Product Review – Philip Kingsley Curl Activator

I really wanted to like this product. Like, really wanted to.

I’d heard so many great things about Philip Kingsley but never tried any of his products…  for those of you who don’t know, he is recognized as the world’s leading trichologist (hair and scalp health expert.) On top of that, this product just won a “Healthy Beauty” Award from Self. (AND, if you read this blog regularly, you know that I’m a total hair product junkie… always in search of the perfect way to tame my long, wavy hair.)

So naturally, I just had to have it.

My biggest issue is that the product claims to be light and non-sticky… but it is in fact, extremely sticky. I used it two days in a row, just to be sure… and each time, the end result was that my hair dried, feeling like “wig hair…” sticky and just… not nice!  Not shiny at all, either.  I also hated the way it smelled. Yuck… just all around yuck. 

Maybe it just wasn’t right for my hair… or maybe it would be better when combined with a leave-in conditioner… but I was really disappointed by this product.  Major bummer.

I’ll stick to my Phyto, thank you very much.

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