Yellow and Red.

sea yellow top with love sam mini skirt | grace atwood, the stripe
jacket // top // skirt // bag // heels

Ever have one of those days where you feel like your body is just… broken? That was me yesterday. I did something really klutzy on Sunday when I was making my bed (of all things… couldn’t this be a story about some incredibly risky stunt I pulled?). I was in a rush and somehow I snagged my foot in the buttoned up part of my duvet cover and went flying across the room… landing on my shoulder. It hurt but I figured I was fine. I went out, ran 3 miles, and didn’t think anything of it. And then yesterday, I in the most pain ever. My upper right arm is not working. But I went and saw my trainer anyway. Though we stuck to mostly lower body exercises I knew it was a mistake by the time I got home… so achey and sore! Such a dummy. So here we are today… hoping to feel a little bit better. Man, duvet covers… they’re deadly – who knew!? πŸ˜‰

When I spotted this cute top from SEA I knew I had to have it. I will say that it does wrinkle (as you can see in the photos, sorry) which is a little annoying…. the sash especially. I ironedΒ it to perfection the morning I wore it but after sitting in a cab and then through a meeting, it was all wrinkled. Still, it’s linen, which looks okay wrinkled. I’ve also worn it with the Ulla Johnson skirt from this post, white skinny jeans, and flares. And you can also tie the bow in the back for a more fitted/streamlined look.

I love this skirt (bought last year). This one from Veronica Beard is very similar (ruched at the top with a cute little flare) but I also love this paisley ruffle mini, this affordable mini, and this bright ruffled skirt!

Outfit Details: Burberry Kensington Trench CoatΒ (affordable versions here + here) // SEA Wrap Top // Love Sam Skirt (old but similar options here, here, here, and here) // Cult Gaia Bag (I have the large one) // Celine Sunglasses // Hart Hagerty Tassel Earrings // J.Crew Corsica Espadrilles

sea yellow top with love sam mini skirt | grace atwood, the stripe sea yellow top with love sam mini skirt | grace atwood, the stripe sea yellow top with love sam mini skirt | grace atwood, the stripe sea yellow top with love sam mini skirt | grace atwood, the stripe sea yellow top with love sam mini skirt | grace atwood, the stripe sea yellow top with love sam mini skirt | grace atwood, the stripe

I get asked a lot about what I put in my Cult Gaia bag. The simple answer is that you have to be really streamlined or it will look like a hot mess. I keep my sunglasses case and my keychain inside it… and then I stick my wallet, lip gloss and a few other things inside a pink dust bag. The bag holds a lot but can look really messy.

what to put inside a cult gaia bag | the stripe

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Cute outfit!! And ouch, sounds like a bad trip. Good that you’re fine, though!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    5.16.17 Reply
  2. That’s such a gorgeous top! I love the colour and the tie adds the perfect detail to it.

    5.16.17 Reply
  3. Natali:

    You’re always looking so adorable! This outfit is summertime perfection, I like your basket bag and skirt very much.

    5.16.17 Reply
  4. I hope you feel better soon! At least this outfit is super cute πŸ™‚

    Briana |

    5.16.17 Reply
  5. Brittany:

    oh man- feel better! i totally get you though- i broke my ankle a couple weeks ago… while walking.

    xo, brittany

    5.16.17 Reply
  6. Hope you feel better soon, lady! Xx Love this summery look!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    5.16.17 Reply
  7. Love that Dodo Bar Or skirt that you linked to.

    5.16.17 Reply
  8. Ouch! That sounds painful. I hope you feel better! I love that the top is both linen AND yellow! Two of my favorites for summer!


    5.16.17 Reply
  9. Cathleen:

    I think the outfit looks very nice with the trench to give it more structure. I wish there was a cheaper alternative to that purse. It looks cute, but I wonder how practical it is as far as keeping the handles together and laying it down.
    I hope your shoulder heals soon. Could it possibly be a separated?

    5.16.17 Reply
    • Hi Cathleen,
      I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find a more affordable alternative to the bag. πŸ™ Etsy has some cute basket bags but none have the same structured shape.
      I don’t think my shoulder is separated – right now it just feels really sore and bruised.

      5.16.17 Reply
      • Cathleen:

        Thank you. Maybe some cheap ones will come out soon. I may get that large round bag you’ve shown that you got from Etsy. It’s a cute one for summer.
        Hope your shoulder is back to normal soon.

        5.17.17 Reply
  10. Ouch. May you heal up soon.

    5.16.17 Reply
  11. Love that top– the yellow is SO cute and the bow is just too adorable! xo Devon Seventeen Dresses

    5.16.17 Reply
  12. denise:

    you look like a beautiful summer day!xox

    5.16.17 Reply
  13. Whenever I trip on my duvet and bang up my shoulder, I use it as a great excuse to get a massage πŸ˜‰

    Also: you look so cute in this outfit! That top is so fun.

    5.16.17 Reply