September Favorites.

September Favorites

I have so much to tell you this month. Some of it random, some of it our usual fashion and beauty shopping stuff. I have been shopping a LOT. Fall is my favorite season to shop for. In the coming weeks I will have shopping guides for tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, etc. But for now, these are just the things I tried and loved most over the past month.

September Favorites

First of all, these white tea vodka sodas are delicious. I received a few in a press mailer and was immediately just like, “How do I get more of these!?” They have just a little bit of pear and yuzu flavor and are so good.

We talked about evolvetogether earlier in the month but I really like their products. Especially the KN-95 masks and this hand cream (which reminds me so much of Le Labo Santal). It’s creamy and silky and sinks right in.

I am also having such a moment with Everlane. The barrel pants, silky shirts, pull on shorts.. I could go on!

On the beauty front, I’ve been testing this eye cream for a project with Sephora for about a month now and it is probably the best brightening eye cream I have ever tried. I really, really love it. And if you follow me on Instagram you already know this, but I cannot get enough of Jones Road’s What the Foundation. The best sheer coverage foundation for dry skin. I love it so much. Shade medium is perfect on me but I also bought beige for when my tan fades.

I’m also loving LINNÉ, a local Charleston brand. Their cleanser/mask is probably my favorite thing in the line, but the charcoal body wash is a close second. GRACE15 gets you 15% off.

(PS: August’s favorites!)


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  1. Kristen:

    Good morning, Grace! I am am now even more excited for fall and all of your recs! Great shares here. A post idea: updated ranking of eye creams/serums? I bought the Strivectin on your recommendation and love it. (Also tried Lumiere) I’m thrilled to see Paula’s choice here. I LOVE all PC products. Would be interested in an eye care line up 🙂 Thanks for all you share!

    9.6.22 Reply
    • Hey Kristen,
      I use Strivectin at night and this in the morning. Love them both!

      9.6.22 Reply
      • Kristen:

        Excellent, thanks Grace!

        9.6.22 Reply
  2. Jessica Camerata:

    I just started using that Paula’s Choice eye cream (my first product from their line I have always heard such good things). And those sandals are SO PRETTY!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    9.6.22 Reply
    • It’s so good! Will be curious on your thoughts!

      9.6.22 Reply
      • Nicole:

        What shade do you use in the Jones Road foundation? It’s always so hard to know without trying it in person!

        9.8.22 Reply
  3. Lauren:

    Haven’t you said in the past that you don’t support Everlane? Something about the company not being ethical. Just curious to hear why you changed your mind. I’m also a fan of the Jones Road WTF. I’ve liked all of the products I’ve tried from them so far.

    9.6.22 Reply
    • Hi Lauren,
      Yeah, I’ve had a long back and forth with the brand and they have changed a lot and from everything I can tell, learned and growed as a brand. I’ve always like their clothes but you are right, in the past I had stopped wearing them.

      A few data points and components that were implemented in Everlane’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy over the past two years include –

      The “Rooney Rule” – which ensures that at least one candidate identifies as BIPOC for all director level and above positions; currently 70% of Everlane’s candidates at the final interview stage identify as BIPOC.

      Anti-Racism Training – Is conducted in a two-part, mandatory course and has been added as a part of new hire orientation

      Partnerships – Everlane has expanded upon our relationships with the ACLU, Equal Justice Initiative, Gray Scalable, Converge, Black in Fashion Council, Code 2040, and more, to ensure we are supporting BIPOC communities at large

      Community – We launched a new ERG for our AAPI community this year

      Diversity Among New Hires – 49% of our 2021 HQ new hires identify as BIPOC

      Promotions – YTD, more than 60% of our internal promotions awarded to BIPOC team members

      Retention – BIPOC team members remained equal to or above retention rates for our total company in 2021

      9.6.22 Reply
  4. Jennie:

    Hi Grace! Love all your thoughts here. Does that Anthropologie dress run tts? Looking forward to the fall fashion guides!!

    9.7.22 Reply
  5. Olga:

    Thank you for these recommendations. I’ve noticed that Everlane has diversity in its model selections, and that made me think of a question: do you know of any clothing brands where I could select to view the garments on one of their models? I’ve noticed one model is very similar to me in body type and would love to see what other garments look like on her, but she only shows certain pieces. I also envision this as being helpful for gift shopping, for instance, for a friend whose exact measurements I don’t know.

    9.12.22 Reply
    • Hi Olga,
      Do you mean like a specific, exact model? I don’t think that exists!!! I have seen a lot more brands using a more diverse range of models though which makes me happy… Anthropologie and Madewell come to mind!

      9.12.22 Reply
      • Olga:

        Yes, I meant one of the models already featured in the catalog – that you could select “Show me all your other garments on this model too” or something. Wouldn’t that be great if it existed?

        9.22.22 Reply