Pretty Little Pills.

Pretty Little Pills

I love a good pill motif. I’ve been asked in the past if it’s alluding to something (recreational drug use? being medicated?) Nah, I just really like them and think they’re fun. Blame Jonathan Adler? Damien Hirst? Stephanie Roberts? I think they’re cute, colorful, and just a little bit irreverent… that’s really all it is.

Pretty Little Pills

I have and love these brass pill boxes so much. They were my Christmas gift to myself last year. I polish them regularly (with this stuff, a TIBAL find… it’s magic!) I keep Viagra and Ambien on my nightstands and Quaalude on my coffee table. I’m also obsessed with this yellow acrylic pill sculpture which was generously gifted to me by the JA team as they know how much I love my pill art. It moves around my apartment (I am always switching things up) but right now it’s front and center on my coffee table. And on the accessories front, my Chill pill necklace is one of my fav layering necklaces.

ALSO we do just need to talk about my girl Stephanie Roberts for a minute. She’s one of my favorite instagram follows and her pill coasters (above!) are the best. A lot of people have been knocking her off on Etsy, etc. but hold out for the real deal. She puts new items in her shop every month and while they do sell out in minutes it can be done. I recommend turning on instagram post notifications for her and logging into her site ahead of time. It’s all about the thrill of the chase!

Pretty Little Pills Pretty Little Pills

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yellow acrylic pill sculpture

photos by Carter Fish.

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  1. Such a fun post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Tayler N Bray says 9.15.20

    I have tried and tried over and over again for a Stephanie Roberts piece and cannot get one. It’s super frustrating and not sure how long I would hold out before buying from someone different. I know for some it is the thrill of the chase, but I go into anxiety mode leading up to it.. sweating, hands shaking. Can’t do that for an art piece. I wish there was a waiting list and they’d be shipped out in order of who doesn’t have a piece. Somehow the same people get them over and over again… anyways LOVE them, just wish there were more.

    • grace at the stripe says 9.15.20

      It’s definitely a sport! I try every time and have only been successful once. But I refuse to buy a knockoff, she’s so creative and I hate how many people are copying her!

  3. Jessica Camerata says 9.15.20

    Such a fun roundup. I love the big yellow and white pill on the coffee table, that’s my favorite!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  4. Betsy says 9.15.20

    I think this is such an interesting art form! Because of personal experiences, we don’t have any pill art in our home but I think it’s really attractive. Beyond that, because people have such a variety of personal experiences with pills/medicine there is such a wide range of reactions to it. To have something in your home that is both beautiful and evocative is so wonderful and exactly what art is designed to do. Thank you for sharing all of your pieces together and some inspiration – I think it’s really different from what people often think of as art, but it definitely is!

    • grace at the stripe says 9.15.20

      Thanks Betsy!!! I think one of the really cool things about art is how personal it is.

  5. Shanghai says 9.15.20

    I’m in the pharmaceutical industry and so I love a pill motif! Reminds me of my work and the difference our medicines make for patients. My mom gave me three Adler pills which sit on my work desk together. I also have the Ambien one in my bathroom. Love your other finds here. The other commenter was right—art can be so evocative. It generates such an interesting conversation, hearing from each person what a pill means. To some it’s addiction. To others, it’s life—or recreation — or everyday work.