Polo-Phobia and Cute Summer Clothes from Vineyard Vines.

My boyfriend is very preppy. He’s been known at times to sport multiple polo shirts (collars popped,) at a time. I’m addicted to J.Crew and my taste runs somewhat preppy, but for several reasons, I despise how I look in polo shirts.*

The summer is coming up and we’ll be spending a lot of time in the Hamptons. I’m getting a little bit nervous. (I know, I know, says the girl who grew up on Cape Cod.)

While we see eye to eye most of the time, (we both share an affinity for the color navy, for example…) sometimes our tastes clash. He hates all of my long, flowy “hippy” clothes, as he refers to them. And I’m terrified of polo shirts. To scare me, he goes… “Get ready babe! 3 Polos… Bright Colors… Collar Popped… All summer!”

Anyway, all this talk about the Hamptons and popped collars brought me to the Vineyard Vines website. And I am pleased to report back that they have some extremely adorable clothes for summer.  I’m kind of obsessed. with that cute little whale.
The shirt on the left is more my style… but the polo on the left (in navy) is one that I MIGHT try. 
(It’s the whale’s doing.)
The stuff above is even more my style.  (My favorite is the yellow shorts.)
*It’s not that I don’t like this look.  It looks great on guys and so many of my girlfriends… but it looks terrible on me. Polos, Collar Popping, and especially Layering of Polos just makes me look fat.  Trust me… I tried it when I lived in Boston.  Wasn’t cute.

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