Pinky Rings


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about pinky rings.  I’m really into them.  I think that probably, the three best ways to wear them are to do one statement ring {the photo above}, a tiny little knot {like Sam did, below} or with a classic signet {bottom photo.}  I’m personally partial to the knot, {love this one from Ariel Gordon} but I like the look of a signet ring as well… and BaubleBar has some great options to choose from.  I’ve taken to wearing this thin gold band on my pinky but really want to try a knot or a signet next!

Which look is your favorite?



one // two // three

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  1. Kristi says 1.28.14

    I love the statement ring by itself best but they all look pretty!

  2. fiftytwothursdaysdc says 1.28.14

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  3. Kristin says 1.28.14

    Love pinky rings! I wear the Gorjana cross over midi ring on my left pinky, but I love the signet look! As much as I like the statement ring, I know a ring with that much weight would bother me on a little finger. Ha.


  4. Adri says 1.28.14

    Great inspiration! I’ve been on the hunt for a pinky ring. I have tiny fingers and finding one that fits my pinky is tricky.
    xo Adri

  5. Chelsea says 1.28.14

    I recently found a signet ring I had had since high school and loved reintroducing it into my daily baubles as a pinky ring. I love the look!

  6. HMC says 1.28.14

    I’m completely partial to the signet–my siblings and I (and my dad and his siblings) all wear one with our family crest. It’s my favorite piece of jewelry!

  7. I got my baby ring as a sweet Christmas present and have been rocking it as a pinkie ring ever since – love that this is a thing now!
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  8. Alexis Grace says 1.29.14

    I think the signet is a really cool idea and have always been fond of a knot. Hmmm… I am definitely going to look for one!

  9. Jessica says 1.29.14

    I’ve been craving a pinky ring for years, but my fingers are so small that I’m having a hard time snagging a good one. I might have to just buy a midi ring to wear normally on that finger!

  10. Noemi says 1.29.14

    I want a signet ring!

  11. fashionsbit says 1.29.14

    the last shoot is my favourite!

  12. jill says 1.29.14

    the bold pinky ring is my favorite because it’s so unexpected..

  13. Judy says 1.31.14

    Yup, exactly the next obsession I’d like to take up!