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And so it seems, that my blatant shopaholism continues.  I’ve actually been pretty good – channeling my nervous energy into DIY projects as opposed to actual shopping, but still – there are so many good things out there right now that I just had to share!  And so here it is… my never ending lust list (plus one thing that I actually bought.)  I have a feeling that over the course of the summer, a few of these things will make their way into my wardrobe… (they always seem to do that, don’t they?)  From the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, to the most adorable ring ever, to elegant ballet flats… it’s a rather covet-worthy list, don’t you think?

To learn where to buy, keep reading! 

  1. My beautiful friend Emma (the designer behind Khepri,) has launched several new bags, as well as added vintage clothing to her site.  I highly recommend heading over there now.  I already snapped up a slouchy gray tee, and I have my eye on the convertible leather Porter Bag.  (All of her bags are made entirely from vintage + recycled materials – amazing.How good is this vintage military jacket!?
  2. This bunny ring from Catbird is so adorable.  It needs to make its way onto one of my fingers, pronto!
  3. Something I’ve actually bought – this tortoise iphone case from incase is my favorite thing ever – it’s so sleek, and so beautiful.  I’ve never gotten so many compliments on an iphone case.
  4. Sephora’s latest collab with Pantone = glorious.  How beautiful is this new palette!?  Want.
  5. B by Brian Atwood – such heavenly shoes!  I’m particularly in love with the Amata flats – in both tan and black.  The ankle strap is so sweet, and I’d wear with absolutely everything.
  6. I’ve got my eye on Pamela Love’s collection with J.Crew.  These jeans and this belt… I just can’t justify the price for either but man – they are perfect.  Le sigh.

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  1. PennyPincherFashion says 5.22.12

    Love these picks – and yes, those boyfriend jeans are perfection!

  2. Liz {Sequins & Stripes} says 5.22.12

    I could not imagine a more perfect collection of obsessions, I can’t pick a favorite!

  3. Becca Atwood says 5.22.12

    I love your iPhone case, and of course am so jealous of the Khepri bags!

  4. ALyson -- TAGG says 5.22.12

    Gorgeous. That belt is amazing (le sigh, for sure), and your friend’s bags are beyond. Most of all though, even though I’m not a huge colorful make-up person, I still need to have this pantone collab. Somehow just having the Pantone book in my office doesn’t seem enough! haha

  5. elcuadernodeideas says 5.22.12

    Thank you very much for your visit, comment and link. You have a lovely blog, varied and full of inspiration. Greetings.

  6. Viviana Carmona says 5.22.12

    In love with those B Brian Atwood flats! They’re so lady-like!

  7. LindsTR says 5.22.12

    The ring and the iPhone case are my favorites!! You know I am obsessed with tortoiseshell right now… 🙂 Great picks.

  8. Bethany - Powell Brower Home says 5.22.12

    ok – i need that belt STAT

  9. Erica says 5.22.12

    Definitely great picks! I love that iPhone case!

  10. Jen Ramos MadeByGirl says 5.22.12

    love the bunny ring… cannot get enough of gold these days…. 

  11. Bettina says 5.22.12

    I used to have that same iPhone case and then I broke it 🙁 I went to buy a new on via incase they were sold out, I should’ve checked Amazon so silly of me to not. I ended up getting one off of society 6 they have some really unique ones made by various artists if you’re ever in the mood to switch it up!

  12. Nnenna says 5.22.12

    That iPhone case is really beautiful and I love the Sephora palette- so many gorgeous colors!

  13. Gaby says 5.22.12

    I’m in love with number 5 as well!

  14. i love that sephora palette – i got one a few years ago and loved it. this may be making its way to my makeup case pronto! 

  15. Sarah says 5.22.12

    I LOVE that iPhone case! (I love pretty much everything tortoise.) Great round up!

    For me, sometimes putting something on a blog wishlist or pinning it on Pinterest gets me over my craving for the item (channeling the energy, like you said…) But if I still am dying for the thing after the fact, then I usually decide it’s a worthy purchase. It’s all mental, right? 🙂

  16. Gotham Polish says 5.22.12

    I really need to get myself over to Catbird. I saw a ring at Top Shop that was a zebra that was basically standing on your finger 🙂 It was cute, but with rings that size I always worry about ruining the furniture 😉

  17. Absurdlypeculiar says 5.23.12

    I love your shoe choices!

  18. christin says 5.23.12

    i really need those jeans. and the belt and the pantone palate. And the flats. Do you think those would fall under the “more practical shoe” category? I sure do!  

  19. Dailycrushes says 5.23.12

    Love this little roundup! That ring is precious! Thanks for sharing!!

    xx Katie Carlin-Daily Crush

  20. Brunch at Saks says 5.23.12

    Oh I love everything, Grace! Gorgeous round up! xo