Safer, Effective Skincare.

Beautycounter & Grace Atwood

I was really excited when Beautycounter reached out about working together. I talked about their lip sheers here years ago (still a favorite; the rose one is so pretty!) and I really like their sunscreens but I’d actually never tried their everyday skincare. They sent me four of their core skincare products: the Cleansing Balm, No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil, Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion, and Overnight Resurfacing Peel; which I’ve been testing for the past 2+ weeks and am excited to report back on how I liked them!

What makes me most excited about working with Beautycounter is their mission to get safer products into everyone’s hands; creating products that are high performance but still good for you. They create cleaner, safer products for the whole family, educate us on what is harmful, and even advocate for more health-protective laws for the personal care industry. They prohibit the use of over 1500 harmful, questionable ingredients. It’s still crazy to me what you’ll find in some beauty products – scary stuff.

As I mentioned above, I’ve been testing the products for the past 2+ weeks and love everything I’ve tried. Of course, I have my favorites, but we’ll get to that!

Beautycounter Skincare cleansing balm

The cleansing balm is my second product from the line and is absolute heaven. First of all, I LOVE a cleansing balm for winter. They leave skin feeling so much softer and hydrated and don’t strip the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

The first thing I noticed was how good it smells. I think it’s the raspberry and cranberry seed oils. The second thing I noticed was how it just completely melts your makeup off (even tough waterproof eye makeup – I put this to the true test after a few big makeup days – a dinner party and a photo shoot. Take a small amount and massage it into dry skin, allowing it to dissolve makeup, dirt, and oil. It comes with a muslin cloth which I like to submerge in warm water to wipe everything off. Skin is clean but ultra hydrated; perfect for this winter weather!

Safer, Effective Skincare Adaptive Moisture Lotion

The Adaptive Moisture Lotion is a great everyday moisturizer. In all honesty, it was a little bit too lightweight for my skin (I have realllllly dry skin though, especially this time of year!) so I mix in a few drops of the facial oil which is the perfect combination for my skin.

What’s great about this moisturizer is that it’s so high tech. It provides up to 24 hours of hydration, actually adjusting hydration levels throughout the day. I like how it sinks in immediately (so that you can do your makeup right away) and how smooth it left my skin feeling.

I really, really like the brightening + vitamin C  facial oil. If you’re looking for a radiant glow, this one is for you. It smells really good too (citrusy!) and I like that it’s ultra hydrating but still lightweight. I mentioned this last week but I’ve been using this every night when I do my facial gua sha routine; but I also like to blend it with the moisturizer for everyday use.

Overnight Resurfacing Peel  Overnight Resurfacing Peel

I saved my favorite for last! The Overnight Resurfacing Peel is my favorite product that I tried from the line. It’s magical. I apply this before bed after washing my face, and then lock it in with a few drops of the oil. What I like to do is apply this, brush my teeth and let it sink in, and then apply the oil.

You immediately feel it starting to work (your skin will tingle a bit but in a good way – it isn’t irritating). When you wake up the next day, my skin was glowy and plumped up, my fine lines were much less visible, and my skin tone was more even. I’m someone who likes instant gratification and you get that with this – you really notice a difference in your skin the next day. It’s one of the best peels I’ve tried.

The peel contains a mix of alpha and beta hydroxy acids along to improve skin texture and minimize pores, fine lines, and dark spots. It also contains hyaluronic acid (my favorite skin plumping ingredient) and fatty acids to soothe and nourish.


Photography by Carter Fish // Created in partnership with Beautycounter.

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  1. The products sound so good! I wish I could get Beautycounter stuff where I live. The international shipping fee just irks me right now… 🙁 maybe when I travel to the US one day, I’ll stock up! Haha! 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.22.19 Reply
  2. Stacey:

    I thought BeautyCounter was an MLM? Previously, I believe you’ve mentioned not working with MLM’s. Did something change?

    1.22.19 Reply
    • Hey Stacey,

      Totally fair question – you’re right, I have said that in the past. I guess that there are always exceptions. Maybe I should have said “specific MLMs” as there is one MLM that makes horrible skincare products (I had a really bad experience with another MLM a couple years ago).

      When I first tried BeautyCounter in 2014 I didn’t even realize they used that sales model, I just liked their mission of creating quality products with safe ingredients. What drives me batty on the whole is when MLMs can take over my Facebook feed, or old acquaintences come out of the woodwork and try to get me to work for them because they see I have a large social following (or the private group which I’m super strict about as I don’t want any of us – me included – to use that space to pimp ANYTHING – etsy shops, MLM’s, blogs, etc.)

      At the end of the day I am approached by and try hundreds of products every month with the mission of singling out the good stuff and sharing it here with you guys. BeautyCounter is a brand I believe in and can 100% stand behind. I really, really like their products and I think the mission is fantastic.

      Hope that clarifies and thank you for keeping me on my toes. 🙂

      1.22.19 Reply
      • I think it’s also worth pointing out that you can buy items directly through the website which most MLMs won’t allow you to do. That’s how I buy my Beautycounter products and like that I feel no pressure when shopping and they offer a good/easy return policy!

        1.22.19 Reply
        • Yeah that’s such a good point, and how I bought their sunscreen! I wasn’t sure if that was unique to BeautyCounter though – good to know!!

          1.22.19 Reply
          • Dana:

            I also despise MLMs (especially Rodan + Fields, which at least 20% of my college “friends” try to sell me constantly – or sell me on being a consultant, which is much worse!), but really like Beautycounter – it’s a very accessible way to get into clean beauty, and I like that I can buy through the website like any other company. So, the fact that they also sell through consultants is ok in my book, because it’s not the only avenue – more like a strategy move to get more people to test their products in-person, when they don’t have stores.

            And, the sunscreen and lip sheers are fantastic! Need to try the peel now…

          • You basically articulated my EXACT thoughts!!! I had the same experience with R&F (not to shit-talk). When I first found Beautycounter I didn’t even realize they followed the consultant model. I also love all of the good things that they are doing – it really feels like an amazing company.

    • Abby:

      Stacy – I am a consultant with Beautycounter and we like to say we use a Direct Retail Model, rather than a MLM. We have the website for direct purchase, pop up shops located in Nantucket, LA, along with a store front in NYC’s SOHO hood and you can purchase with a consultant if that is your thing, but if not there are many other options for shoppers. The goal is to get consumers to look at their products and use their dollars to change the market for safer products!
      Grace – Thanks for agreeing to work with Beautycounter and sharing your feedback. I am a long time blog reader and really appreciate your posts and beauty tips you share!

      1.22.19 Reply
  3. Ashlee:

    So happy to hear that you love the Beautycounter products! The cleansing balm is one of my favorite products – I need to try the resurfacing peel!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ashlee |

    1.22.19 Reply
    • It’s so good! I can’t believe what a good job it does removing my makeup – even stubborn mascara, etc!

      1.22.19 Reply
  4. Cory:

    That overnight peel is the best. I am on my second bottle now and I freaking LOVE it!

    1.22.19 Reply
  5. Lindsey G:

    I love using Beautycounter! All of these are great! Another one to try: the body wash!! smells sooo good – citrus mimosa, similar to the Glossier Body hero!

    1.22.19 Reply
    • Oh my gosh thank you – must try!!!

      1.22.19 Reply
      • Lauren:

        Agree on the body wash. It is amazing. I switched to Seaweed Bath Co for a cheaper option but will probably go back…

        1.24.19 Reply
  6. Sara:

    Would love your thoughts on how they stand up to Augustinis bader!

    1.22.19 Reply
    • Hi Sara! I will try but it’s hard to compare – they’re such different products – and prices!!!! I love both – keep in mind that as a blogger it’s my job to try as many things as possible and report back to give you guys quality options across all price points and skin types – not everyone can afford Dr Bader, after all, and not everyone needs potent anti-aging ingredients just yet.

      I would say that the Dr Bader cream is a super high tech anti aging cream whereas the BeautyCounter moisturizer is an excellent everyday moisturizer. As mentioned above, I am a little older and my skin is really dry so I added a few drops of the oil to the moisturizer which worked perfectly for me. I like the Beautycounter for day when I want something light, but need something richer at night.

      Hope that helps- again, it’s really hard to compare the two as they’re such different creams, at different prices, with different product benefits (hydration vs anti-aging)!

      1.22.19 Reply
  7. dana mannarino:

    OMG now I need ALL of these products! They sound amazing!

    The Champagne Edit

    1.22.19 Reply
    • Yay! Think you’d really love the overnight peel – leaves skin so glows. Thanks Dana!

      1.22.19 Reply
  8. Meghan:

    Oooh I need to get the cleansing balm and peel! If their lotion isn’t quite hydrating enough for you, you might like this:

    I have super dry sensitive skin and it’s amazing—so hydrating but light, it sinks right in so you can apply makeup right away too.

    1.22.19 Reply
  9. Sara:

    Hi Grace, I love your blog and trust your advice. I’m just curious- how do you feel these products stack up compared to other peels or oils you use? Also that you try so many different options, what are your favorites that you come back to when you’re not being asked to review by a particular company?

    1.22.19 Reply
    • MeaganE:

      Yes – I always wonder this as well!

      1.22.19 Reply
    • Hey Sara,

      Great question. I think the tricky thing with bloggers is that we have access to SO MUCH and try everything. I feel so lucky (and oftentimes overwhelmed) to be able to try so many different things. These products stack up very well compared to the other products I use. I love that they are clean but still high tech. The moisturizer is probably a little too light for me personally (but my skin is dryer than the average person’s) but when mixed with oil it’s great.

      Whenever I test a product out for a blog, I commit to at least two weeks. Now that the two week period is up for Beautycounter I have still been using everything except the moisturizer (and I like the moisturizer, it would be great for anyone with normal/combination skin I just need something stronger – I’m one of those people who uses night cream during the day!).

      The cleansing balm and oil I still use every day (I put the oil over the Dr. Bader cream at night because I like to be as moisturized as possible), and the peel I use every other night/as needed. I’m a big believer in “giving your skin what it needs” so I tend to use different products every day/night (but again, I’m lucky to have access to so much), but I stand behind everything I tried here. I hope that clarifies/gives some insight, please let me know if you have any more questions!!!


      1.22.19 Reply
  10. MeaganE:

    Thank you for the review! I’ve learned so much about skin care in the year I’ve been following you on IG/your blog! Did you use the overnight resurfacing peel each night? I think the term peel makes it sound like it would be intense but that seems to be what the site suggests. I was just about to bite the bullet on ordering the Kiehls vitamin C, would you say these two are comparable? Any insight would be great for a skincare newbie!

    1.22.19 Reply
    • Hi Meagan,
      The peel reminds me a LOT of the Kiehl’s Vitamin C – even the consistency and smell is a lot alike. I like to use it every other night… alternating between with a thick moisturizer (though I put oil over the peel to lock in the ingredients and provide extra hydration).

      1.22.19 Reply
      • Stephanie:

        Hi Meagan & Grace-
        I stopped using Kiehls for two reasons: (1) I think they are greenwashing; and (2) they are owned by L’Oreal which still tests on animals. While I haven’t tried this specific product (but I do love some other BC products) I would definitely order the Beautycounter over the Kiehls any day.

        1.22.19 Reply
  11. So glad to hear the rave review about the Cleansing Balm!! It’s a bit pricey so I’ve been hesitant to buy it, but now I’ll be sure putting it in my cart when it’s time to make my next order.

    xoxo Logan

    1.22.19 Reply
    • I love it so so much. It IS pricy (compared to the other BC products) but I find that you don’t need much – the jar will last for months. XO

      1.22.19 Reply
  12. Samara:

    I’ve been eyeing the brightening/vitamin c oil for months and I think you just inspired me to bite the bullet and place an order. You mentioned that you’re using it at night on top of your moisturizer — is there any reason you prefer to use it then rather than in the AM? Just curious.

    1.22.19 Reply
    • Hey Samara!
      Sometimes I’ll use the oil during the day. It just depends on how my skin is acting. Generally I do oil at night and not during the day but it just depends on how my skin is feeling! I like to load up on moisture at night and then do something lighter for daytime so not to feel overly greasy or oily.

      1.22.19 Reply
  13. Stephanie:

    Hi Grace-
    Thanks for featuring BeautyCounter. I’ve been cleaning/greening up my personal care products for about 6 years and was really struggling with makeup which is what led me to Beautycounter. I started buying their products about a year ago (Rose is my favorite lip sheer too) and now use their eyeshadows, highlighter, and eyeliners too. My friends swear by the oil but my favorite BC skincare product is actually a charcoal mask. Its called the No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask and it is amazing at removing all the gunk in my pores. I highly recommend you try it. I’m also highly sensitive to scents and was pleasantly surprised at how much I like their Citrus Mimosa body butter.

    1.22.19 Reply
    • I am so glad to hear that!!! I’m now dying to try the face mask and eyeshadows (and the shower gel, which another reader highly recommended). Much appreciated.

      1.22.19 Reply
  14. Lisa Autumn:

    They all sound lovely! Will add these to my list to try 🙂

    x Lisa |

    1.23.19 Reply
  15. Melissa:

    Grace thank you for writing about Beautycounter! I have been following them for a while and have tried the makeup and have been really happy. Recently a friend joined and sent me some products to try but I have not seen/read enough product reviews. I agree the face and body oils are great as well as the cleanser. But I think they need a heavy moisturizer for the girls who have really dry skin.

    1.27.19 Reply
    • I agree! Adding a few drops of oil to the moisturizer works great for me but am hoping they release a richer/heavier cream!

      1.27.19 Reply
  16. ADORE beautycounter, been using the dew skin moisturizer for years. Phenomenal products! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1.27.19 Reply