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Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer + Eye Cream

I tried a lot of new beauty products this month. More than usual. Usually, I’ll try to work the products I test and try into a specific story… but sometimes I just try things that I really love and want to tell you about. That’s the case with today’s post… all of these products are just so great! I love them all and think you will, too! PS – We just updated the Shop with a few new beauty products that Kelly and I are both loving.

It isn’t necessarily that I fell out of love with Tata Harper this year, it’s more that I’ve been distracted by all of the other pretty, shiny new beauty products that have entered the natural space. Vintner’s Daughter, May Lindstrom…. and so on and so forth. But then Tata went and launched her new illuminating moisturizer + eye cream and won my attention right back. I mean, you guys know how much I like being dewy. I love to sparkle and shine, and these will do just that… subtly, of course.

I swatched them below so that you can see what the formulas look like, but needless to say, this duo is pretty epic. The moisturizer just leaves your skin looking healthy and glowy (like maybe you just finished up a juice cleanse/quit drinking/started running/all of the above), whereas the eye cream is full-on luminizing. It won’t look as if you applied highlighter as eye cream.. you’ll just look really gorgeous and dewy. Dark circles don’t stand a chance. When I use this, I don’t need concealer. Also… both products contain diamond dust… what’s better than that?

Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer + Eye Cream 2

Ole Henrikson Power Bright
Ole Henrikson Power Bright Set


Ole Henrikson’s Power Bright Kit is the closest thing to a true at-home facial that I have tried… and the best part is that the convenient packaging is perfect for travel. (It contains six full treatments). You start with a scrub/mask combo. After leaving it on for 5-10 minutes (and massaging off with warm water), you apply a thick creamy layer (containing 25% Vitamin C Concentrate) that goes on for 2-3 minutes. The last step is to apply a third layer (which sort of resembles marmalade) over the creamy layer, and leave that on for 10-15 minutes. Then, just wash it all off using the sponge that comes with the kit.

Most of the peel products I’ve tried contain 5-10% Glycolic Acid or Vitamin C… I’ve never seen a product with 25% Vitamin C before, so this is strong…. and it gets great results – my skin was so soft and smooth and free of fine lines after using the treatment. I should note that the whole thing smells just like a creamsicle. I hadn’t used any of Ole Henrickson’s products in a while and forgot how much I loved the way they smell.

AERIN Rose Products - Review
AERIN Rose Body Cream, Balm, + Lip Conditioner


Every beauty editor/product junkie raves about AERIN’s Rose line but I’d never tried any of the products! The body cream is insanely hydrating (+ smells so, so good), the beauty rose balm is great for any super dry spots (ashy elbows, random dry patches… sometimes I’ll apply under my eyes, to my cuticles, and on my lips), and the lip conditioner is my favorite lip treatment at the moment. It’s leaves lips so soft and imparts the perfect pale pink color. All three products are currently very at home on my coffee table.

Chanel No. 5 L'Eau Review - The Stripe
Chanel No. 5 L’Eau


As someone who always loved the idea of wearing Chanel No. 5 (but when it came down to it, just didn’t love the actual fragrance). I know, I know… it’s the brand’s most iconic, beloved fragrance but it just wasn’t for me. Too heavy. Enter No. 5 L’Eau, which just smells amazing. It’s fresh, clean, light… but still very sexy. No. 5 for the modern girl, if you will. It won’t be available until September, but you can get on the waiting list here.

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  1. I agree that Chanel’s No. 5 is heavy. I feel like it’s more of an evening scent. The L’Eau sounds nice and light 🙂 Perfect for day. Hope I can try it.

    8.8.16 Reply
  2. Ooh that Chanel sounds great, and I love the bottle…going to have to check that out in Sephora!

    8.8.16 Reply
  3. I thought I was the only one who didn’t like the iconic Chanel No. 5 at all. Every time I’ve said that out aloud, most people have gone – “how can you not like it? It’s a classic!!!!” Glad to know I’ve got company!

    The No. 5 L’Eau sounds nice – would like to give it a try for sure.

    8.9.16 Reply
  4. Excited to try the Aerin line an the Tata eye cream — I really, really need a good new one.


    8.9.16 Reply
  5. Terri Martin:

    Dying to try the new Chanel fragrance… just signed up for the wait list.

    8.9.16 Reply
  6. Terri Martin:

    I need to try those Tata moisturizers, ASAP!

    8.9.16 Reply
  7. kelly owens:

    I love Aerin products. That lip conditioner is to die for.

    8.9.16 Reply
  8. Laura L:

    Just tried the Tata Illuminators and love them too!

    8.9.16 Reply
  9. I want to try the Aerin line! I’ve heard good things!

    8.10.16 Reply
  10. Cy:

    Thanks for the heads up about new # 5! I also think the original is way too heavy. Excited about these other products as well. Love Tata!

    8.11.16 Reply
  11. Marissa:

    Which swatch of the Tata Harper Products is the Moisturizer & which is the eye cream, the Top swatch or bottom swatch? Ty

    8.14.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Hey Marissa,
      Great question. The eye cream is the lighter swatch (bottom!)

      8.14.16 Reply