Scenes from the Weekend: Abbot Kinney

One of my favorite places in LA is Venice Beach.  I love the laid back, beachy surfer vibe…  I also (not surprisingly) love the shopping and the food.  For those two reasons, Abbot Kinney has become a favorite of mine.  As you know by now, I’m obsessed with Aviator Nation for comfy cozy vintage-y sweats.  (The bf is even more obsessed than I,) so every time we come out here, we make a trip to Venice to load up on hoodies and comfy tees.)  Here are a few scenes from this weekend’s venture…
 food truck heaven.  burgers, tacos, or dim sum… what will it be?

The Dim Sum truck actually has a cheeseburger dumpling.  I mean really.. 

lovely orange sodas, lined up like soldiers.

salted caramel heaven from n’icecream… yum-azing.  (the coconut chip was also pretty good)

you can spot the aviator nation shop for miles… those bright colors = instant happiness!

pretty greenery outside a storefront.

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