Recent Amazon Favs!

Recent Amazon Favs!
amazon dress

Today I wanted to share some of my recent favorite things from Amazon. There are so many things, ranging from the practical (these fruit fly traps solved my own mini pandemic, these gilded olive oil pourers are the best and just came back in stock, and you already know how much I love my cinnamon nutpods) to the chic (these paper bag waist shorts are the greatest, and my personal solution to bike shorts HA) to the completely random like this dirty martini mix which is an EXCELLENT recommendation from my cousin… I was buying jars of olives and using the juice and always wound up with too many leftover olives!

Also, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the sizing of this blue dress. It runs pretty true to size. I’m 5’8 and wearing a medium. It’s a little short but I don’t mind. You can see a full body pic at the end of the post. If you do mind, I’d go up a size. To wash it, I hand wash in the sink and lay flat.

Recent Amazon Favs!

Recent Amazon Favs! Recent Amazon Favs!

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This extremely good looking fan has been a godsend. I keep it perpendicular to my air conditioner, and it helps to circulate the cold air throughout my apartment which is one big rectangle and tends to get warmer on the “sides.”

I love how long this hoodie is. It’s so cute and great with leggings (if you’ve crossed over to the dark side I suppose it would be cute with bike shorts too!). This emerald green slip dress is amazing for super hot days… I also sometimes layer it with a band tee, knotted at the waist. (If green isn’t your thing it comes in a zillion other cute colors!) And this is the perfect summer weight sweater. I love the oversized boyfriend shape.

And this is the greatest sleep mask of all time. I could not love it more. It blocks out alllll the light and is very comfortable. I really like the velcro at the back as I have an XXL sized head, so some stretchy masks can be just a hair too tight. Last but not least, this plush veggie basket! It was such a hit with my niece. If you want more kids recs I have an “aunt life” section in my Amazon shop with tons more cute toys.

Recent Amazon Favs!
amazon the drop mules

Also I’d be totally remiss if I didn’t share these mules. Aren’t they fab? Perfect with midi dresses and will wear them a lot with jeans come cooler weather.

blue dress.

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photos by Allie Provost.

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  1. Stacey:

    Love that dress!! I think I’m too short for it:( going to check out nut pods for my morning or evening tea!

    8.19.20 Reply
    • oh that’s so funny that you say that as all of the concerns and questions were from people who thought they’d be too tall for it. i think it would be cuter on someone a little shorter!

      8.19.20 Reply
      • Stacey:

        I’ll try it! I’m SO short (5 ft on a good posture day!! So really more around 4’11.5)

        8.21.20 Reply
  2. Lisa Autumn:

    Oh the fan looks so cute!

    Lisa |

    8.19.20 Reply
  3. Love your picks, Grace! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    8.19.20 Reply
  4. Cathleen:

    I love the dress! Thanks for sharing your height (I’m 5’8 too)! Usually when I see people post pictures in cute dresses, they’re a lot shorter than me and the dress is wayyyy to short on me. I’m definitely going to get it now that I see what it will look like 🙂

    8.19.20 Reply
  5. Sarah:

    You totally influenced me– just ordered the blue dress!

    8.19.20 Reply
  6. Ugh, I had a fruit fly outbreak too! There were diff ones I bought from a suggestion in your FB group, I think, that also killed them immediately! (Probably the same ingredients in a different container.) Fruit flies make me feel like I am such a dirty human!

    8.19.20 Reply
  7. Dana Mannarino:

    I’m trying SO hard to love my Vanilla Nutpods, BUT it’s just not sweet enough for me 😉 Gotta work on that LOL.

    Dana | It’s Casual Blog 

    8.19.20 Reply
  8. Megan:

    I love your commitment to no bike shorts. I bought 3, hated them. Then tried one more time with $12.99 Leggings Depot bike shorts on Amazon. Although you will never wear them (which I commend), I bet you would begrudgingly kind of maybe enjoy them.

    8.19.20 Reply
    • Hahahhaaha at this point I don’t actually even hate them and think they’re kinda cute even but I can’t wear them as I talked so much shit about them when the trend started, my friends would feel like they won and I can’t let them win!

      8.20.20 Reply