Perfectionist in Rehab Goes to the Eye Doctor.

Confession #1:  I hate doctors.  HATE them.  I’ve been known to pass out just by the mere sight of a needle.

Confession #2:  I have been walking around for the past year or two without glasses, even though I really need them.  I live in New York City and have never had a celebrity sighting all on my own… probably because I can’t see properly.  And I constantly snub my friends and acquaintances on the streets or at events because well, I just can’t see them!

The boyfriend has picked up on this.  On top of this, he and I are both big movie people.  He was tired of trying to tell if I was squinting (usually the case) or sleeping, and continued to nag me about getting to the eye doctor.  I kept putting it off.  Then finally, this weekend, I was feeling courageous and decided to just get it over with.

He came along for moral support.  (There was no way in h*ll I was going by myself!!!)

Things went well until they did a pressure test (the one where they put the colored drops in your eyes and then shine a light on them.)  I got dizzy.  And then I nearly passed out.  A panic attack ensued.  The boyfriend basically carried me home.  I was mortified.

The good news is that I now have a pair of Prada eyeglasses and prescription aviators coming my way. 

What I’m most excited about?  (Besides being able to properly see again?)  Potential celebrity sightings.  (Obviously!)

Lessons learned:
1 – White Coat Syndrome (doctor/needle related anxiety) is a very real thing.
2 – I have the best boyfriend in the world. 
3 – Maybe I need Xanax for my next doctor visit.
4 – Prada is an excellent reward for enduring a doctor visit.

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