Rattan Bags, a Foodie Newsletter, What I’m Watching, and More Good Things.

Rattan Bags, a Foodie Newsletter, and More Good Things
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I hope you had a great July 4th! I had such a nice trip to LA. Lots of sun and sand, lounging, playing in the ocean waves, time with friends, (and maybe a few too many mai tais!). I would have really liked to have stayed longer but needed to get back to Charleston: on Saturday, I head to Cape Cod for 9 days for our annual family trip.

I’m really, really looking forward to that trip. I grew up on the Cape but my parents and I now live in Charleston, and every summer since my parents moved here the ten of us (both sisters and husbands, two nephews, one niece!) rent a house in Dennis (the town I grew up in) for a week. It did not happen last year for obvious reasons… but it’s on for this year and I cannot wait. Family time is the best and I miss all my spots. Sesuit Harbor Cafe for a lobster roll, The Merc for sandwiches, Sundae School for ice cream… I am drooling just writing this (and if you’re curious all my Cape Cod recs are in this blog post!).

Rattan Bags, a Foodie Newsletter, What I’m Watching, and More Good Things.

Beautiful Rattan Bags at Anthropologie

Beautiful Rattan Bags at Anthropologie!

I have had my Palmgrens Rattan bag since 2018. It is one of my most cherished possessions and most-worn handbags. I have the tan color. It’s absolutely perfect. The leather has gotten darker (and softer) with age but given how much I use it and what I put it through (I can be hard on my handbags). it’s held up incredibly well. I remember when I first bought mine, a few readers DM’d me their grandmothers’ bags, still in good shape. It ships from Sweden but the shipping is FAST, I got mine within a few days.

That being said, it’s definitely pricier at 3,516 kr (about $412 USD). So I was pretty excited when I spotted this one at Anthropologie: very similar. Turns out, Anthro has some great rattan pieces right now, so here is a mini round-up!

collage details: one // two // three // four // five // six

Brooks' newsletter

A wonderful newsletter, mostly about food. 

I have been really enjoying my friend Brooks’ newsletter, A Small and Simple Thing. (Sidebar: Brooks is an amazing restaurateur, I don’t know if I should be proud or embarrassed to tell you that I eat at his restaurants on a weekly basis). Last Tuesday’s newsletter had a recipe for a Greek salad, some tempting pantry staples, and an ode to feta with some delicious recipes. It is generally short and sweet with information you will actually want. It’s one of the only newsletters that I always open, making a point to sit down and actually read it.

Awake movie

What I’ve Been Watching Lately

As we prepare for so much good July TV, I’ve been watching a lot of movies! I’ve had a lot of quiet nights in the past couple weeks where I put a light, fluffy movie on and just veg out. I rewatched This is Forty on HBO Max (it was funny to watch it as I get closer to forty!), I watched Wild Child with Emma Roberts (cheesy but fun). Last weekend I watched Awake. Not light OR fluffy… terrifying, to be honest! It stars Gina Rodriguez (remember her from Jane the Virgin? Now she plays a tired but very brave mom!). A pandemic (too soon!!!) has happened and no one can sleep. And everyone is going to die. It was terrifying at times (and maybe a little too violent for my usual taste) but I still really enjoyed it.

What are you watching? Would love any recs (especially for Netflix/Hulu/HBO Max) in the comments.

Pretty Pearl Slides
slides // bag // dress

Pretty Pearl Slides

When I saw these pearl slides I just couldn’t help myself. They are maybe the prettiest shoes I own, but also very comfortable. I have a lot of pretty heels, and a lot of comfy flats… but no dressy flats like these? They are a pretty big splurge so I was excited to track down a few similar but more affordable slides. These jelly Stuart Weitzmans are so fun, this $30 pair is CUTE (can’t personally vouch for the brand but worth a try?), these Steve Maddens have a different look but are really pretty, and these from Amazon are absolutely gorgeous too.

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.

bottom photo by Clay Austin.

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  1. Tracey:

    Just started Frayed on HBO- it’s a short season but I read there is a second season coming. It’s hilarious!

    7.7.21 Reply
  2. Kathy Cox:

    Have you watched Starstruck on HBO? It’s SO good! Also, highly recommend Flack on Amazon Prime. It’s a British show about women who run a PR firm and all the crisis management they deal with for their crazy celebrity clients. It’s a drama but also comedic at times.

    7.7.21 Reply
  3. Laura:

    I just started Young Royals on Netflix. The fact that it’s in Swedish makes me feel like I am learning something and not just watching a soapy teen show LOL

    7.7.21 Reply
  4. Andrea Bartz:

    Thanks so much for giving THE HERD a peek! “Off-the-rails” is very much my brand, lol. I’ve got my publisher looking into the Bookshop.org issue! Hope July is a wonderful reading month, too! x

    7.7.21 Reply
  5. Emma:

    I just started “Bosch” on Amazon Prime (older show) and LOVE IT. It’s filling the Mare of Easttown void for me and there are 7 seasons. Other favorites are “This Way Up” on Hulu – if you liked “Catastrophe” you will like this, season 2 comes out later this week. I think you’ve seen “The Bold Type” correct? I am so sad it’s over but I found the ending so much more satisfying than “Younger.” I tried watching “Manifest” on Netflix and found the acting to be soo subpar haha!

    7.7.21 Reply
  6. Jamie Dennis:

    Cruella is so so good! You will love it I promise!

    7.7.21 Reply
    • mary:

      I second the Cruella rec. Fun music and fashion!

      7.7.21 Reply
  7. Teresa:

    Hi question…I clicked on your link for Brooks foodie newsletter wanting to check it out. However it is a paid newsletter and I do not want to subscribe. All I did is click on the link and now I am getting emails from Brooks. I told him I do not want them and he said he doesn’t know how to remove me from the list. And that I should go into my account and unsubscribe. But I never set up an account. So do you know how I would unsubscribe. He seems not to know???????

    7.8.21 Reply
  8. Laura:

    We are headed to the Cape in Sep. Can’t wait! Would love to see your travel guide, but the link is broken an search did not work. Hope it’s still available!

    7.9.21 Reply
  9. Lisa Autumn:

    Okay I want all of them!

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    7.11.21 Reply