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Amazon Favorites Round-up

February Amazon Favorites Round-upThis Amazon round-up is a little less fashion-y than usual but PACKED WITH GOOD STUFF… I think it’s my favorite in a while as there is something for everyone and some truly random (but awesome) stuff. Food things! A new robe! The best way to stretch out your back! I have quite a bit to tell you.

Recent Amazon Favorites Round-up

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On the food front, I had totally forgotten about these truffle potato chips that my friend Alex got for my birthday until Becca mentioned them in last week’s podcast episode. Oh my gosh. They are so good. And like Becca says – impressive to guests. I also sprung for two cookbooks this month: this one (which came highly recommended by so many of you!) and this one, which is still on pre-order but I am super excited about as I love love love a good salad but need to be more creative.

I have an ice maker but bought some new ice cube molds (these for negronis and these for flavored ice cubes, I’m experimenting with pickle juice and olive juice after this reader suggestion)!

This is just the best little sweatsuit (pants + top). These were a recommendation from Julia and I love them. I probably wear them too much!!!

Oh my gosh this back stretcher. You know you are getting old when you get excited about this stuff but WOW – it’s so good. I lay on it in the intermediate setting for 5 minutes and it’s so restorative. Also on the stretching front, this neck stretcher is amazing.

I bought these bath salts (A TIBAL rec I thinkkkkk) and they are really great.

I will just caveat, do not use too much of them. In fact, I put in too many and got the chills! It was really strange… I was sitting in this hot bath but the salts actually made me cold. These are really good when you are sick and I think I will save them for that… soaking in the tub with a handful of these MELTS congestion away.

This robe is a more wearable alternative to the murder robe… and I love that it comes in my favorite color.

These rattan boxes are everything. So pretty, nice and roomy. I originally bought a few to stash all of my Zoe things in (craft supplies and a few toys we keep at my place) but I wound up buying more to organize some of the clutter in my closet.

Just one beauty rec this month, thanks to Becca: the mighty patch! I have dry skin so don’t break out much but I had one last week and wowwowow it is so effective (and the patch keeps you from picking at it).

Lastly, I’m embarrassed by how much I love this onion chopper. I truly despise cutting onions and it’s such a godsend. It cuts all other veggies too, so it’s not completely useless for other things.

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  1. Becca:

    Hi Grace, I’ve been thinking about that very neck stretcher due to sitting at the computer and holding tension in my neck and traps I know you also like the neck hammock. I really can only afford to invest in one, do you have a suggestion of which might be best and what you like better?

    2.24.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I think I would do the stretcher. It’s more versatile and you don’t need a doorknob/have to set it up! They are both great though!

      2.25.22 Reply
  2. Pat Schwab:

    Grace, Have you tried the back stretcher on the massage side? Thanks, Pat

    2.24.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I have not! I don’t know that I plan to, I really like the stretching side.

      2.25.22 Reply
  3. CD:

    Murder robe? I think that may be at typo? Or I definitely missed something!

    2.25.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Oh it’s a joke all over Instagram… def not a typo! The feather robe I wear is known on TikTok as the murder robe. Long story haha!

      2.25.22 Reply