Sephora’s Savings Event!

Sephora Holiday Savings Event 2024

Today is a big one.. the Sephora Sale kicks off! This is when I stock up on all of my favorite beauty products. It’s also, as a blogger, one of my biggest earning periods of the year so I take it very seriously and always pull together a big guide.

Today I am sharing what I am buying, a BIG master list of all my Sephora favorites, and more! In my experience, the good stuff seems to sell out quickly (I am looking at you, Dr. Bader) and isn’t always replenished by the end of the sale so I recommend shopping today if you are able to. I feel very fortunate to have Rouge status and always make a point to shop early, on the first day.


Sale Details!

The sale will run from 4/5 – 4/15. If you have Rouge status, you can shop today, saving 20%. Use code: YAYSAVE. Here’s a little refresher on each of the tiers!

  • ROUGE: 20% off from Friday 4/5 – Monday 4/15
  • VIB: 15% off from Tuesday 4/9– Monday 4/15
  • INSIDER: 10% off from Tuesday 4/9– Monday 4/15

My Shopping List for Today:

Dr. Bader Rich Cream which you know is my FAV. I am buying this set, as it is a great savings before the sale. This set is my favorite as I use the little guy for travel. If you are on more of a budget, try this $48 “dupe.” It’s really really good and now stocked at Sephora and therefore, part of the sale!

More of these peel pads. LOVE them.

A restock on a few favorite masks. More of the Shani Darden nourishing mask (this is a new addition to my family of favorite things, it is so soothing). Then, a fresh jar of the Clarins cryo mask (amazing for hot summers but also depuffing). And of course my other favorite is this Tata mask… I’m getting dangerously low!

My favorite Maison Louis Marie Candles (I always order 3 or 4 during this sale, they smell incredible (pretty much just like Le Labo’s Santal 26, but at a fraction of the price). Besides shopping for myself I like to pre-wrap a couple of of these to have on hand as gifts.

Necessaire Deodorant (Eucalyptus). SO effective. Also, more Necessaire Eucalyptus body wash. My boyfriend loves this too, I’ll get us both a couple bottles.

More NuFace priming gel. I go through this stuff wayyyy too quickly.

Clarins Double-Serum. I love this serum. It’s kind of just a wonderful “does it all” product and it pairs really well with the Augustinus Bader Rich Cream.

Another jar (the really big size!) of the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. My boyfriend is obsessed with the fragrance of this one. When I wear it (and the body spray!), people will actually stop me to ask what perfume I am wearing. I feel basic but it really is just so good!).

PS – If you shop the sale, tag me in your stories! I want to see what you get!

A few new additions to my favorites list…

I talked about these at length over the holidays but they’re actually new to my Sephora favorites list as I tried them for the first time during last year’s event: these Eucalyptus Breathe Pebbles from Kate McLeod. The most heavenly scent and plopping two in the bath yields the softest skin ever.

This is the best setting spray! It is so good for really humid, hot Charleston days. I’m so impressed by it.

This vanilla body mist is incredible. It smells SO good. I joke that it is what all the adults who loved Bath & Body Works’ Warm Vanilla Sugar will want to wear now. A more mature, sexier version of that (but so light that you can spray it all over – hair, body, etc.)

Westman Atelier’s brand new matte lipsticks are excellent! I am hooked on Je Rêve, a pretty, pinky nude.

I LOVE this nourishing mask from Shani Darden. It’s heaven for dried out, irritated skin. Super smoothing, calming, hydrating, etc.

This cinnamon body butter. Heaven. Just trust me here. OMG.

Weekend Skin. The perfect does it all tinted moisturizer. A staple on my days where I don’t want to put anything on my face but want a bit of coverage and protection.

This ultra thick, hydrating moisturizer. I like to put it over my other products… slugging, as the kids say! This over a serum + The Rich Cream = waking up like a dewy and radiant angel the next day.

Wait… Elemis is at Sephora!?

I didn’t know this. So thrilled to see this exciting development as their cleansing balm is my favorite and I really love so many of their other products!!!

I really love Haus Labs!

Do not sleep on Haus Labs! It is Lady Gaga’s makeup brand, and while I was skeptical, I tried a few things and am really, really impressed with everything I tried so far. Below are a few favs. The foundation is especially excellent, and I love love love the new concealer. This post has a detailed review of every product I have tried from Haus!

Paula's Choice Brightening Eye Cream
Favorite Brightening Eye Cream!

For long lashes!

I always get a lot of eyelash questions in my DMs. I used Grande Lash every day for a year (starting last August) and it made a huuuuge difference in my lashes. You can read my full review of the product with before/after photos, but they got so much longer! Recently (really just out of curiosity), I switched to the Augustinus Bader lash and brow serum. I’m happy to report that I have seen no difference or lash fallout upon making the switch. I will do a longer review of this product eventually but wanted to share that here while the sale is going on!

Sephora Holiday Savings Event 2024
New Fav Lash Serum
Sephora Holiday Savings Event 2024

Pampering At Home!

This facial steamer is everything when it comes to creating an at home “spa experience.” It also ALWAYS sells out during this sale. I bought it for myself at the beginning of quarantine and it’s been such a treat. I like to wash my face and then use this before a deep cleansing mask to really let the treatment penetrate. This would be a GREAT gift.

The Wander Beauty gold eye gel masks are my favorite when I’m getting ready. (Also, a great gift!).

Clarins Depuffing Mask. I touched on this above but holy cow, this is amazing. I had seen a lot of other influencers rave and rave about it and they were not kidding. This really, really works. If you laid into the sodium the night before, if you have a big event, or if you are just feeling like your face is looking puffy, this mask will really help – especially around the jawline and under the eyes. I have been doing it before my photo shoots and notice a big difference. The Cryo mask is another favorite. I have a hard time deciding which one I like more; they both depuff so well!

I really really love this face mask from Tata Harper. It’s truly the best and leaves your skin SO glowy, smooth, and firm!

Dry brushing is one of the best things you can do for your skin and circulation (for a nice how-to, refer to this post!). This brush is amazing!

For a nice take on a micro-current facial at home (my personal favorite when getting a facial), the NuFace is KING! You need to do it every day to see a difference but for a lifted look, nothing is better. I also always stock up on the priming gel during this sale.

Skincare Favs!

Heavy Hitters…

Strivectin is one of those brands that just really, really works. Science-based formulas with products designed for specific concerns. I have some deep lines in my neck and have been using their neck roller – I like the way that it firms and lifts the skin… though it’s temporary, it’s noticeable! I love the neck cream too – it has immediate tightening benefits. And you know my number one Strivectin FAV: the eye cream… I’ve talked about it a lot here but it’s one of the best I have tried! I use this every night.

Clarins Double Serum is just the best. It does everything from firming to brightening to evening out texture. I see a real, noticeable difference in my skin when I am using it regularly. It layers very well under Augustinus Bader.

My holy grail Tata Harper mask. It’s a powerful exfoliant and gets the skin super smooth but also leaves it noticeably brighter, glowy, and firm!

Shani Darden’s nourishing mask. Oh my goodness, this stuff is heaven for dried out, angry, sad skin.

I always forget about this line reducing concentrate from Kiehl’s but it’s one of my FAVORITE products. It really makes a difference in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially on your forehead. Also from Kiehl’s: this hyaluronic acid serum. It’s incredible (I like it better than the much pricier Dr. Sturm one) and just $35!

Speaking of peels, these are my favorite peel pads. I try to use these every night, they leave skin so smooth and glowy.

Two fave skincare brands!

You know I love Biossance!

I feel like I beat you over the head with this brand but I can’t help it, their products are amazing. In fact, I absolutely love their lactic acid. It’s become a holy grail for me as it makes SUCH a difference in your skin in just a night. Lastly, their newish plumping + hydrating serum and their toner (my favorite toner). Everything this brand makes is amazing (well in full honesty I don’t love the eye gel but the eye cream is great – thick and hydrating!). Oh and the body cream SO GOOD and only $28… before the sale.

My newest Biossance fav is the Ectoin moisturizer (also talked about above!). This is really really rich and hydrating. I like to layer it over my other serums and moisturizers to really lock it all in. I believe this is called slugging, fun fact.

Farmacy is my other fav for clean beauty favorite.

Their cleansing balm is one of my absolute favorite cleansers. I’ve tried so many cleansers (many of them being so much more expensive!!) but always come back to this – it takes off all my makeup while leaving the skin so soft. I am also a big fan of  this ultra gentle (honey scented) gel cleanser.

Grace Atwood Sephora favorites

Makeup Favs!

I am very very into everything Iris & Romeo makes, but especially: Saturday Skin. It’s fantastic. Just a little coverage, Vitamin C to brighten up, and SPF. The perfect no makeup-makeup product!

I always use this sale to stock up on my beloved BeautyBlender. I use this to apply my foundation and makeup but also to blend highlighter, blush, etc. It is meant to be used wet so I am a big fan of this color changing Blender (reminds me to wet it!).

My absolute favorite blush – in Petal! (This – in Worth – might take over as my new favorite, though).

Saie Beauty makes so many of my absolute favorites. The Glowy Super Gel is one of my absolute favorite products – I like to apply it all over my face for that no makeup makeup GLOW. I am also VERY into their cream bronzer; my favorite bronzer – I recommend grabbing the brush too, it makes a difference.

Bobbi Brown Shadow Sticks forever and ever (I did a tutorial in my reels). My favorite colors are golden pink and golden bronze.

Glowscreen! Is it makeup? Is it skincare? It’s kind of both but I love it so much and wear it nearly every day.

My absolute favorite brow product. Nothing fills and tames better!

Ilia is definitely another big favorite brand. A few standouts are this eye palette (in warm) – I apply with a wet brush and the finish is perfection), their mascara, these sticks (in “in the mood”), and their eyeliner (best gel eyeliner!)

The Kosas lipstick in Daydream. (Daydream replaced Rosewater, FYI!) This is one of my absolute favorite everyday products. It is the color of my lips but just a little better. Also on the lipstick front is this liquid lipstick from Fenty Beauty. I love love love “C-Suite,” the perfect rosy nude.

And to keep it all on, this setting spray. I am obsessed.

Hair Products:

I do just love Briogeo’s products. The scalp scrub is heavenly. I have talked about it at length but it’s just the best. Smells so good (like a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie!), feels so good, and gets your scalp ultra clean. I love the newer anti-dandruff shampoo. The shampoo and conditioner are from the Don’t Despair Repair line are two favs… they leave my hair soft and silky and frizz free. And this treatment mask is fantastic when my hair is feeling dry and needs a little extra hydrating love.

The Dyson Airwrap, of course! This is the absolute best ever. It’s made blowing out my hair so much easier. I have tutorials in my reels for both longer and shorter hair. A true game changer. I like it so much that I gave my blow dryer to my cousin.

Body Products:

You know how much I love Necessaire. They’re pretty much my go-to body brand. The Eucalyptus Body Wash, the Body Lotion, and the Acid Deodorant are everyday favorites.

I am not monogamous with my body creams but my absolute favorite body lotion (if forced to pick) is this one from Sol de Janeiro. It smells like salted caramel, and it does a great job firming and toning the skin.

Also on the body creams front, this one from Biossance is very very good, especially if you are looking for something firming. (What can I say, I have a lot of body creams!)

Too many body creams. But – this cinnamon one from Fenty Beauty is a new fav. The smell is heaven!

I need to talk more about Necessaire’s acid deodorant because I love it so much. I like it a lot more than their other deodorant (which was creamier, but messier). This glides right on, feels like nothing (makes no mess – it’s totally clear) and WORKS… all day. It’s currently my favorite deodorant. Acid deodorants are no joke (I will say this is fine for sensitive skin, despite being an acid – besides the acids it has ingredients that soothe and moisturize).

For the bath, I am a massive fan of Kate McLeod’s eucalyptus breathe pebbles. Heaven.

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.


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  1. Cait:

    Order placed!

    Haus Labs blush in French Rosette, Saie blush in Sweetie
    Charlotte Tilbury setting spray (restock)
    Paula’s Choice vitamin C (restock) & trying out their spf
    Hourglass bronzer in luminous bronze light
    Clarins cryo (never tried!!) & depuffing (restock)
    Peter Thomas Ruth Irish Mud Moor (restock)

    I was tempted by Rare Beauty new blush but maybe another time lol

    4.5.24 Reply
  2. Yes! I often give that bath soak as gifts too. It’s a great deal.

    4.5.24 Reply
  3. Sarah:

    do you use a retinol treatment / cream? would love your recommendations if so! I’ve been using the Paula’s Choice vit C serum that you recommended and really like it, thanks!

    4.5.24 Reply
  4. Casey:

    Yay for the Sephora sale! First of all, thank you Grace for your site and for your honest reviews about skincare products. I have found so many wonderful products through your recommendations, but more importantly, I feel like I know where to be smart about my money, thanks to your posts. Anyway, on to my shopping list…

    Today I grabbed:
    – Clarins Multi-Active Day Moisturizer for Lines, Pores, Glow with Niacinamide
    – Clarins Extra Firming Nighttime moisturizer (A HG for me. I find it a good cost-saving alternative to Bader. Still pricey but not PRICEY-pricey)
    – Clarins Eye serum (Honestly. I have become such a Clarins girl in the last year)
    – Shani Darden Nourishing face mask (discovered thanks to your post. Love the detoxing effects without stripping the skin)
    – Necessaire Body wash in Eucalyptus (I LOOOOOVE the scent)
    – Maison Louis Marie Deodorant in No. 4
    – Necessaire body acne wash since we are heading in to the summer and a fun thing that happens is pores on the back get more congested after workouts, cool
    – Mara vitamin C serum (LOVE this brand but haven’t tried this yet)
    – Ilia Concealer stick
    – Ciele powder with SPF (Have you tried this? This brand is new to me but I love the idea of a face powder with SPF for added sun protection and throughout the day touchups)
    – Laneige lip mask and some Mara lip balms

    I use a lot of other things on your list – like the NuFace serum, Clarins masks and double serum, and MLM No 4 candles – but am well stocked still from past sales 🙂

    4.5.24 Reply
  5. bonbonlimon:

    Hi Grace! Thank you so much for your skin care reviews, I’ve definitely been influenced by them 🙂 I wanted to let you know that Sephora is using some inappropriate pricing practices. I’m an Insider, and saved a number of your recommendations in my cart to purchase during the sale starting today. When I went into my cart this morning, Sephora had raised the starting price on every product exponentially (so no savings to be had!). The face cream: $92 up from $66. The Maison Louis candle: $58 up from $38. A Beauty Blender: $27 up from $20. It looks like they’ve lowered prices back down now, but this morning it was insane. I bought my products elsewhere and am not sure I’ll be shopping at Sephora again if they’re implementing demand pricing models (at least not without a significant price monitoring effort). I believe you take your partnerships seriously and wanted to let you know.

    4.9.24 Reply