Rebecca Atwood Sale!


I get so many questions about the pillows in my apartment. They’re all from my sister’s line, which most of you are probably aware of by now. I feel silly even saying that, as everyone already knows all about her and her amazing designs… but just in case, I always introduce her. She’s completely killing it: her line is amazing, and she has a book coming out next August. #proudbigsister! She’s also taught me a lot. I’ve always been someone who invests in their wardrobe as opposed to their home, and Becca has helped me to change my ways and appreciate beautiful textiles, ceramics, and furniture. The colors and dyes she chooses are exceptional, and the fabrics (besides being beautiful + soft) are also practical as most of them are washable.

ANYWAY. She’s running a huge sale today through Monday July 6th for the fourth of July. I have six of her pillows in my tiny studio… stripes, storm, and her gorgeous silk marbleized pillows… Six pillows in my living space is completely ridiculous… but if I had any more space, I would have even more pillows. I’d totally get a pair of these… they are gorgeous, and reversible! I can’t say enough good things about her line. A worthy investment. And with the sale, now’s the time to splurge.

Select styles on the site are already marked down… but she’s also offering an additional 20% off of all pillows, which you can also use on sale stuff… meaning savings of 40% on some styles. Just use code HAPPYINDEPENDENCEDAY!





photography by Emily Johnston.

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