Shelter Island

When visiting the Hamptons, my favorite place to go has always been Shelter Island.  It’s a magical little island… still relatively undeveloped and  removed from all of the hype and trendiness (unless you are at Andre Balazs’ Sunset Beach, which I also happen to love… if only for the day drinking and incredible people watching.)  Last weekend, Stefan and I realized that we didn’t have any real plans; so we decided to plan a mini-escape to Shelter Island.  We stayed at Le Maison Blanche (heaven,) went paddleboarding, had drinks at the Rams Head Inn, and dined at the Vine Street Cafe.  I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend away.  Pure bliss.  If you visit, I highly recommend each of the places I mentioned.

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  1. The Curvy Girl says 7.20.12

    I used to go there all the time as a kid (I am from LI) and miss it!

    • graceatwood says 7.23.12

      Oh, you are so lucky! It is such a special place.

  2. Alyson says 7.20.12

    Wow, beautiful. Love places like this to take a break from life. So glad you got a relaxing weekend away! Going to VT soon and can’t wait for something similar. Happy Friday! 

    • graceatwood says 7.23.12

      Thanks Alyson – I hope you are able to do the same thing up in VT!

  3. Gorgeous! I usually stick to beaches in Florida and Mexico, but we went up to Newport and I fell in love with the Northeastern beaches. Love their nautical and preppy vibe.

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

    • graceatwood says 7.23.12

      Aw, yes… I’m a big fan of the preppy New England vibe! xx

  4. Anne says 7.20.12

    Was that in a movie!?  For some reason it looks so familiar!  Gorgeous!


    • graceatwood says 7.23.12

      I’m not sure… it might have been!! Thanks!

  5. crispy duck confit!? get out of town. this post kills me and i mean kills me in the way that i want to go but know the financier will be all “stop it, christin”. 

    • graceatwood says 7.23.12

      Yup, pretty much positively scrumptious. I didn’t get the duck confit (trying to be healthy,) but I saw it come out and it looked beyond good.

  6. Becca Atwood says 7.20.12

    Looks like a wonderful escape!!

    • graceatwood says 7.23.12

      it was!! xo

  7. Frankie Hearts Fashion says 7.20.12

    This looks like the perfect escape…so so cute! xo

    • graceatwood says 7.23.12

      thanks Nicole! I want to go back!!!

  8. Viviana Carmona says 7.20.12

    Looks magical!

    • graceatwood says 7.23.12

      it was! hope you had a great weekend, Viv!

  9. Clara Artschwager says 7.20.12

    Mmmm looks heavenly, Grace! I’m dying to go there, I’m definitely taking note of the post you stayed at. xx

    • graceatwood says 7.23.12

      Thanks Clara! You have to go – absolutely just the best.

  10. That sounds seriously delightful. Love Shelter Island and Rams Head Inn! Have you tried the Pridwin?

    • graceatwood says 7.23.12

      I’ve never been to the Pridwin but now I’m going to have to check it out!

  11. Gina says 7.20.12

    It looks so beautiful and restful!

    • graceatwood says 7.23.12

      Thanks Gina! It’s such a magical little spot.