ALL of our Spring shopping homework for us! The Dana Rebecca studs are pretty perfect.

  25. alyson says 3.6.13

    Oh, that Celine. Beautiful! I’m so all about white accessories for ages so thrilled at the selection… foot wear it definitely next on my list for spring. so fresh and fun!

  26. i’ll take one of each! especially since i’m a navy aficionado like you.

  27. Chelsea says 3.6.13

    This set is ridiculously stunning! I’m on a similar shopping ban (mine will end on Easter) and I’m already planning out what I’ll be picking up the second it’s over. I didn’t think I liked that lips necklace until I saw it here, now I’m obsessed!

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  28. Lloyd and Wolf says 3.6.13

    great picks. I want everything on your list!

    My must haves this year – something leopard printed, a chunky heel, maxi dresses and specifically a Coach 797 or Philip Lim Pashli bag.

  29. Akaleistar says 3.6.13

    I like that striped shirt!

  30. I will take all of these things, too! Congratulations on the shopping ban…I am going to challenge myself to do that one month this year. It’s on the resolutions/goal list!

  31. meghan says 3.7.13

    lady love, i am so proud of you for staying strong on your shopping ban! if you need to borrow anything out of my closet to get ya through, just say the words hehe