Rahua Amazon Beauty.

Rahua Beauty - The Stripe

If you’ve been a regular in these parts for a while now, then you may remember that I’m a big fan of Rahua Amazon Beauty. (It’s pronounced “ra-wa” for the record!) I first heard of the line via Victoria, as I was looking for a shampoo + conditioner that were 100% natural. I got hooked because the products worked so well (they’re especially great for dry/dehydrated hair as the products all contain oil from the Rahua nut, which is not only incredibly hydrating, but also has a special molecular structure which bonds + repairs the hair cortex as opposed to just coating it.)

I grew to really love the line (especially the body products, which we’ll get to in a second), but didn’t know very much about the heritage of the brand until I had the opportunity to sit down with the brand’s founder, Fabian Llinguin last week. Fabian is a native Ecuadorian and when he founded the brand, was already a renowned New York hair colorist + stylist. What really struck me was that Fabian did not initially start Rahua because he wanted a haircare line. He started it because he wanted to find a way to help protect the rainforest in a sustainable fashion. And so he partnered with the women from Amazonian nations – purchasing the oils directly from the indigenous people. A bit ignorant, I asked Fabian “Why not just make a donation?” He explained to me that by buying the oil from these women, they’re able to create a self-sustaining industry. The money he pays for the oil sends kids out of the jungle to attend high school; and that education in turn helps them to protect their land.

I’m rambling now, so I’ll just say that I’m always really impressed when a brand manages to create a product that is all natural and also highly effective (there are so few great 100% natural brands out there), but what Rahua has done really just blows everyone else out of the water. They’ve created an amazing product that has incredible benefits but also manages to do a lot of good for the earth and the indigenous people of the Amazon.

Rahua Beauty - The Stripe

Anyways, onto the products!

On my hair, I use their classic shampoo + conditioner. The classic products are great for thick, dry hair, but they also have a volumizing line that I’ve heard good things about from my finer-haired friends. For added hydration, every now and then I’ll use their hair mask to add additional moisture + help conceal split ends. You can just leave it on in the shower; or you can apply it, wrap your head with a warm towel, put on a TV show and let it really sink in for a good hour or so. (If you have time, this is especially wonderful before you blow out/heat style your hair.)

Lastly, the finishing treatment is great to add a bit of polish to your hair, guarding against humidity + taming frizz.

Rahua Beauty - The Stripe


And the unsung heroes!

Rahua actually also has an incredible line of body products. While I realize that the brand’s heritage is in hair, their body products are actually my favorite. The shower gel is unlike any other shower gel I’ve tried. I have gotten so many of my girlfriends to buy it because it really is just that good. And I can’t even explain what makes it so good! It’s just gooood. It smells amazing, and lathers up to get your skin incredibly clean without stripping it. I still have yet to find another natural shower gel that comes close in comparison. (Honestly- if you buy anything I wrote about today… make it the shower gel!)

I also really love the Amazon Oil, a spray-on oil that is deeply moisturizing (and also smells heavenly.) I usually spray 3-4 pumps into my hand, rub into my body, and continue on until I’ve gotten my whole body.

Rahua Amazon Beauty - The Stripe

Rahua Amazon Beauty - The Stripe

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  1. felicia sullivan says 5.21.15

    I’m FINALLY buying this. Smite you, G! xo

  2. B Boebel says 5.21.15

    I just got done try a different natural brand, Tolan, the shampoo and conditioner you reviewed is everything I wanted the Tolan ones to be! I might have to try those.

    Are they vegan?


    • www.rahua.com says 5.21.15

      Hi! YES, Rahua products are vegan!

  3. Jayme says 5.21.15

    Oh boy, here I go again! I’ve been eyeing the hair products for what feels like forever and I think I’m going to bite the bullet and allow myself a little shopping spree – it’s payday 🙂

  4. Alexandra says 5.21.15

    Amazing to see philanthropy at play in beauty – love this turn of events for products – their logo and packaging is gorgeous too!

    Warm Regards,

  5. Kiara King says 5.21.15

    Okay, your flat lays are amazing! Seriously so damn pretty. I’ve never actually heard of this brand previously, but I really adore what they’re all about – what an incredible cause. Plus, every single product sounds amazing!

    Thank you for sharing!


  6. Andi says 5.21.15

    Their products sound amazing!