Recent Favs + Things I Want…

Recent Favs + Things I Want Recent Favs + Things I Want

Just some fun things I am craving/loving right now. I will tell you that I feel like my style is all over the place right now as Charleston’s weather is all over the place! Some days it is warm and other days it is cold and the only certain thing is that you need to check the weather multiple times a day. So this list is also a little all over the place, but it’s all stuff I really love.

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Recent Favs + Things I Want…

I have rediscovered my love of blue? LoveShackFancy had let me pick out a piece when they opened their new store and I chose a blue cashmere sweater. Ever since then, I’ve been wanting more blue! This dress and this tulle sleeved top are both so pretty.

And in typical Grace fashion, there is a lot of green in this collage. I have this Cara Cara top on the way to me (I have a dress in the same cut and the neckline is just perfection – EDITED – this went back, it did not look good on me. Still love their dresses.). I also bought this La DoubleJ sweater (on sale!). I absolutely love that brand and thought it would be fun to throw on with jeans. And who can resist this faux emerald stacking band? This ring, too!

A few beauty things I am excited about:

I have been testing out this Niacinamide night mask from Farmacy (one of my favorite beauty brands) and really like it so far. It’s super hydrating; great for those cold winter nights where you feel like your face is going to fall off (even in Charleston, my skin just gets so dry!). And for body, one of my favorite body butters is back in stock. If you love that sexy, smoky, Le Labo-esque scent, you will love this. It’s made by a small business who only produces it in small batches during the winter months as the oils melt too quickly when it’s warm. I ordered three jars (I will tell you that the jars are small, but they’re also good to have on hand as gifts).

On the home front, how gorgeous are these zodiac plates!? Pricy, but dreamy. And these La DoubleJ plates, too. All of these brands are inspiring me to up my plate game! Lastly, I went “holy sh*t” when I saw this rattan carafe + glasses set on Amazon. Such a good little set at a great price.

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  1. Alaina:

    Hi Grace!- The blue dress links are currently going to the niacinamide mask!

    1.5.22 Reply
  2. Tina:

    Happy New Year, Grace! This year, I’m trying to do a No Shop Year, inspired by the Ann Patchett essay on her year of no shopping. So, when I look at a round-up like this, trying to remind myself that I’m looking only for inspiration &/or “shopping my closet.” Loved this round-up because it included a necklace just like one I received for Christmas. So, I feel like if the style is Grace-approved, the style that may last for a while!! Link here to my necklace (it’s a little less of a splurge).

    1.6.22 Reply