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Grace Atwood's Outfit Details: Anine Bing Blazer // gifted INSPR top // Paige Jeans // Chanel Red Bag (Vintage) // Sarah Flint Heels // Karen Walker Sunglasses
blazer // top // jeans // heels

Hooray. We made it to the long weekend!!!! Is it annoying or weird when I (an influencer, who could follow whatever schedule I want) say that? Someone once DM’d me “You don’t have a real job, why are you excited for the weekend?” which I thought was so silly. I mean I get it, I don’t have a boss but I still have work and deadlines and a lot of demands. You can still have a long week even when you’re self-employed. And more importantly, WE ARE ALL ALLOWED TO BE EXCITED FOR THE WEEKEND! (Clearly I am excited –  if you saw my instagram stories yesterday then you know that I had a bit of a rough day.)

Anyway this look is a fav right now because it’s a little bit business-y (I say a little bc a sheer top would never work in the office!) but also so very fun. And I love the button details on the sides of this top.

I hope you guys have fun long weekend plans! I am laying low and staying in the city as we head to Chicago on Wednesday for our podcast live show (so excited!!!) It will still be business as usual in these parts (weekend reads tomorrow). I am just hoping the weather holds up – I am reading this book and cannot put it down. It’s been one of those weeks where I have this amazing book and all I want to do is read it but have a lot of plans. So I’m really excited to have a day where I just read all day, preferably in the sunshine. Happy Memorial Day, XOXO

Outfit Details:

Anine Bing Blazer (bought this past fall, see it styled differently here + here. This blazer is VERY similar and so cute and available in up to a size 20! This one is v cute as well.)// gifted INSPR top (runs big; the XL fits size 18!) // Paige Jeans (old, for something inclusive I LOVE Good American or Universal Standard denim) // Chanel Red Bag (Vintage) // Sarah Flint Heels // Karen Walker Sunglasses

Anine Bing Blazer and Red Chanel Bag

This week I was thinking a bit about the idea of “hate reading” and the psychology behind it Do you have any hate reads (or listens)? This isn’t an invite to tell me who they are (please don’t!), but I’m curious. I don’t have any hate reads but I used to have a hate listen podcast.

I am keeping the details on it vague for obvious reasons but it drove me nuts because it has a large following and they give such bad advice and would talk about products that were very ordinary/had been on the market forever as if they were these incredible and amazing new discoveries. Like, as in…  “we discovered this amazing NEW restaurant – Olive Garden!” Okay it wasn’t that bad (and no shade at all to Olive Garden) but you get my drift. I get salty when people give bad/poorly researched advice and would listen and want to bang my head against the wall.

But the bigger question:

Why was I bothering to listen to something that caused me so much anguish?

Grace Atwood's Outfit Details: Anine Bing Blazer // gifted INSPR top // Paige Jeans // Chanel Red Bag (Vintage) // Sarah Flint Heels // Karen Walker Sunglasses

I almost said I don’t know but the truth is that I know exactly why I was doing it. Listening to it made me feel superior. At the end of an annoying or frustrating day I’d put it on and laugh to myself about how little they knew. When I thought about how bad it was that I was doing that, I deleted it from my podcast library and stopped listening.

To be honest, I still sort of (in a weird, messed up) miss listening to it. In a way I developed a bit of a soft spot for them. But when I thought about the reason I was listening, I grossed myself out a little bit.

I’m not here to judge anyone for hate listening or hate reading, or whatever you want to call it. We all have long days and sometimes a hate read feels just as a long hot bath or cozying up with Younger and a glass of wine. But it made me feel icky (especially knowing that I’m probably someone else’s hate listen/hate read) so I stopped.

Grace Atwood's Outfit Details: Anine Bing Blazer // gifted INSPR top // Paige Jeans // Chanel Red Bag (Vintage) // Karen Walker Sunglasses Grace Atwood's Outfit Details: Anine Bing Blazer // gifted INSPR top // Paige Jeans // Chanel Red Bag (Vintage) //  Karen Walker Sunglasses Red Chanel Bag featured Grace Atwood is sharing her thoughts on hate reading - The Stripe Grace Atwood is sharing her thoughts on hate reading INSPR top Grace Atwood is sharing her thoughts on hate reading

photography by Carter Fish.


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  1. Loveee the red Chanel bag so much! It looks so chic!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    5.24.19 Reply
  2. That’s a gorgeous outfit, very British in my opinion, with the pattern on the blazer and the colours. And it’s normal to feel excited for the weekend, whatever the situation might be, I remember when I had a job in which I worked on weekends, I’d still be excited for the weekend because my parents would be home, we would go out after work, we would have fun meals, etc, weekends are awesome. And I honestly don’t think I have any hate reads or listens, when I hear or read or see something that annoys me I just unfollow. I feel like I have a very Marie Kondo view of things when it comes to the internet and I’m always eager to declutter my feeds so I feel like that never happens.

    5.24.19 Reply
    • Thank you so much Marta. I like the idea of taking a Marie Kondo approach to the internet!

      5.24.19 Reply
  3. You remind me so much of Teresa Palmer in these photos – both of you are absolutely beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful long weekend! Here in Canada, our long weekend was last week and though the weather could have been better, having an extra day off work felt awesome. As far as hate reads/listens go, I don’t *think* I have any, but maybe that’s just because I’d never really thought about it before. I’m going to think about this this weekend and see if any crop up.

    5.24.19 Reply
  4. Maggie:

    The ONLY time it bothers me when anyone mentions having a long weekend is when I personally don’t get the day off! I work in a call center that is very stingy about giving days off, so we go from New Year’s Day alllll the way to Memorial Day with no company holidays. There are a lot of 3 day weekends between those two that many people get off & that always bums me out. I’ve been working there long enough to accrue plenty of vacation time, so I could always take the day if I MUST, but it’s not the same as it being a day off given by the company. Beyond that I have NO issues with anyone looking forward to a long week, enjoy yours!!

    5.24.19 Reply
    • Haha I hear that! I am planning to work Monday as I’m not away; but I always felt like that when I worked at a startup – we got the bare minimum days off!!!

      5.24.19 Reply
  5. Kelsey M.:

    I more so have “hate” watches. I put hate in quotes because when I watch these terrible shows/movies I actually enjoy myself but the quality is just so so bad! I’m a big fan of Degrassi (every iteration of it), the 50 Shades of Grey movies, any old Mary-Kate & Ashley movie like Holiday in the Sun or Winning London, and Crossroads the Britney Spears movie. All of these shows/movies are terrible but I just totally crack up watching them and get so much joy out of how bad they are!

    5.24.19 Reply
    • Can I just say that I read this quickly and thought you said The Holiday and was like “NOOOOOOOO THE HOLIDAY IS THE BEST!” but I am laughing so hard at watching the MK and Ashley movies – that actually sounds like an amazing night in!

      5.24.19 Reply
  6. Grace! I would love you forever if you did an advice post on how you get stuff done when you’re immersed in a good book… this is the post I need, I find myself doing the bare minimum and skipping workouts and such :D.

    5.24.19 Reply
    • Haha I just don’t know if it warrants a whole post. The sad and short answer is self discipline. At the end of the day I need to get all my work and workouts done and reading is my reward. This week was tough as ALL I WANT to do is read. So I’ve been telling myself that getting to bed with my book tonight is my reward.

      5.24.19 Reply
  7. Amanda:

    I don’t have any hate *reads* – I only have time to really read blogs that I like! – but I do have a few hate *follows* on IG. There are some big influencers who are just so ridiculous that you can’t help but watch, and scrolling through my feed or watching stories from time to time is about the amount of time I want to dedicate to that kind of stuff.

    5.24.19 Reply
    • Yeah watching a quick story feels like less of an investment than *cough cough* a whole podcast!

      5.24.19 Reply
  8. Sara:

    I can’t do hate listens, I just get too annoyed and shut it off. However, I do hate read if I get far enough into a book and I’ve realized I hate it. If I hate it within the first 50 pages, I’ll stop reading, but if I get halfway through or more, I’ll probably just hate read it until it’s done. OR if I’ve realized it’s truly silly fluff, I might hate read it from the beginning. Haha.

    5.24.19 Reply
    • Haha I hear that. I have one that I used to watch, but I stopped that too mostly bc I didn’t want her to see me watching her stories!

      5.24.19 Reply
  9. Ellen:

    I have a hate read! There’s a blogger in the NJ/NYC area who is just like watching a train wreck and I can’t look away. I half pity her and half judge her because she’s so mean. I should really just stop hate reading as it’s doing her a favor by driving traffic to her blog buuuuuut I just can’t.

    I will say that sometimes I feel really mean by judging someone I’ve never met buuuuut you gotta do whatcha gotta do.

    5.24.19 Reply
    • Oh no! How do you know she’s mean? Is she mean in her posts!?

      5.24.19 Reply
      • Ellen:

        @Grace: One time I emailed her and she was really mean back… And what she comments to others on her blog comments is very WTF. It’s hard not to judge bloggers when they do that. I understand it’s your business but customer service is also a major part of most businesses. So I think bloggers should keep that in mind. But Grace you’ve never been rude – this is just about others!

        @Liz: lol probably… I think a lot of people hate read her sadly…

        5.24.19 Reply
    • Liz:

      I think I have the same hate read as you haha….I just can’t stop!!

      5.24.19 Reply
  10. raq:

    There are a couple of “hate-reads” I have and I feel guilty about. They are mostly bloggers that I really used to love but have really “sold out” or become annoying or mean to followers and don’t seem “themselves” anymore. I have mostly un-followed or stopped reading blogs of those people, but I occasionally check in on them to see whats up and always regret it and feel bad

    5.24.19 Reply
    • That’s how I felt about this podcast – I would want to go and check in on them… but I stopped. It’s funny how you get so invested in something you don’t even like!

      5.24.19 Reply
  11. Joanna:

    I have a few blogs I hate read, but they didn’t start out that way! Back when I started following them (years and years ago), I did it because I loved their style and their content. But over time they began to sell out and do totally inauthentic posts. I also kind of think becoming moms didn’t help as the two I am thinking of did sharp pivots away from the reasons I started following them in the first place – it really annoys me when a blogger shifts from fashion and beauty to almost all mommy content. I have two kids myself – I don’t need to see someone else’s all day long on IG (I’m sorry, does that sound mean??). I guess I am following these people more out of habit than anything else at this point. It almost seems sad to unfollow because I’ll be like “remember when?” I used to legit LOVE them. 🙁

    5.24.19 Reply
  12. Carrie:

    I like to say I don’t hate watch/read/listen anything. Mostly because it feels like it’s indulging a nasty part of me that I don’t want to encourage. And it feels like a waste of time – why spend energy on something you don’t like? That being said, I follow blogs on a reader and there are a few I just don’t care for anymore but am too lazy to delete from the reader and find myself rolling my eyes as I scroll through the post rather than just skipping it. Not always the best version of myself!

    5.24.19 Reply
  13. Melissa:

    Hopefully this isn’t a weird question but what kind of bra do you wear for this shirt? Obviously nude, but do you have a favorite that has smooth lines? Signed, I love white shirts & cant figure this out 🙁

    5.25.19 Reply
    • For the photos I wore my Thirdlove T-shirt bra (in nude) but in my everyday I usually just wear something fun that will be visible like an anine bing bralette!

      5.27.19 Reply
  14. Lisa Autumn:

    Such a dreamy bag!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    5.26.19 Reply
  15. Cynthia:

    I hate listen to The Skinny Confidential podcast. I swear I loose brain cells from listening.

    5.26.19 Reply
  16. Wendy:

    I do have a few “hate” reads in my feedly, bc I can scroll through while multitasking. I think part of me still reads because I’m hoping the quality of the person’s writting/content/outfits etc will actually improve with reader comment. Most of the time, it doesn’t happen that way, with the blogger/influencer believing anyone who gives constructive feedback as a troll. Certainly snark sites and some comments are negative or not-constructive. I find it especially interesting because most of us have all worked with or for someone who is difficult and usually would handle it differently. Basically, some people are trainwrecks from which you can’t look away. I don’t follow any “hate reads” on social media, or IRL friends/colleagues/acquaintances that annoy me for some reason. I used to feel obligated to keep reading a book I didn’t care for, and now I toss that aside.

    5.29.19 Reply