Remarkably Bright Creatures

I LOVED THIS BOOK. Loved. It came highly recommended in the comments section of my best books of 2022 post by several of you, and I can see why. I picked it up after The Perfect Marriage (woof!) because I needed a winner after that book. And oh, this is a winner! It is a treat of a book and I really think that if you are having a tough time with work or feeling stressed, this would be the perfect book to reach for as it’s quite heartwarming and a little bit magical. Perfect for fans of Lessons in Chemistry and/or A Man Called Ove. Tova is a retiree working the night shift at the aquarium. Her husband has died and she is a bit bored; the job gives her purpose. She leads a bit of a sad existence, still thinking daily of her son Erik who vanished thirty years ago at age 18. It is at the aquarium that she makes an unlikely ally, Marcellus. Marcellus is a giant (curmudgeonly!) Pacific octopus with a penchant for escaping from his tank and wandering the halls of the aquarium, late at night. He has thoughts… not just thoughts… articulate, brilliant thoughts. You will fall in love with this wickedly smart, albeit sardonic octopus. And the story is just so good! This book feels like a warm hug. It is about family, unlikely friendships, love in surprising places, and so much more. I devoured it in just a couple sittings as I just fell in love with the characters.

Author: Shelby Van Pelt