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So… this coat.  Mara Hoffman, from four years ago.  It was a major splurge at the time.  Still a big splurge now, but more of an “I’m not going to be able to eat” splurge back then.  My ex boyfriend hated this coat.  I mean, basically, if I flip the hood up, I look like a dementor from Harry Potter.  Also it adds an instant 5-10 lbs.  But I never really cared.  This coat is something you wear for you – or for your girlfriends.  Girls love this coat, and it is the comfiest.  It also is incredibly warm, and helped me out quite a bit during last week’s weather antics.

Full disclosure:  when I walked to work in this, I wore boots… but the heels were so much cuter for photos (and the office, once I got there.)

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A few of my favorite {current} wrap coats…




photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Rachelle says 1.13.14

    Love this coat it is a girl’s coat for sure.


  2. Heidi says 1.13.14

    Well boys are just silly when it comes to certain articles of clothing and that’s that! The coat is gorgeous, worth a splurge, and timeless. You look stunning and anyone who says differently needs to have their eyesight/head checked.


  3. jillian says 1.13.14

    o that coat looks so comfy and cozy, perfect for the polarvortex!! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  4. I love it! you are right. something a guy hates, girls love. it looks like a wearable blanket!
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  5. Your coat is gorgeous! Omg I love it!


  6. That is totally an Olivia Pope coat!

    Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache

  7. Sam says 1.13.14

    Boys don’t know! If you love it, wear it! Love this warm & chic look 🙂


  8. Super cute!!
    I love that jacket and those shoes are amazing!
    -Adrienne. xo

    Citizen of the World
    Citizen of the World

  9. Annick Noel says 1.13.14

    What a gorgeous coat – and it looks so luxurious! Loving that you paired it with a beanie!

    Bold Subtlety

  10. Cathleen says 1.13.14

    I had something similar happen to me. I still wore the coat and still have it. If it’s warm, and you like it, then who the heck cares.
    By the way, you look great.

  11. Merritt says 1.13.14

    Screw him, this coat rocks! You look gorgeous, my dear!!

    The Style Scribe

  12. Emma Finlayson says 1.13.14

    I have a coat very similar. It makes me look about two sizes larger than I am, but I feel super glam in it.
    xo Emma

  13. Adore this coat and style. Looks so warm and comfortable.

  14. Baubles to Bubbles says 1.13.14

    LOVE this coat! Men just don’t understand fashion sometimes. My boyfriend is still not on board with my leather pants/skirts!

  15. Lacey says 1.13.14

    Looooove this coat. Boys just don’t understand.


  16. Melissa Rosenkilde says 1.13.14

    Amazing coat! It’s so chic!!!


  17. Holly says 1.13.14

    What do guys know?!? I love the coat on you – it looks so cute & comfy!

  18. Andi says 1.13.14

    That coat is absolutely divine! Your ex was silly!!!

  19. Sarah says 1.15.14

    I’m been dying for a camel wrap coat but all the ones I am looking at are sooo out of my price range! Glad to hear that yours was a worth it purchase (even if your ex didn’t like it). You look great!