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boughtRed Dress // Crystal/Brass Earrings // Crystal Necklace // Triad Necklace // Blue/Coral Earrings // Crystal Earrings // Pink Dress // GSD (Get Shit Done) Tee //Eye Necklace // Silver Sandals

I swear you guys, the minute I go off my shopping ban, I need to be put back on one.  I don’t know what to say besides Spring is in the air.  Also, when you good friends launch a collab with the brand you work for, you stock up.  Here are a few things I’ve added to my wardrobe this month.  Bright dresses, loads of jewelry, and a fun tee (which will look great with my new statement necklaces).  I also bought this little lovely from Lulu.  The Impromptu Collection… I can’t even.

What about you?  Any good finds?  TELL ME!

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  1. Daisy says 5.7.13

    loved the honestly wtf x bb collection! picked up the triad necklace & the blue/coral earrings along with a couple more pieces! obsessed!

  2. Andréa says 5.7.13

    Obsessed with all of these! The red dress is such a pop



  3. Jessica says 5.7.13

    No lie, Zara & BaubleBar are killing it lately! I love the GSD tee, but I think I would feel awkward having to tell everyone what it means 😉

  4. Rachel says 5.7.13

    I’m obsessed with evil eye jewelry- love your new piece!

  5. Kate says 5.7.13

    Ooh, such good purchases! I am loving both of those dresses so much and the triad necklace is gorgeous!

  6. Dana says 5.7.13

    I wish my shopping ban would end! Great finds!

  7. Looks like you’ve had some fun lately! Seriously good jewelry finds!

  8. Lauren says 5.7.13

    adore your purchases… love those zara pieces especially xo

  9. Kristin says 5.7.13

    Those sandals are amazing! Love love love!

  10. Marissa says 5.7.13

    I am soooo loving Meg’s Tshirts – have to order my #GSD one!

  11. Rachelle says 5.7.13

    Love the earrings and that red dress. that Lulu necklace is to die for. I got this from Asos


    • Grace Atwood says 5.7.13

      omg that dress is fabulous! I love it!

  12. Doesn’t that always seem to happen! I feel like the more you tell yourself to stop doing something the more you want it. Lovely purchases, the dress looks perfect for Summer functions 🙂

    //Birdie Shoots//

  13. welcome to my life! im pinning things i want like crazy. june 1st get here now!

  14. Kristina says 5.7.13

    That’s kind of my worry about doing a shopping ban, that I’ll just go crazy once I’m allowed to shop again! I’ve been eyeing those crystal earrings, they’re adorable!

    Kristina does the Internets

  15. Wow, fabulous red dress and necklace! You are enabling my love for triangle necklaces!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  16. Lucia says 5.8.13

    Pink Dress and silver saldals are my favourite..nice and fresh look!

  17. Alyssa says 5.8.13

    That tee is pretty awesome. I want to wear it on days when I really really need the motivation to GSD!

  18. viv says 5.8.13

    That pink dress is goooorgeous! I need to put myself on a shopping ban stat.

  19. Noemi says 5.11.13

    I like everything, most of all the jewelry. The eye necklace by Lulu Frost is so beautiful!