Red, White, and Blue.

Red White and Blue style outfit
Dress // Bag // Heels

Note from Grace: I should have moved this post out a few weeks and made it a generic red, white, and blue post. My fault. I scheduled this post and email before I left for LA, stayed off my computer over the weekend, and completely forgot. I am truly sorry for the timing – stupid mistake on my part!

Red, white, and blue is one of my absolute favorite style combinations. I tend to pick one of the colors (blue or red), and then add accessories of the other color (blue or red), plus lots of white (you cannot go wrong with a great pair of white jeans (these are my fav) or even white sunglasses (love these + they’re on sale!)… adding in some neutral and straw/raffia elements (this clutch!) to keep the look from getting too cutesy. This Mille dress is a favorite of mine. It is really pretty, comfortable, and the ruffled sleeves make a statement. Like a Nap Dress, but a little less ubiquitous?

Red, White, & Blue Style

This Amazon striped sweater is a favorite recent buy. I have the blue and white but it also comes in red and white which would be so cute for the fourth. Just add cut-offs, a fun pair of sunglasses, and a cute earring.

Also from Amazon: these inexpensive star shaped sunglasses. These would be fun for a group photo. At just $13, they won’t break the bank… but they’d make for a very fun photo opp. (These star earrings are more expensive but so fun!)

I am fully enamored by every.single.piece. from Loeffler Randall’s newest ready to wear collection (be forewarned; you are going to want everything!) and this red dress (also in white!) is probably my favorite.

A little white dress is always timeless and classic. This one from Faherty has become one of my absolute favorites. I recommend sizing down.

Another idea I really like is pairing striped basics from AYR. Try the french fry tee (I own this in red, blue, and green – love the drop shoulder!) in red, with the blue staycation shorts (have these in blue + green). Just add fun sunglasses for an easy and cute look!

Red White and Blue outfit for 4th of July
4th of July outfit inspiration
Red White & Blue Style
neutral straw clutch bag


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Leave a Comment


  1. Aleks:

    It might just be me, but after last week’s decision I have no joy about celebrating the birth of this failing, fledgling democracy.

    6.27.22 Reply
    • Kathleen:

      I feel the same. Women in this country do not have independence. There is nothing for us to celebrate on independence day.

      6.27.22 Reply
    • Alicia:

      Yes, I am so happy I will be in Mexico this year on the 4th of July. Right now this country is no longer worth celebrating. Hopefully, things change soon.

      6.27.22 Reply
      • Liz:

        To carry on and sport red, white and blue on July 4th is to totally disregard the injustices of this current time, just can’t do it.

        6.27.22 Reply
      • Lauren:

        Have fun celebrating Mexico instead! Be sure to raise your glass to one of the most violent countries in the world with one of the highest murder rates!

        Grace, I thought this was a nice round up of cheerful, summery clothes!

        6.27.22 Reply
    • You are absolutely right. This was a dumb mistake on my part, letting this post go live. I shared on Instagram but I had scheduled this last week before leaving to LA and completely forgot. No excuse, but hope the context helps.

      6.27.22 Reply
      • Alicia:

        Grace, I am in no way upset with you or your post. Just to be clear! These are great summer outfits and perfect choices to wear to the voting booth. I hope you enjoy your time in LA.

        6.27.22 Reply
        • Oh I didn’t take it as such! I just feel like a bozo for not moving my calendar around. I was so proud of myself for getting everything scheduled ahead of my trip… massive fail! Thank you for the note 🙂

          6.27.22 Reply
          • Emily:

            Hi Grace, I’m sorry people made you feel like you had to apology for this post. It’s a great collection of summer clothes and I appreciate it. While these are heavy times for so many of us, making a fashion blogger feel bad because she put up a totally normal post about wearing red, white, and blue on July 4th isn’t helping anything or anyone. If folks want to wear black this 4th of July – go for it. If others want to roll out their normal red, white, and blue, they should be allowed to do that, too.

            I’ll personally be sporting my red, white, and blue next Monday as I focus on celebrating the continued promise of America and all my fellow citizens who are digging in to fight back against the things we know need to be fixed.

      • Aleks:

        Thanks for the gracious response! I think you’ve made your position entirely clear (and put your money where your mouth is by organizing/matching donations) so this was more general observation than casting blame. Appreciate you and this community!

        6.27.22 Reply
  2. Jessica Camerata:

    Absolutely obsessed with these shoes still and need them. Loving this pretty little blue dress on you. So cute!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    6.27.22 Reply
    • Thank you Jess!

      6.27.22 Reply
    • Suzzane:

      I have to say maybe it the age difference ( I’m in my 50’s) but there are still so many reasons to be happy you live in the USA. I mean how would like like to live in China or Russia? I know there is a lot going on, but be upset about mother’s that can’t find formula to feed their babies. The price of gas and food is causing lower income family’s to struggle. People are dying at the border in the back of freight trucks. Our POTUS is not doing his job very well. But the last thing on the list would be for the mother’s who can’t feed their baby would be ABORTION

      7.1.22 Reply
  3. caroline:

    not feeling particularly celebratory this week. i would like to suggest we instead make our senators feel blue, because we’ve overwhelmed them with requests to protect bodily autonomy for women in this country. in my opinion tim scott is essentially worthless, but lindsey graham might flounder a bit if enough constituents reach out to him. he’s been known to flip flop before. any compromise bill he works on will still likely piss me off, but it is better than sending women to jail.

    6.27.22 Reply
  4. M:

    I will not be celebrating America this 4th, but I will absolutely wear these colors to vote! I hope southern women will join me in kicking the men who have taken away our #freedom, out. They want states rights? Let’s take back our states from the thoughtless, cruel, patriarchy. Women’s rights are human rights. Also, thank you Grace for your fundraising for women’s reproductive causes of the past months. Solidarity, sister!

    6.27.22 Reply
  5. Heidi:

    Feeling SO incredibly unpatriotic this 4th of July…

    6.27.22 Reply