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Just dropping in to share a few of my favorite beauty products from this month. I have been on a bit of a beauty bender… I think I’ve tried  at least 30 new products over the past few weeks? Whew – it’s taxing. (Just kidding. It’s awesome, except when I try something I don’t love.) Oh and my bathroom is completely overflowing. Must. consolidate. Here are four things that I truly, truly love and think you will too.

  1. Obagi Vitamin C Serum. I had dinner with my friend Sara last week (she’s a beauty publicist and knows her stuff), and the conversation naturally turned to our skincare routines. She could not believe I wasn’t using a Vitamin C Serum and told me that Obagi’s would change my life. I was skeptical, but  gave it a try (you apply 5-7 drops in the morning before moisturizing.) I’ve only been using it for three days, but already my skin tone is considerably more even. The pores on my nose have shrunk (a small miracle) and my skin feels smoother + more hydrated. Let it sink in for a few minutes and then make sure you pair it with a good moisturizer (I’m still hooked on this one) as your skin might feel a little tight if you don’t properly hydrate.
  2. Boscia Cool Blue Calming Mask. I tried this mask out last night (creepy photo here!) and it is absolute heaven — especially during the summer months when you feel hot and sweaty. I love that it is bright blue, and I love a good peel off mask. It tightened + firmed and left my skin feeling utterly calm + refreshed. My only gripe is that it took waay longer to dry than it said. It took nearly an hour for mine to dry… but I think I put too much on.
  3. Shu Uemura Nourishing Protective Oil. My hair colorist (sidebar: I see Lucille Javier at Sally Hershberger Downtown. If you are looking for a colorist, go see her – she is amazing… and surprisingly affordable. She studied under Aura Friedman for years and has just recently gone out on her own.) made me buy this last time I went in. She was horrified by how dry my hair had gotten. Oops. While I don’t wash my hair every day (or even get it wet) I make sure to apply a few drops to the ends and my hair is so much softer for it. This is the most expensive hair product I’ve ever purchased, but it’s a high quality product (Camelia oil is the best thing you can put in your hair) and a little goes a lonnnng way.
  4. Tata Harper Body Oil. It’s no secret that I am Tata Harper’s number one fan girl. I love everything she puts out. The body oil is no exception. It’s an incredibly luxe, decadent formula… putting it on makes you feel like you are doing something really special for yourself. Bonus: it has anti-aging properties, absorbs within seconds, and smells just as heavenly as the rest of her line. I love putting it on my legs for a little shine.

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  1. Jess Zimlich:

    I’ve heard great things about Boscia! Have you tried their brightening mask? I’ve been meaning to for quite some time now.

    26 and Not Counting

    7.22.14 Reply
  2. Casey Sharbaugh (@chs_psu):

    Love your beauty posts!

    7.22.14 Reply
  3. .:

    those are all insanely expensive!!! I hope you got all of those for free, there is no way they could be worth that much money. Any drug store favorites, would love a post on those!

    7.22.14 Reply
  4. comfortablyychic:

    Love hearing your beauty faves! That Boscia mask sounds amazing!

    xo, Jen

    7.23.14 Reply