Oversized Favorites.

Artesano Hat // SEA Dress // Repetto Ballet Flats // Saint Laurent Bag
Artesano Hat // SEA Dress // Repetto Ballet Flats // Saint Laurent Bag


This hat was one of my favorite purchases from the summer. I mentioned it in another post, but I have the biggest head and had to send the first one I bought back, in favor of custom ordering the 2XL. Nothing like having the XL not fit to make a gal feel dainty, right? It’s a little hilarious but I’m cool with it… I inherited from my dad, along with prankster tendencies and a love of red wine. And a massive brain of course, (duh.)

I paired the hat with a few of my other favorite things… this flocked lace dress (from my FAVE line… Sea), and my patent leather Repetto ballet flats. Voila: easiest summer ensemble ever. The texture of this dress is amazing… it’s hard to tell from the photos but it’s a structured flocked lace. It’s great for right now, but I can’t wait to wear it with tights + a little leather jacket when the weather cools off.

Also: I don’t wear flats on the blog very often as I feel like my legs look a little stumpy, but the reality is that I probably wear flats  more than heels in my everyday life… especially when I am running around the city which was the case when we took these photos, so… sorry about my stumpy legs but know that yes, this the exact outfit I was wearing that day.

Outfit Details: Artesano Playa Hat // SEA Dress //Saint Laurent Sac de Jour // Repetto Flats (they’re also on sale in a few sizes here!) //Lele Sadoughi Slider Cuff // Vita Fede Mini Titan Bracelets

Sea White Lace Dress 2

Sea White Lace Dress 3

Sea White Lace Dress 4

Sea White Lace Dress 5

Sea White Lace Dress 6

Sea White Lace Dress 7

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Natali says 7.2.15

    Fabulous outfit! You look so Parisiene chic and elegant in this mini dress.


  2. Cathleen says 7.2.15

    I have a large head too – oh the struggles of having a large brain! This outfit is too cute. I wish someone would make some flats with an actual heel on them. I always feel like I’m going to fall backwards! I agree about them making my legs look stumpy. I think a slight heel would help that, but they are impossible to find.

  3. Kiara King says 7.2.15

    I adore a good hat! They just seem to complete an outfit and make it extra special. I really love that beautiful pearl ring too that I spotted in the first photo!


  4. Annie Reeves says 7.2.15

    I really love this look on you, Grace! The hat is badass. You wear it well!!

  5. Haley says 7.2.15

    Your legs look anything but stumpy! These proportions on this outfit are perfect! This might just be my most favorite look on you 🙂

  6. Jess Zimlich says 7.2.15

    Girrrl, your legs are anything but stumpy!

  7. Shae says 7.2.15

    Such a mesmerizing oversized hat! Love it!

    Shae @ Current Habits

  8. Katie says 7.2.15

    you do NOT have stumpy legs! those repetto flats are to die for! and i love that you photographed yourself wearing what is more true to what you would typically wear around NYC. heels are great once in a while, but i prefer flats. they are so chic, comfortable, classic and cute! don’t think you have to always wear heels in photos because you think that is what readers prefer to see. i think readers prefer to see real, day-to-day outfits that are also super cute. like this one! we want to gain outfit inspiration that we can work into our daily lives (this outfit is a perfect example!), and TBH the majority of women want to be cute but also comfortable. 🙂

  9. Andi says 7.2.15


  10. Sarah Lagen says 7.2.15

    I have the opposite problem with my head and hats! I ordered a 0/S for a hat and it is still too big!! I’m always self conscious about wearing hats because I have a child size head!! Haha… its so goofy to think about that way!

  11. Cy says 7.2.15

    I have my mothers large head, so I feel you. However, like you I also have really thick hair. Dont’t you think that makes our heads bigger? . You have great legs and the flats are so fresh and bright, you look adorable. I’m glad they make so many cute flats now, I just can’t run around in heels like I used to. My sister has a super tiny head, she can buy hats cheaply in the kids department. I’ll bet everyone would love a feature on mid heels. That’s my complaint. Why are most all the shoe choices either totally flat or 5 inches? Most girls are more comfy with something in between. Please Grace, do a feature on cute mid-heels!

    • elizabeth ashley says 7.2.15

      Agree! I am constantly searching for chic heels under 2 inches! My job is often spent with children, and so I want something easy to throw on, but pretty and elegant enough to dress up my outfit in front of parents/colleagues or out to dinner/coffee after work.

  12. Elana says 7.2.15

    I love your hat! I definitely want to get a similar one for beach and pool days!

  13. Krista says 7.2.15

    Particularly great outfit – you look great, Grace! Could you do a round-up of flats to walk around the city in? I just moved to SF and found my heels are no longer cutting it:)

  14. Dora says 7.2.15

    I love this look – so timeless! The hat is just gorgeous

  15. Nan says 7.3.15

    Oh my gosh your hat, in love! I am such a fan of straw hats but I love how this one is so large! Beautiful!