Setting New Year Intentions.

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Happy 2019! Today we are going to talk about setting intentions for the New Year but first wanted to share two quick things!!! First – the podcast is back! We have a new episode now in iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. Becca and I talk about what we’ve been up to the past 6 weeks, our favorite + least favorite books of 2018, what’s in store for 2019, and more!!! (Also, make sure you pick up Little White Lies which is this month’s book pick… it’s a really good one!)

The other thing is Youtube! One of my goals this year is to film a video a week and I just posted a new video with my big night makeup routine (I filmed myself getting ready for NYE). So check it out, but also would love for you to subscribe to my channel if you’re into Youtube!

Setting New Year Intentions

Today I am going to share my own New Year’s intentions and also talk about my process for setting intentions for the New Year. Everyone does it differently but this is my process and how I like to do it. As we enter the New Year, I think it’s so important to set goals, intentions, New Year Resolutions… whatever you want to call them! You don’t have to share them with anyone, you don’t even have to write them down, but I think it’s incredibly healthy to use the end of the year to take stock of what you’ve achieved and what you want to do with your next 365 days.

Outfit Details: Kate Spade Coat // Zara Sweater // Re/Done Denim // Margaux Heels // Eileen Fisher Headband // Chanel Bag // Polaroid Sunglasses

Outfit Details: Kate Spade Coat // Zara Sweater // Re/Done Denim // Margaux Heels // Eileen Fisher Headband // Chanel Bag // Polaroid Sunglasses

Start by Listing Your Intentions

This is the first step. Go somewhere quiet where you can really think. I like to sit down and think and put actual pen to paper. But you could very well use a google doc – it’s finding a thing that works best for you! Think about your future and what you want your life to look like a month from now, 6 months from now, a year from now, and even longer term.

Goal & Intention Categories

I like to break down my intentions and goals into different categories. I think about four buckets: personal growth, professional growth, physical fitness, and then just those random things that I want to do/achieve that year.

Longer Term Goals vs Short Term Goals

From there I also like to think about short term vs. longer term intentions. The short term goals should ideally help you get closer to the long term intentions… I find it’s helpful to start with long term and then think about the short term things you can do now/this month to help you get there! So with my own intentions below, (except the random stuff) I started with the big picture and went from there.

My List of New Year Intentions

Personal Intentions

long term: More balance, more creativity. Live a big, exciting life, never feel bored or stagnant, but also make time to chill. Nurture my creativity.

short term:

  • Be better about having time just for me. I’m definitely an introvert. Being an introvert doesn’t mean you’re shy (I wouldn’t call myself shy), it just means you do your recharging solo. I feel my best when I have two nights a week where I stay in and just chill by myself – write, take baths, do face masks and self care, watch a movie or TV. Even when I just end up working, I still find my nights in to be so restorative.
  • Organize my kitchen cabinets. Oh my god you guys – they are a disaster. I started working on this but need to figure out better ways to maximize my limited cabinet space, and invest in some nice glass containers for flour/cereal/sugar/etc. I keep saying I’m going to do this and then I forget!
  • Take a painting class.
  • Go to at least one new art opening/exhibit per month.
  • Write more. Not just for the blog or for anyone/anything besides me, just sit down and write a few times a year.

Kate Spade Coat // Zara Sweater // Re/Done Denim // Margaux Heels // Eileen Fisher Headband // Chanel Bag // Polaroid Sunglasses

Professional Intentions

long term: Community, community, community. Grow The Stripe (and it’s associated channels: the podcast, Youtube, the Facebook group, and Instagram) and continue to build the community we have here!

short term:

  • Share more personal posts here.
  • Invest more time in learning email marketing. Maybe take a class!
  • Up my photography game. I am not a great photographer and outsource most of that, but I’d like to get better.
  • Continue to grow the blog. On average my blog traffic increases about 25% a year and I would like that growth to continue. The blog will always be my #1 priority.
  • Grow the podcast. This is a scary number but I will put this out into the universe. Becca + I want our average downloads/episode to quintuple. Right now the podcast gets about 5k downloads per episode and I want to get that number closer to 25k. This number is scary but attainable; in the digital space podcasts are the biggest area for growth right now and I really think that we are onto something with it – I’m so proud of what we’ve done so far! If we’re able to grow it we will be able to monetize it in a more real way, explore doing live episodes, and maybe start doing more than one episode a week. Right now it’s just hobby status… I’d love to make it bigger.
  • Post at least one Youtube video per week for the next 6 months. Honestly, I have no idea what I am doing with Youtube but I really enjoy the challenge of making videos and everyone says that the key to growing there is consistent posting, so I’m going to give it a try!!!
  • Build out the private Facebook group. I’m less concerned about growing the actual membership numbers there, and more into thinking about what we can do to make it better. I’m working on a wellness challenge for that space (kicking off next week), I want to do more reader meet-ups, and do more fun things there (pass more books along and so on and so forth)
  • Don’t stress out so much about Instagram and getting back to having fun with it. I love Instagram for what it is – but a lot of the fun of Instagram has gone away as I think about beating different algorithms and doing this and that to get your #s and engagement up. I want to get back to just sharing things that make me happy and not care as much about the numbers.

Physical Fitness/Health Intentions

long term:

Get into my best shape ever. Duhhh.

short term:

  • Cook more. This month I want to really cut back on eating out and takeout.
  • Dry-ish January. I have three big parties this month (the 40th birthday party invites have really started to roll in this year!) that I’ll let myself have a few drinks at each of those but otherwise, no booze.
  • Refocus on yoga. Yoga still = life for me but the holiday season was so busy that I was lucky to go 3x a week. I want to get back to going at least 5 days a week.
  • Work on my posture. I am such a slouch. Yoga helps but I actually just ordered this trainer for when I’m at my desk all day. Has anyone tried it? I’ve heard really good things!
  • Go on two yoga retreats this year (I’ve actually already booked them both, YAY)
  • Explore getting a personal trainer again. I hate lifting weights but it’s so effective and I do so much better when I have someone keeping me accountable. I have to go through my budget to maybe cut some things and think about what I can afford but I’d love to get a trainer a few days a week to help me tone up and get stronger so that I’m better at yoga.
  • Walk/move more. My step count was really low in December. That happens when you wake up, are at your desk all day, and don’t leave the house which is something I make a habit of doing when it’s cold out. I want to make sure I get out for at least one walk every day.

Grace Atwood: Kate Spade Coat // Zara Sweater // Re/Done Denim // Margaux Heels // Eileen Fisher Headband // Chanel Bag // Polaroid Sunglasses

Random Things I Want to Do

  1. Go to Portugal and maybe one other country I haven’t been yet.
  2. Really think about writing a book. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but I don’t even know where to start, or what I’d write about. Not another blogger coffee table book. Maybe something business-y or even fiction! Or some sort of memoir with all my weird stories from living in New York for twelve years. There are so many!
  3. Read at least 50 books this year. I read 82 books last year, so that should be easy BUT I am also a lot busier now than I was last year.
  4. Take more baths. I mean duh, my bathtub is my happy place.
  5. Shave Tyrion into a lion. Just kidding, that one was to make sure you’re still paying attention!

Whew – there we go! What about you? If you’re brave enough to share I would love to hear what you want to accomplish this year!!!

Outfit Details: Kate Spade Coat // Zara Sweater // Re/Done Denim //  Eileen Fisher Headband // Chanel Bag // Polaroid Sunglasses

Photography by Lydia Hudgens.


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  1. Time to set some new resolutions – I’ve left it for last minute yet again because I’m so unwilling to commit, haha! No pain no gain, I guess. Thank you for the inspiration, Grace. Hope you’re having a lovely start to 2019! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.2.19 Reply
  2. Elle:

    Hahah shave Tyrion! Such great goals grace. Cheers to 2019!

    1.2.19 Reply
    • Hahaha. Poor puff. I won’t do it. Though my sister shaved her kitty into a mini lion and he is SO cute.

      1.2.19 Reply
  3. Katie:

    Love the book idea! The book clubs for the book would be so fun! Cheers to 2019!

    1.2.19 Reply
  4. Sharon:

    Love your list! I start with a word for the year and then expand from there. My word for 2019 is renew. I have been so burned out working full time, takin care of kids, a dog etc. that I am stuck in a rut. I want to renew my friendships in 2019, my fitness regimen ( take a new class, maybe go on a retreat) Renew my creative interests ( I love to bake but have had no time) etc. I have a whole list if things I want to ‘renew”
    Happy 2019 to all!

    1.2.19 Reply
  5. dana mannarino:

    Love all of your goals and intentions. I think my word of the year is PURPOSE. I want every single thing I do (personal, professional, etc.) to have a purpose. I also want to read 20 books this year — almost done with the first one already!

    The Champagne Edit

    1.2.19 Reply
  6. TYRION!! Lol I would die.

    1.2.19 Reply
  7. McKenzie:

    You should absolutely write a book! I think you could write a killer fiction book since you read so much and are exposed to so many different writing styles.

    One of my goals is to save money by learning to value the possessions I already own and investing in wardrobe staples rather than cheap frills. Thanks for this inspiring post!

    1.2.19 Reply
  8. Diana:

    I love Gina Homolka’s Skinnytaste website and cookbooks. I just received her latest book, One and Done and it’s filled with great meal ideas that taste good and are also healthy. I also can’t recommend Equinox enough, their classes are amazing if you want to get into more cardio and weights but don’t want to do it completely on your own. Really enjoyed this post, Happy 2019!

    1.2.19 Reply
    • Thanks so much! I will def check out Gina’s website and I also love Equinox! Happy 2019!

      1.2.19 Reply
  9. Shanna Howell:

    What Yoga Retreats are you doing?

    1.2.19 Reply
  10. Taylor Juricic:

    Thanks for sharing! Let us know how the trainer for posture is I’ve been so curious!

    1.2.19 Reply
  11. Love these Grace! I’m trying really hard to cut back on eating out this year, especially for lunch or snacks. I find I’ll go to Starbucks too often to grab some food and it all adds up so quick! I’m a sucker for these goals posts so much that I wrote some on my site too 🙂


    1.2.19 Reply
  12. I’m interested in hearing how you like the posture trainer! I work at a desk too and slouch so badly. I’ve seen pictures of me when I’m sitting down before and was like whoa… bad posture!

    Rachel |

    1.2.19 Reply
  13. Mariana:

    These are great goals, you’ve inspired me to do the same exercise: going to write them down today! And you should definitely come to Portugal (I’m from Porto, the best city ahah)! I’m actually planning a trip to New York 🙂 I have just discovered your blog and am enjoying it very very much…keep up the good work. Have a great year!

    1.2.19 Reply
  14. Lainey:

    Loved this post. It really helped how you broke down the goal and what can be done in the short term to achieve it.
    I’m excited about the intentions you’ve set for the podcast. It helped me pull myself out of a reading rut this summer. I plan to introduce it to my book club next meeting.
    Have a great 2019!

    1.2.19 Reply
  15. MarciaMarciaMarcia:

    I’m another one of those who start with a word that resonates with all my intentions for the year. I had a hard time nailing it down this year, and then it hit me this morning. My word is GLIDE. As in “to move smoothly and continuously along, as if without effort or resistance.” I have a bunch of pretty big goals for this year (including launching a consulting business on the side as an adjunct to my day job), but I also know that I’m prone to anxiety, and pushing myself too hard when I’d do better to take a step back and regroup. I love this word because it’s about movement and accomplishment, but with a sense of ease rather than frustration. It fits my nutrition goals, my training goals, my work and my personal goals. Every time I say it in my head, it just makes me feel good.

    1.2.19 Reply
  16. Caroline:

    Love this!!! I look forward to reading more of your great posts and I really need to check out your podcast too! Cheers to a great 2019!! 🙂

    1.2.19 Reply
  17. Love all of your intentions. That’s actually my word of the year – to be more intentional! I think the podcast goal is totally attainable, you and Becca are doing amazing! Excited to follow your journey!


    1.2.19 Reply
  18. New Years is my favorite holiday, mostly because of resolutions. I love change and each Jan 1st is like a start of a new adventure. This year I didn’t set any resolutions except for reading (30 books, I read 23 last year — thanks to the podcast!), mostly because 2018 kind of kicked me in the butt and I’m still recovering. I loved reading your goals and I’m excited to for the wellness challenge in the private Facebook group!
    I hope 2019 is a milestone year for you, Grace!

    xoxo Logan

    1.2.19 Reply
  19. Bec:

    I want to prioritize making my existing friendships stronger and making new friends. Another is challenging myself to try new things like a craft class. The idea of doing it alone scares me (definite shy introvert over here) but I think it’ll make me stronger! Can’t wait to see what the Facebook wellness challenges are and I definitely plan to follow along! 🙂

    In regards to Instagram I definitely love to follow the pretty accounts but at the end of the day it’s just not a real reflection of life so I’m all for seeing more of what you love!!

    1.2.19 Reply
  20. Jessica Brenner:

    Love this. I’ve never actually committed to writing intentions or goals for the year even though I have always toyed with the idea. Just couldn’t commit. Tonight I followed your format and am so happy with how they came out. I’m going to try to revisit them once a month to do a little check-in. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Would be awesome to do a revisit on them in a few months:)

    Also, wanted to say that I continually find myself looking to you for everything from books to skin care to amazon prime shopping deals and love the space you’ve built! Cheers to 2019.

    1.2.19 Reply
    • AHHHH thank you thank you thank you, and I am so so happy this format works for you! xo

      1.3.19 Reply
  21. Jenny:

    I really enjoyed this post, and I’m looking forward to all you’ll be posting in 2019.

    1.3.19 Reply
  22. Tayler:

    My “goal” for this year is SURVIVE. I’m due with my first baby in April! So I’m all about surviving this year, and then hopefully thriving in 2020 😉

    1.3.19 Reply
  23. Chica:

    I don’t know if there’s one nearby but Core Power Yoga does a Yoga Sculpt class with weights that is amazing and hard and combines your two desires of yoga and weightlifting.

    1.3.19 Reply
  24. Wait, your goal is to keep two nights free to stay in by yourself: does that mean that you go out or have people over five nights a week?? For me, three scheduled evenings per week is my max.

    1.3.19 Reply
    • Haha yes! Between networking events for my blog, seeing my family and friends, or hanging out with my boyfriend my entire week easily gets FILLED UP which can be really hard! 3 scheduled evenings would be my ideal, but I have a lot of work things at night!

      1.4.19 Reply