Ragne Kikas

You need to know about Ragne Kikas.  She’s 27 years old, based in Hamburg, and recently won the Festival International de Mode et de Photographie which is held every year in Hyères, France.  Though you may not have heard of it, it’s a pretty big deal.  It’s kind of like France’s equivalent to the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund.  Karl Lagerfeld has been a judge and Viktor & Rolf is a past winner.  Her knitwear designs are nothing short of amazing, as illustrated below by her winning collection, “Dress Code Defensive” which was based upon armor.  Sculptural, 3-D, and super cool.  I’ve honestly never seen anything like it.  Kikas is surely destined for big things, so don’t be surprised if you see her name popping up more and more down the road.

images via Ragne Kikas, by Maximilian Bartsch

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  1. those shoes are bananas!

    • graceatwood says 9.7.12

      seriously. b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

  2. Erika [small shop] says 8.30.12

    Wow like wearing sculpture! The details are so intricate yet still flattering. Not easy to accomplish!

    • graceatwood says 9.7.12

      I completely agree. Have never seen anything like them!

  3. tomorrowtodayblog says 8.30.12

    wow. this is amazing. i cannot wait to see someone rock that dress at an awards show or party! thanks for sharing!

    • graceatwood says 9.7.12

      me too!

  4. Viviana Carmona says 8.30.12

    Whoa. There are some seriously beautiful pieces here!

    • graceatwood says 9.7.12

      I know it – little bit obsessed!!

  5. tanya_caines says 8.30.12

    Wow these are amazing, I had no idea knitwear could be transformed like this!

    • graceatwood says 9.7.12

      It’s kind of amazing… I don’t know how she does it!

  6. Mildred77 says 9.4.12

    Great post! 

    • graceatwood says 9.7.12

      thank you!