Product Review: Face It Skincare: Smooth Eye-perator and Dream Beautifully

Always on the hunt for new (and fabulous) beauty brands, I was excited when Beauty and the Feast (one of my daily go-to’s… she blogs about beauty products and food… hello, what’s not to love!) wrote about a line of skincare called Face It.

Face It was started in 2009 by twenty-something MIT grad, Alison Gallo. She’d studied chemical engineering and the aging process. Like me (and most of my friends,) she is in her twenties but still worried about wrinkles. And so, she started this amazing line of skin care. The formulas are super-high tech and moisturizing… but most importantly, they focus on both preventative action and reparative techniques.

The product lineup consists of 5 products: A day cream, night cream, eye cream, hand cream, and face scrub.  I haven’t tried all the products but picked up her eye cream and night cream and am extremely pleased with both. All are infused with collagen and Matricyl 3000 which claims to promote collagen production while strengthening the skin.

I particularly love the eye cream… “Smooth Eye-Perator” I keep it on my desk and apply it each morning before I have my coffee.) The area under my eyes stays hydrated all day and I swear I look less tired.

The night cream, “Dream Beautifully” is equally wonderful. It contains 12 botanical extracts and is deeply, luxuriously hydrating. My skin was both soothed and glowing the next morning.

The products are also (for a line of anti-aging products with this sort of technology,) very well-priced. (The night cream is $45… rare for a product of this quality. I lucked out because I shopped during her secret weekend sale when everything was only $5!) I didn’t want to write about the products until I tried them myself, but now that I have been using them both for about a week, I highly recommend them both

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