Scenes from the Weekend: Bobby Van’s, Bridgehampton

This past weekend, we were in Southampton.  It was one of the crazier ones… a lot of eating, drinking, and general merriment.  Let’s just say I will be hitting the gym hard all week to undo some of the damage.  On Saturday night, we went to Bobby Van’s for dinner.  My friends rave about it, but I’d never been.  I was in for a treat.

We like oysters.  A lot.

The mussels were amazing.  I’m not really a huge mussels person, but the garlic white wine sauce that they were served in was simply heavenly.   We couldn’t stop dipping our bread in it.

The Chilean Sea bass was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten…  tamarind glazed, and drenched in a truffled asparagus broth.  I didn’t realize fish could be this buttery… heaven!

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