happySometimes I get in a mood.  Usually it is food related.   I’ll eat something or be distracted and the mood goes away pretty quickly.  Other times I’m just grumpy.  And then there are times I feel stressed, tired and just plain resentful.  Today was one of those days… I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why (I think it had to do with carbs or lack thereof) but I was annoyed and irritated by little things that kept just adding up.  And then I read this post and then this post and nearly started sobbing at my desk.  Partially out of inspiration, partially out of sadness, and partially because I felt like a giant selfish douche for being in a bad mood.

Here’s the thing… it’s really easy to view our lives under a macro lense, only focusing on the moment and what we are feeling and our own little bubbles.  And then you meet someone like Dena.  She’s two years younger than me and battling breast cancer.  She is on her sixth round of chemo, unable to work, and dealing with staggering medical bills.   Yet, her attitude is 100x better than mine.  Also, she’s turned her blog into this amazing source of inspiration and information that I’m sure fellow cancer patients are able to benefit from.

I spent a lot of today reading through Dena’s blog archives.  Mostly just being amazed and inspired/awe-struck by her attitude.  I’m resolving to at least try to take more control over my own thoughts.  Not to sweat the small stuff, and to be more grateful and appreciative.  Basically, to have higher quality thoughts, if that makes sense.  I challenge you guys to do the same, and also to donate if you can.  I can’t really think of a better cause.

Above image by Lydia Hudgens

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  1. Christin says 1.10.13

    G – Money, I love you so much for this post. You don’t even know.

  2. Adiel says 1.11.13

    Thank you for this! Perspective is right!

  3. Chelsea says 1.11.13

    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story! Being a huge supporter of breast cancer causes, this definitely struck a chord with me. I’ll be following along and rooting for Dena! Happy Friday!!

  4. Drew @ Catfish & Caviar says 1.11.13

    Found her blog yesterday from with a ch and it is incredibly inspiring! She is one amazing and strong lady. Crazy that it takes something like coming across another persons struggles to put things in perspective and realize we really have nothing to be depressed about.

  5. viv says 1.11.13

    Went through Dena’s blog archives yesterday and I was so moved. She’s truly inspiring.

  6. Alyssa says 1.11.13

    I love this, Grace. It’s so helpful to know that at some point, we’re all feeling the same thing. I’m making the effort to change my perspective, too. I will definitely be taking a look through Dena’s blog–it sounds inspiring! Happy weekend!

  7. Sashka Rothchild says 1.11.13

    LOVE this. She is a total force.