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I know I’m not the only one who is still completely, utterly obsessed with Clueless — and Cher’s closet.  (Wanna feel old?  That movie came out in 1995… eighteen years ago.  Oh dear.)  But despite her clunky PC, and the fact that that I was just fourteen when it came out, I still want that closet… and the fun software that went along with it… Alas, I live in real life (in a tiny Manhattan studio), not Cher’s life in Beverly Hills.

But anyway.  When Covet Fashion approached me about trying their new app to share here on S&S, I was a little bit skeptical.  To be honest I have so little free time that (prior to this at least) I didn’t play a lot of games on my phone (besides the NY Times Crossword app – I’m embarrassingly hooked on the Easy Puzzle Packs.)  Then they did a bit of name dropping… in the best way possible – Rachel Zoe is their ambassador and a big fan of the app.  And then I took a look at the brands that are involved (all my faves… Joie, Rebecca Minkoff, Twenty Tees.) and I decided to download it and see how I liked it.

Flash forward to an hour or two later and I was hooked.  Virtually shopping, putting together outfits a la Cher (bonus – without actually spending the money to shop)  I built up a $10,000 wardrobe, found myself putting together multiple looks, and voting on different looks in the community to earn more tickets.  Fantasy shopping at its finest.  Also, I should tell you that I ended up feeling inspired by many of the looks in the community… it’s a great way to discover fun outfits to put together!  (You can also shop the actual pieces from the app… if you are so inclined and need your real-life shopping fix.)

Hike at Machu Picchu, Peru

The New Royal

If only I could get my hair to look as perfect as the avatar’s!!!

How to Play the Game

  1. Shop!
  2. Collect your daily ticket allowance from your inbox.
  3. Use your tickets to enter Events. Events are styling challenges. Once entered you’ll earn cash and your submitted look will be voted on by other players. If you win you’ll get a prize!
  4. Vote on Looks to earn tickets and help pick a winner!
  5. Shop to increase your Closet Value.
  6. Keep entering Events to increase your Style Score. See if your Style Score is higher than your friends by connecting through Facebook.

The app is currently available for iPad, iPhone, and iTouch, and coming soon to Android.

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Covet Fashion, but all opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that help to make Stripes & Sequins possible.



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Leave a Comment


  1. The app is so cool! Will definitely try that one. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Giveaway happening on my blog!
    xx The Expert Dreamer

    11.1.13 Reply
  2. Love love Clueless! I’ll definitely look into this app – thanks for sharing.


    11.1.13 Reply
  3. Wow, I cannot believe it’s been eighteen years since Clueless came out. I was five at the time, and would rent it from Blockbuster every single weekend when I was in grade school. Probably a little young to be watching that, but Cher’s closet was amazing! This app looks so fun and super addicting!

    11.1.13 Reply
  4. I have been playing for a couple of weeks and I LOVE it! So fun and addictive!
    xo Emma

    11.1.13 Reply
  5. such a fun app! xox Sydney

    11.1.13 Reply
  6. I’ve been using Covet for a while! Very addictive. But then the update to iOS7 broke it for a while. Glad to hear it’s fixed now 🙂

    11.1.13 Reply