One of my favorite things to do while Los Angeles is pay a visit to Satine Boutique.  The shop stocks a highly edited assortment curated brands like Isabel Marant, Wren, Lanvin, and (my newest favorite,) Chinti and Parker.  Some of the true standout pieces, however, come from the shop’s private label.  With just 13 items (and 8 styles,) the line is small – but packed with the sort of pieces you’ll own and wear over and over again for years.  Personal standouts for me are the Katherine Blazer (sharp, sleek, your quintessential blazer,) and the Amy Top (elegant and feminine, with lace insets.)  Pop over to their site – just be prepared to want everything.

Clockwise from top left:  Katherine Blazer // Nicole Fringe Purse // Bianca Dress // Brenda Top // Amy Top // Short Silk Skirt


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  1. Anna @ IHOD says 4.24.12

    Oh my goodness, that is the perfect white blazer! Need to check out their site!
    Thanks for the intro:)

  2. Samantha Green says 4.24.12

    love all of these picks but especially the navy skirt and white blazer — sucha a shame that LA is so far from where i live! xx

  3. Christina Pometti says 4.24.12

    these are such classic pieces! all of it looks so gorgeous – i don’t know which i’d pick! though the white blazer is calling my name 🙂 

  4. Viviana Carmona says 4.24.12

    These pieces are stunning! I’ll need to pay this boutique a visit next time I’m in the West Coast!

  5. Such classic, timeless stunners!

  6. Alexa says 4.24.12

    I am majorly crushing on that skirt! 🙂

  7. Molliee Martin says 4.24.12

    such classic shapes but they are so unique in their own way! Love it! I have never  even been there and I live in LA… must. go. now!

  8. Bettina says 4.24.12

    Love the blazer, totally in love with the white on their site, but it’s still a little on the high end of pricing for me. Do you have any pieces from their label? I mean, a blazer is such a an important piece I think it’s worth the price tag, I may have to pop in to try it on next time I’m up in LA. 

    • graceatwood says 4.24.12

      I don’t have any of the pieces (yet, haha!) but I can vouch for the quality… was in there last Spring and could not get over how exquisite – and well made everything was!

      • Bettina says 4.24.12

        I’ll have to make sure I stop by next time I’m in LA because I’m loving that white blazer!! I’ll let you know if I eventually end up taking the plunge 🙂 

        • graceatwood says 4.24.12

          Please do!! I would be sooo envious!

  9. AvgGirlsGuide says 4.24.12

    So freaking gorgeous. I love the fringe, the classic blazer (Desperately looking for a white blazer as well as the perfect, quality white dress), all of it.

  10. Kristin & Megan says 4.24.12

    That is indeed the perfect blazer! LOVE!