The Setai – Miami

This past Memorial Day Weekend was, in a word, bliss.  We were in Miami with two very close friends, and I took four real days off from work.  No Facebook, no Twitter, no blogging… nothing.  It’s so easy to forget the importance of unplugging… this weekend proved to be an excellent reminder.  We stayed at the Setai in South Beach, which I can not say enough good things about.  With three pools (yes, three – at three different temperatures,) direct access to the beach, and an incredible restaurant + bar; I was in heaven.  For the most part, we hung out at our hotel and pool area – there wasn’t much of a reason to leave.  (We did manage a visit to Bond Street… my favorite – I could probably eat seventeen orders of their truffle tuna tarts!)  We arrived home rested, relaxed, and ready to conquer the universe (and to seriously detox – I’ll be at the gym and drinking green juice all weekend!)

{Our view.}

{Stefan and I.  My dress can be found here.  Also in blue and pink.  It is the most flattering dress in the world and I have it in four colors.}

{Palm trees – heaven!}

{The reflection of our building – from our deck.}

{lounging, poolside.}

{a scrumptious lunch of burrata salad (for me) and the Setai’s signature hotdog (for him,) by the pool.}

P.S.  Happy June… where did the time go!?

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  1. Lesley:

    I was in Miami almost a month ago and these pictures just made me miss it all over again! Looks like you had a great time!

    6.1.12 Reply
  2. For the record, I really like the reflection picture. 

    6.1.12 Reply
  3. Ashley Lavin:

    Oooo how fun!  The Setai is a gorgeous hotel!  Makes me miss Miami (where I’m from)…. P.S. your food looks sooooo good right now! 🙂

    6.1.12 Reply
  4. anna_sterretje:

    oooh this looks really good!


    6.1.12 Reply
  5. I am so jealous!!  I love all of your pictures, Miami is so beautiful.  And I, too, will be detoxing for the entire month of June… too much Memorial Day weekend fun!

    6.1.12 Reply
  6. Yanique:

    Awwwwww, your photos have me longing for vacay days by the pool, and hotel with views of blue seas……..

    You look like you had a wonderful time.


    6.1.12 Reply
  7. FlaTav:

    Being born and raised here in Miami, I was so happy to see how much you enjoyed yourself. It gives me new appreciation when I see pictures of my area taken by others—-seeing familiar territory through a “new set of eyes”. Happy June back at you and I hope you’ll return to our area someday soon! 🙂

    6.1.12 Reply
  8. Glad you had a wonderful trip and actually unplugged!!  Next time I go to Miami I want to stay there, such a beautiful hotel!

    6.1.12 Reply

    your photos have reminded me how much id like to take a vacation…even though i love NYC. :))

    6.1.12 Reply
  10. This sounds like heaven!  And your salad looks delicious!  

    6.1.12 Reply
  11. wonderfulandmarvelous:

    Gorgeous pictures!! I wish I was laying by some pool right now!! 😉
    xo Andrea

    6.1.12 Reply
  12. looks like a fabulous time! glad you had fun 🙂 you guys look adorable in that picture! 

    6.1.12 Reply
  13. Viviana Carmona:

    Looks like such a fabulous vacation!! Now, when am I seeing you?!

    6.1.12 Reply
  14. You guys are adorable and that dress looks stunning! Very jealous of your vacay in the sun 🙂

    6.1.12 Reply
  15. Looks like a beautiful hotel and location, so glad you were able to unplug for a bit!

    6.1.12 Reply
  16. Cecilia:

    that seems like absolute heaven, hope you enjoyed it and had a relaxing holiday 🙂

    6.2.12 Reply
  17. It looks amazing! 🙂

    Laura xo

    6.2.12 Reply
  18. This looks so amazing, the colour of that water! You both make such a handsome couple. I found your blog via Aly McLoughlin Harte’s blog, you have some great posts to read.

    6.3.12 Reply
  19. JamesNCleveland:
    6.4.12 Reply
  20. Liz {Sequins & Stripes}:

    You two are adorable and what an amazing trip!

    6.5.12 Reply
  21. What a gorgeous place. Looks like you had great weather, luckily! I’ve only been there once but didn’t stay overnight or explore much.

    6.6.12 Reply