Pretty Things… Ironing Board Covers from Etsy

When I first moved to the city, we didn’t have an ironing board.  It took up too much space, we rationalized.  We had far more important things (loads and loads of clothes) to fit into our extremely limited closet space.  It was only after I’d burned myself several times (attempting to iron garments while wearing them) that we succumbed, deciding that yes, after all, an ironing board really was a necessity.
There was just one problem – the only ironing board Home Depot carried was lime green, and said “Ironing” all over it in purple and blue.  So, we had a new problem – no more burns, but one very ugly ironing board.  We kept it behind the back door, but I knew it was there… a mess of lime green… scary.
Then I found a shop on Etsy that carried adorable ironing board covers.  I got one in a fantastic red toile pattern… (it’s not available anymore, but I thought this one, from CityChicCountryMouse was just as cute.) 
Problem solved… I love Etsy.

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