Scenes from the Weekend: Lake Placid

And we are back from an incredible five days in Lake Placid.  Five days of fresh air, five days of no makeup… of campfires, friendship bracelet crafting, hiking, and more!  I always have such a great time going up there… here are a few snaps – some favorite moments from the weekend.
(the trees at the boyfriend’s father’s house.  breathtaking.)
(the “tree house” at camp.)
(i had the whole camp making honestly wtf’s wrap bracelet DIY.  seriously.  the boyfriend and i had to make two separate trips into town to get more leather cord.)
(this is a mere snippet of some of the bracelets we made…)
(beautiful wildflowers lining the dirt road at the entrance to camp.)
(our home for the weekend.  no electricity, but isn’t it quaint?  meet camp treetops’ hanging house.  pretty cool.)
(the beautiful lake.)
(an amazing bonfire on the last night.)

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