Rebecca Atwood Living With Pattern.

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You guys. My sister wrote a book!

Not just any book. The most beautiful book, ever. I am so proud. And today’s the big day – it’s finally for sale. So you should probably order it. Right now.

I’m not saying it just because I’m her sister. It’s the prettiest, most helpful, beautifully written book ever. I watched her slave over it for the past year and a half… and over the fourth of July I got to finally see it in person. Before you even peek inside, it’s one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever seen (perfectly at home on any coffee table. It’s covered in fabric, and the edges of the page are dyed red. And then you open it up and just… WOW. It’s packed with how-to content (from pairing patterns to things that should be simple like how to style a throw over your couch). There’s an incredible DIY section with upholstery, fabric dyeing, and even a woven tapestry… and on top of that she featured some of the most beautiful homes (including my dear friend Chassity!)

I truly can’t say enough great things about this book. It’s perfect from cover  to cover, and just so… her!

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rebecca atwood living with pattern 4

The premise of the book is really that pattern can be intimidating (truthfully, prior to her launching her line I avoided pattern in my home as I thought it would look cheap and/or make my small space feel even smaller). Over the years she has taught me that is just not the case… pattern (especially when mixed) can help you really define a space and truly make it your own (without feeling cluttered, busy, etc).

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Becca is Tyrion’s #2 fan (only after me), so it was necessary to include him in this shoot!

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  1. Rachel says 8.30.16

    Between you and your sister’s success, your parents must be so proud! 🙂

    • graceatwood says 8.30.16

      That’s so sweet of you to say. They’re the sort of parents that would be proud of us no matter what, but yes, they are! Hope you pick up a copy, it’s so gorgeous.

  2. Congrats to your sister! And omg cute kitty!

    • graceatwood says 8.30.16

      Thanks, Erin!

      And Tyrion is the cutest – he’s my obsession. 😉

  3. The book looks gorgeous! I love when they do the colored pages – can’t wait to get a copy for my coffee table. I’m a big fan of pattern and look forward to reading Rebecca’s take on it.

    • graceatwood says 8.30.16

      Thank you! It really is. I hope you love it as much as I do.

      I too am a sucker for the colored pages (have you picked up the new Valley of the Dolls? The edges are fuchsia!)

  4. Becca says 8.30.16

    Thank you sister!! xoxoxo

    • graceatwood says 8.30.16

      Love you sissy. 😉

  5. Lauren says 8.30.16

    Congratulations, Rebecca! The book looks beautiful.

    I second the comment above, your parents must be extremely proud (your other sister has a PhD, right?). Three smart and talented women!

    • Belen Baquerizo says 8.30.16

      Great job girls!!

      • graceatwood says 8.30.16

        Haha, thanks Belen! xx

    • graceatwood says 8.30.16

      Yes, she does!!! The most accomplished of all of us, but the least active on social media. 🙂 We are all very proud of eachother. Will pass your congrats along to my sister. Xx

  6. Sissy says 8.30.16

    That’s your sister??!! Wow!! Talented family!! Can’t wait to get my copy!

    • graceatwood says 8.30.16

      Aw, yes it is!!! I’m so proud of her!!! Hope you love it. 🙂 xx

  7. Thuy says 8.30.16

    Congratulations to your sister on her book! I also feel similar to you about pattern. It intimidates me sometimes but when I see it done so well I think ,”I want to do that too.” Saved the book to my wish list 🙂

  8. Maggie says 8.30.16

    The book looks beautiful & so is your darling cat!

    • graceatwood says 8.30.16

      Aw, thanks Maggie! It really is. And Tyrion is pretty cute too 😉

  9. carrie says 8.30.16

    Wonderful! It’s on my wish list. Look forward to checking it out!

    By the way, I didn’t realize forever that y’all are sisters. 🙂


    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Aw I love that – so funny!!! A lot of people follow us independently and don’t realize it til we are together and tag each other in something!

  10. Marta says 8.31.16

    It seems like a really interesting book! Looking at it makes me want to incorporate more pattern into my house. Congrats to your sister!

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Thank you! I hope you check it out, it’s really beautifully done!

  11. Sarah Lagen says 8.31.16

    Congrats to your sister, what an accomplishment!! Her work is beautiful and the book looks awesome, I’m adding it now to my Christmas list (it’s not to early for that, right!?)

    xo, Sarah

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Thank you! I will pass that along to her. So proud!!! It’s never too early to start a Christmas list! xx

  12. Denise Atwood says 9.1.16

    Yes, we are so proud of all three of our girls! Grace, I love this format of questions, of honest chat about life, you continue to amaze me, love you so much!!
    xo Mom

    • graceatwood says 9.1.16

      Aw, thanks mom 🙂 xo