Pier 1 StyleBox: Unboxing & Giveaway { GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED ! }

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I am a huge fan of Pier 1 Imports. Nearly all of my tabletop decor comes from them and anytime I have a party I will swing by to pick up something fun and festive without breaking the bank. (They’re also one of my favorite spots for hostess gifts… their candles are heavenly and I love their Christmas ornaments!) This month, the brand sent out their new Style Box to editors, bloggers, and a few customers. The boxes aren’t available for purchase (but everything inside is – just go here!), but I’m giving one box away to a lucky reader. Watch the video to see what’s inside, and leave a comment below for your chance to win… good luck!

Created in partnership with Pier 1 Imports; Video + Photos by Bobby Hicks.

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  1. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says 8.11.17

    Added the video to my Watch Later list! The items from the unboxing look awesome from your photos so far!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Janet says 8.11.17

    Love the sparkly lights!

  3. Abbe says 8.11.17

    How adorable! Love those sparkly lights for decorating around the holidays.

  4. Marty says 8.11.17

    Good morning Grace! Cute video! Thanks for the chance to win this special gift. Love all your ideas and would like to try your tips for the LED lights. Very festive! Also really like those amber wine glasses. I already had my eyes on a few other Pier I items so that gift card sure would come in handy. Also, loved the glimpses of your new place. Everything looks amazing! Have a great day / weekend!

  5. Julie says 8.11.17

    The Pier 1 candles are the best!! I love the LED lights – they are perfect for every season.

  6. wendy says 8.11.17

    omg the dog and cat plates-I die so adorable

  7. Rachel says 8.11.17

    Amber lighting is always a plus! Love Pier 1 too!

  8. Jessica says 8.11.17

    All of the products are so cute!! Love the light string!

  9. Brenna Kelly says 8.11.17

    I received a stemless wine glass set with dogs on it for christmas this year, similar to the plate you have. So cute! The LED lights add such a nice cozy touch too!

  10. Catherine says 8.11.17

    Looks like a fancy box.

  11. Allie k says 8.11.17

    That style box would be great for me to feature on my page. The $20 gift card would be good for me
    To purchase more plates and white glasses to feature on my page as well as a place setting. Also it is my birthday week and this would brighten it up!:)

  12. Allie says 8.11.17

    That style box would be great for me to feature on my page. The $20 gift card would be good for me
    To purchase more plates and white glasses to feature on my page as well as a place setting. Also it is my birthday week and this would brighten it up!:)

  13. Brianne says 8.11.17

    Well Pier 1 can just take my money – I find their selection of home décor and accents to be so fun and unique, so I’m certainly intrigued that they now have a subscription box! Would love to win this!

  14. Kelly D says 8.11.17

    Those are great items. The plate is my favorite!

  15. Sydney says 8.11.17

    that plate is so cute!

  16. Colleen Boudreau says 8.11.17

    That plate is adorable!

  17. Anne says 8.11.17

    This box is such a fun idea! Love the stemware.

  18. Emily says 8.11.17

    I’m a big fan of them too! I always stock up on wineglasses and their stackable water glasses (crucial when you live in a small space, and Pier 1 is the only place I can find them.) I also love their seasonal and garden decor!

  19. Tracy says 8.11.17

    I love the LED lights and would love to decorate my outdoor set with them while drinking wine from the glass!

  20. Marla says 8.11.17

    the led lights are the best. they make any setting into a party and I can think of so many ways to use them.

  21. Sharon says 8.11.17

    Love Pier 1 candles and also your sparkly lights idea for the holidays.

  22. Cynthia Richardson says 8.11.17

    The colored wineglass and the shimmer lights are beautiful!

  23. Kelly M. says 8.11.17

    I would love to win the lights! So beautiful!

  24. Ruth Miller says 8.11.17

    Thanks for the giveaway chance! I love the cats and dogs plate, and I love candles. Thanks for a great blog! Yours is a daily read for me.

  25. Ashley Perault says 8.11.17

    Super cute! Love Pier 1 🙂

  26. Kayley says 8.11.17

    I hadn’t heard of the Pier 1 Stylebox before – looks neat! I think it could do well if they opened it up as a subscription to everyone.

  27. Rachel says 8.11.17

    Omg that animal plates are cute! I have a pet rabbit though, so they just need to add a bunny in there 😉

  28. Andrea Darst says 8.11.17

    I love those lights but that candle is screaming my name! I’m obsessed with anything vanilla scented, especially candles! What a cute idea Pier 1!!

  29. Kim H. says 8.11.17

    Ooooh, a Pier One box?! Would LOVE this!

  30. Pam Calabrese says 8.11.17

    I love it. Everything in it is beautiful!’

  31. Georgie says 8.11.17

    Cute video! I too love Pier 1 and I’m always on the lookout for great stemware. Cheers!

  32. Lisa Stover says 8.11.17

    I love the lights! I actually got some around Christmas this past year and made a center piece with pine cones (natural & glittered) and those lights. It was really pretty!

  33. Kaitlyn Barry Brown says 8.11.17

    Loving the glass and the candle!!!

  34. Denyne says 8.11.17

    Love the dog and cat plate, it’s a must have.

  35. Rivka says 8.11.17

    That plate! It’s beautiful, and I love your presentation of the unboxing.

  36. Ashley Melchionna says 8.11.17

    So cute! if they sell these I’m totally signing up!

  37. Sam says 8.11.17

    Love the sparkly lights and the candle-bet it smells yummy:)

  38. Laura says 8.11.17

    The lights are so fun and the plate is very cute. I love Pier one because they have some great gift items as well.

  39. Deborah Rodosta says 8.11.17

    Beautiful and selective style
    makes a home feel refreshed

  40. Deborah Rodosta says 8.11.17

    Refreshing to see

  41. Denise says 8.11.17

    I added all the items to my Pier 1 wish list!

  42. Maureen says 8.11.17

    Oh..la.la.. I love the lights and wine glass!

  43. Jennifer S. says 8.11.17

    I would love to win the box! Looks exciting!

  44. Ann says 8.11.17

    Good evening Grace! I would love an opportunity to win Pier 1 box . Thank you.

  45. Alex T says 8.11.17

    That’s too fun!

  46. Alisande says 8.11.17

    Hi Grace! It was fun to see you do a video-love your accent! Also I’m stealing the mason jar/corks/led lights idea.

  47. Barbara says 8.11.17

    cat & dog plate?? SOLD. Would love a chance to win!

  48. Erika W. says 8.11.17

    So many goodies in there! Love it!

  49. Nyc says 8.11.17

    I love pier 1 for all my table top needs! I just moved into a new apartment after hauling myself back across the county and this is just what we need

  50. Victoria says 8.11.17

    Love this box! What an amazing Box of Style. So cute! So happy I can go get the products at my local Pier 1. ❤️

  51. carol clark says 8.11.17

    so pretty this is awesome i love pier one

  52. Meredith says 8.11.17

    I so need new stemware! Pier 1 is such a fun place to shop!!

  53. Nicole Gittleman says 8.11.17

    Loving this selection and totally thinking they should be curating a shoppable, seasonal box! I totally need a full set of those wine glasses to host with. Thanks for sharing!

  54. Ashley says 8.11.17

    I received a style box in the mail today! I was so surprised and confused!! I hadn’t heard about this yet, but I love Pier One especially around the holidays. I will probably use the gift card to pick up a few more of the amber glasses because I love them! What an exciting surprise to come home to today!!

  55. Mary says 8.11.17

    I absolutely love Pier 1! Thanks for the opportunity to win… I always find what I’m looking for. Trendy and classy all in one store!

  56. Connie Ridgway says 8.11.17

    Styling with Pier 1 ❤️

  57. Cindy S. says 8.11.17

    Love Pier 1. Best place to add atmosphere to any occasion at a reasonable price.

  58. Maureen Raymond says 8.11.17

    Already love glimmer lights.Have many gold crackle glasses. Would love the gift card!

  59. Shannon Lenhard says 8.11.17

    Love everything in the Style Box, love Pier One Imports!

  60. Cheryl DeBerg says 8.11.17

    I love how easy Pier1 makes it to decorate on a budget! They have the most adorable things that can be easily put together to create unforgettable tablescapes for any occasion. The items in the box are so cute- I am in love with the plate design. As a fellow pet lover, I adore decorating with little “pops” of cute critters! Pier1 is always an adventure when visting my local store.

  61. Brandie says 8.11.17

    Every thing is so adorable!

  62. Sheila says 8.11.17

    The wine glass is fantastic!

  63. Jackie Peterson says 8.11.17

    I absolutely Love Pier 1 ~~~ it is my go to place !!!

  64. Joyce Ridgway says 8.11.17

    A glass of wine, the relaxing scent of the vanilla candle, the soft glow of the golden string lights encircling your favorite pets …. what more could you ask for on a warm summer night.j

  65. Andrea Vissers says 8.11.17

    I want to Win!

  66. Linda says 8.11.17

    Love❣️Pier 1!

  67. Cristy Pina says 8.11.17

    Love this box. The items are beautiful and seem high quality

  68. Jennifer says 8.12.17

    Super cute!! Love this!

  69. CharleneD says 8.12.17

    Fun box! Love Pier 1 ❤️

  70. Martha says 8.12.17

    Lights would be perfect in new house!

  71. Courtney says 8.12.17

    This box looks great! I’ve been wanting some lights.

  72. Terrie Knight says 8.12.17


  73. viv says 8.12.17

    You look beautiful, Grace!

    • Heather says 8.12.17

      I thought the same. Simply stunning.

  74. Deanna says 8.12.17

    I Pier1. So many entertaining delights! The Stylebox is full of great items! Love their candles, so many ideas popping into my head for the cute lights. I’ve found a new blog to follow too!!!!

  75. Terri Ciminero says 8.12.17

    Thank you for showing the Stuke Box! I am a huge fan of Pier 1 but my budget has been so tight I have been sacrificing beautiful things and would love to win this box!

  76. Heather Sokasits says 8.12.17

    I like everything.Thank you!

  77. Tania Irizarry says 8.12.17

    Love everything! Thank you for this opportunity 🙂

  78. Holly Crump says 8.12.17

    I’d love to win !!!!

  79. Loretta says 8.12.17

    Thanks for sharing the new Pier 1 Style box. Love the Lazy Sunday collection for fall entertaining. Agree Pier 1 tabletop is the place to go for unique items at great prices!

  80. Constance Harris says 8.12.17

    Beautiful! Priceless and who wouldn’t be delighted to receive such a gift.

  81. Constance Harris says 8.12.17

    Beautiful! Priceless and who wouldn’t be delighted to receive such a gift.
    I live 5 minutes away and daily stop in pier one.


  82. Christy Branch says 8.12.17

    Love it all!!!

  83. Joan says 8.12.17

    Having just moved to a new city and being in the process of completely redecorating, I would really love to win this

  84. Ruth Barton says 8.12.17

    I would love to win this box from Pier 1! Thanks for sharing.

  85. Angie says 8.12.17

    I didn’t know Pier 1 had a style box! This is a great idea! Love all the products, especially the light string!

  86. Anita Carol Gambrell says 8.12.17

    Good morning! Just finished your newsletter, which I have delivered to my email and enjoy so very much! Clicked here and watched your unboxing of the Pier1 ,,,,amazing! I loved it all! Definitely need to visit a store soon! Thanks for the chance to win your box.

  87. Kathleen Doll says 8.12.17

    I love shopping at Pier 1! Always a fun experience looking at all their changing/updated/seasonal inventory!

  88. Emma says 8.12.17

    So cool! That plate is adorable-I am obsessed with my cat and may get teased somewhat frequently for my love of cat-themed things 🙂

  89. Jennifer says 8.12.17

    Wow! Very fun! I also love Pier 1 although I have not been able to shop for awhile due to finances (caregiver). I look forward to their seasonal catalogues.

  90. Cheryl foley says 8.12.17

    Love it all! Those doggie plates are so fun though =)

  91. Jocelyn says 8.12.17

    Love everything in this box! Pier 1 is definitely the best place to get all kinds of home decor. I especially love the LED lights- I already use them in multiple places in my apartment! 🙂

  92. Julie Casady says 8.12.17

    Love all of it! You have great ideas.

  93. darla says 8.12.17

    awesome video! Subscribed to your channel

  94. kelly says 8.12.17

    Love the lights!

  95. Mary Ellen Reese says 8.12.17

    Love Pier One! Always tons of compliments on my bird sheers, which come from Pier One. Built my color scheme around them.

  96. Lauren says 8.12.17

    The dog and cat plate is so cute!

  97. LeAnn says 8.12.17

    Love every beautiful item and great ideas! Love that as a single person I can spoil my hard working self with a little glamour with these items.

  98. Kari Houghton says 8.12.17

    Love the candle and stemware! So luxe looking! Also love the mini lights . Used them in wreaths and garlands last Christmas. Crossing my fingers. Would love to win!

  99. Vanessa Irby says 8.12.17

    I, too, purchase nearly all dinnerware from Pier 1. Love the store! Thanks for the article!

  100. Kathryn Reeves says 8.12.17

    I too love to pick up hostess gifts at Pier I, as well as gift cards for weddings and birthdays since all my friends and family love Pier I as well as I do too (almost, lol)! The Christmas ornaments are always a must-have for our annual ornament exchange as well. Needless to say,I love Pier I

  101. Christa Knell says 8.12.17

    I love Pier One! I have been a fan since having my own home!

  102. Sterling Tom says 8.12.17

    Thank you for my pier 1 style box .. what a nice surprise

  103. Annette Manwaring says 8.12.17

    Omg awesome!! I’m so excited!!! I LOVE Pier 1 !!!! I’m in there all the time picking out new pillows and throws for each season. The items in the style box look GORGEOUS!!

  104. Patricia Mayfield says 8.12.17

    Looks quite interesting. Hope they expand this to more people.

  105. priscella metzler says 8.12.17

    Beautiful! I have shopped here for about 30 plus years, My favorite store ever!!!!

  106. Kathleen says 8.12.17

    Love this box!!!

  107. Meghan says 8.12.17

    I love this!!!!! The plate is adorable!

  108. Beverly Mammato says 8.12.17

    Love Pier 1 I have out side tables chairs, couches, chairs, dishes, every season wine glasses, curtains,chairs ottoman, dishes, table runners , napkins , plus napkin rings for every season, rugs tables , ottoman, makes the home special,

  109. Susan Curto says 8.12.17

    Love Pier 1! Have the Wheaten terrier glasses, bowls, pillow and mug!

  110. MJ Moore says 8.12.17

    I’m always a sucker for a gorgeous candle! So pretty!

  111. Chris says 8.12.17

    Love everything in it! Already starting Thanksgiving table decorations!

  112. Susan Christy says 8.12.17

    Beautiful! My decor needs some improvement and I’d love to add any/all of these items!

  113. Paula Wilhelm says 8.12.17

    I love the Stylebox & love shopping at Pier 1. I can always find whatever I am looking for there. I have a glass table in my living room with photos of my grandkids. I think the plate with the animals is adorable.

  114. Margo Melton says 8.12.17

    Love pier1 candles to my favorite is the ginger peach.

  115. Kathey Somerville says 8.12.17

    Just enough sparkle! Make a new happy!

  116. Margo Melton says 8.12.17

    Love pier1 candles to my favorite is the ginger peach.

  117. Kathey Somerville says 8.12.17

    Just enough sparkle! I love the Style box

  118. Lanel Douthitt says 8.13.17

    I love it! Pier 1 is my favorite store.

  119. Kim says 8.13.17

    Absolutely perfect! Fun and beautiful but classic.

  120. Amy Har-Even says 8.13.17

    That’s amazing! I wish they sold the boxes.

  121. Ashley C says 8.13.17

    What a neat way to freshen up my decor!


  122. Melissa Storms says 8.13.17

    This is a really nice box, I love Pier 1 so a specially curated box would be awesome. The plate is especially cute.

  123. Amanda @ Anchored to Sunshine says 8.13.17

    Love that wine glass. I’m a sucker for beautifully shaped glasses, especially when filled with wine 🙂

  124. Colleen McDonald says 8.13.17

    I love Pier One! Everything in the Style Box is so adorable. I am a huge fan of their candles also. I really like the look of the colored wine glass and the lights. I can “smell” the store it’s so amazing!

  125. Sandy Jingling says 8.13.17

    Awe so festive, perfect with puppies.

  126. Katie sasek says 8.13.17

    I love the lights! Everything in the box is so cute

  127. Debbie Alexander says 8.13.17

    Love the box with with the beautiful lights and plate. Looks like a very fun giveaway beautiful products would love to receive one.

  128. Christy says 8.13.17

    Pier 1 is definitely my happy place. I could spend hours in there, regularly. The box is a fabulous idea!

  129. cate says 8.13.17

    in it to win it!

  130. Lydia B. says 8.13.17

    I love the shape and hue of that wine glass. And seriously! How adorable is that plate?! Only thing better would be LIVE animals. (:

  131. Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says 8.13.17

    Those feisty animal plates! I need!!

  132. Jaclyn Reynolds says 8.14.17

    Love the Pier 1 Box!! Fantastic video unboxing!

  133. Kendall says 8.14.17

    so fun!

  134. Rachel Martinez says 8.14.17

    Love your blog and love Pier One!

  135. Jeanine Lochen says 8.14.17

    Pier 1 is the best. Love the twinkle lights. Theu should start a subscrition box:)

  136. Bets says 8.15.17

    More videos please. Love all the items. Pier 1 has always been my go to.

  137. Joanne says 8.15.17

    Love Pier 1…….Love those lights!!

  138. Megan says 8.16.17

    How fun! Really reminds me of autumn

  139. Meg says 8.16.17

    Oh my gosh! I absolutely LOVE this! Now this is a box I could totally get behind, hopefully they will make them something you can subscribe to in the future. I love the LED lights (which could be perfect for our upcoming nursery), but I am really loving the plate! So cute and unique.

  140. Courtney says 8.17.17

    Everything looks super cute. What a great box idea!!

  141. Tina says 8.18.17

    I love the amber wine glasses!!

  142. Lisa P says 8.19.17

    What a tease (in a good way) !!! I would have bought it if it was available, for sure 🙂 All great items, I love the cats and dogs, so cute.

  143. Dave Harris says 8.19.17

    Really nice video! Pier 1 is such a great place. #Pier1Love

  144. Lisa james says 8.20.17

    Love the plate!

  145. Gina says 8.20.17

    Love the way you style everything! Inspired me to get some fairy lights from pier 1 for my room. Keep the awe-inspiring posts coming x

  146. Laura says 8.21.17

    Love this! We just bought a house twice the size of our last home and I don’t know where to start! We would love a style box !

    • grace at the stripe says 8.21.17

      yay! I hope you enjoy! xo

  147. Lily says 8.27.17

    Love everything about Pier 1. Just. Every. Thing!

  148. Annette says 8.28.17

    When does the contest end? Thanks!!

  149. 1aura brown says 9.4.17

    I love the box!!! When fall comes i tend to look for my twinkle lights to add to my home.

  150. Corliss Denmark says 9.30.17

    Thank you so much Pier 1 STYLE BOX. I would absolutely cherish this gift! My dinner guest could see your style and admire the craftsmanship in your entire line. Can’t wait to style our dinner table and again thank you Pier 1.

  151. Erica says 10.3.17

    Awesome, everything looks great but the dog plates are adorable.

  152. Gayla Liappes says 1.24.18

    Love everything I have purchased at pier 1, always shop for the special people in my life here!

  153. Renee LaFleur says 1.24.18

    One more wonderful surprize from Pier 1.

  154. Phyllis Shepherd says 1.24.18

    Love the Style Box Giveaway. The contents are wonderful! Pier1 is my favorite place to shop – it’s addictive!

  155. Mary Karl says 1.25.18

    Always looking for a new way to do something that is elegant but tongue in cheek at the same time.

  156. Dawn Henderson says 1.26.18

    I love Pier 1 products. I bought a wicker set 12 years ago and it has stood up to the elements it is looking a bit faded but a little paint will spruce it up. I love buying Pier 1 items for gifts for family and friends. I bought my best friend a set of dishes from there a few years ago and she loved them and still uses them. I have even bought ornaments which I am a huge Christmas collector. I have 8 trees I put just to hang all my different ornaments and will have to buy another tree for next year to put up my newest collection of Ornaments. I have bought linens from there that still look as good as when I bought them.

  157. Trudy Crozzoli says 1.27.18

    Love the box of goodies.

  158. Betty Mastey says 1.27.18

    Nice video!
    I love everything at pier 1!
    The lights I have and are great!
    I enjoy them every holiday.
    I will appreciate and enjoy the gift box of the candle, colored wine glass, lights and the plate of cats and dogs.
    I have 6 plates with the Christmas dogs and use them every day!!
    Thank you. Betty

  159. Sherri Francis says 1.28.18

    I have been shopping at Pier One for decades. It has always been my go to store..

  160. Penny says 1.29.18

    Great ideas and love Pier One

  161. Meg Neuherz says 1.29.18

    My friend & I make it a point that we shop at Pier 1 before lunch. There is always something new to check out. I have quite a few things I purchased and get compliments on my decorating all the time, and that I love. Keep it up at Pier 1, my friend and I will always be back…there is a great deal waiting for me when I visit the store! Until then…

  162. Beth Scott says 1.29.18

    I love entertaining with everything for the table at Pier 1. I would also really enjoy obtains a style box. Love your blog too. Thank you!

  163. Delilah Barbosa says 1.29.18

    My favorite store,I bought so many items there.And everything thing in Pire 1 is lovely, it makes me happy every time I walk in to the store.

  164. Delilah Barbosa says 1.29.18

    My favorite store,I bought so many items there.And everything thing in Pire 1 is lovely, it makes me happy every time I walk in to the store. I also love the box send me one.

  165. Kimberly Griffin says 1.29.18

    This is so awesome.

  166. Cindy Pettis says 1.30.18

    Style for Life makes it bright.

  167. Anita Hickey says 1.30.18

    Beautiful! I really love the puppy plate!

  168. margaret peacock says 1.31.18

    wow…what a great box to open…love the styles.

  169. Deseree Perez says 1.31.18

    Remarkable! They should make one per month showcasing different items from the store, new, old, whimsical…. Very nice!

  170. Norma Dove says 2.1.18

    Hello! Thank You for this Style Box Video, Very inviting. This is my 1st. time being on line with Pier 1. I am in Love with the style in this Box… The Plate with the Animals in it, with Your Cat, is Darling. Animals are so fascinating, they just know how to Britten any Day, even bringing a smile to anyones heart. But the ambiance in the Gold tones is richly inviting, making Any Occasion Special. Each of Us are unique, Many times we miss the chance to tell our selves that we are Special, this box, in away honors a person.
    I am in love with this Box… Since I moved to Green Roseburg and found Pier 1 in 2014, I Love being able to decorate my Home with the creativeness and style of the thing I enhance my home with from Pier 1.

  171. Bonnie E Mitchell says 2.2.18

    Love Pier One . I have been there so much lately my husband told me he was gonna put a lock on the door so I couldn’t get in . Thank You Pier One for making my home look and feel amazing !!! Love everything in the box !! The sparkle light in the jar are my favorite .

  172. Delilah Barbosa says 2.2.18

    Love pier 1 my whole living is style with products And furniture from your store

  173. Joan Hoel says 2.3.18

    Love love love my whole home is decorated from pier 1 every room plus I shop for the holidays and it doesn’t break the bank

  174. Joan Masotas-Hoel says 2.3.18

    Love love love everything Pier one is the best

  175. Shirley K. Howard says 2.3.18


  176. Barbara Menefee says 2.3.18

    Lovely and elegant. Pier 1 has become my decorator go-to the past year…attending special events and classes.

  177. Lilla Le Vine says 2.4.18

    Oh I would love this
    Been a customer of Pier 1 for 40 or more years, the days of rattan and Indian rugs in Houston TX
    Now I have a new and pretty store in Honolulu to visit
    Please put me in the draw
    aloha Lilla

  178. Linda Peraldo says 2.5.18


  179. Burnice Koutrouba says 2.5.18

    LOVE THE STYLE BOX!!!!Pier 1….my favorite shopping place for all my home decorations..The STRIPE….yes love all your info…thank you..


  180. Zaida Phillips says 2.5.18

    Love everything at Pier 1

  181. Patricia LeVangie says 2.6.18

    Love Pier 1. I have many pieces in my home.