Patterned Coats, and Minor Annoyances.

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A patterned coat always seems like such a good idea in theory and then I get intimidated as they can feel like “a lot” so I end up just reaching for classic camel or navy. Maybe red if I’m feeling wild and crazy. 😉 Not the case this year! I loveeee this one from Pendleton. I also ended up buying this plaid coat from Blair’s collection. So now I am the owner of TWO patterned winter coats.

I think that there are two great ways to rock a patterned look:

1) Keep the rest of your look nice and simple (all black, denim and a white tee or sweater).

2) The more fun way to do it – go totally crazy (be, as a friend puts it “a power clasher”) so that it’s just a full on look.

Anyway today I thought it would be fun to chat about our pet peeves/minor annoyances. The things that annoy us even though they’re probably ridiculous and unimportant in the scheme of things.

I have Hinge (a dating app) and one of the things I really like about it is that everyone has to answer three icebreaker questions. The questions often inspire great conversation or at least a better opener than “how’s your weekend?” And it’s a great way to tell immediately if someone has a good sense of humor/common interests with you, etc. If someone refuses to answer the questions I immediately swipe left!

Outfit Details: Pendleton Coat (c/o) // American Eagle Jeans // Soludos Boots // Chanel Purse

Pendleton Coat  // Chanel Purse

Which brings us to today’s topic…

One of the questions they ask is pet peeves.

I’m always surprised how many people choose to answer this one. (There are at least twenty questions to choose from and you only have to answer three, so you can be picky!) I am a pretty optimistic person by nature, so I figure, why start off with a negative?! I guess the other side of it is that sometimes people can bond really well over the things they DON’T like, even more than the things they DO like. Most men who answer this tend to say the same things. Slow Walkers. People who chew with their mouth open. Innocent stuff that probably bugs most people. Or they’ll make a political joke.

But every now and then you’ll see a response that makes you go “Wowwww, you’re really putting yourself out there.” Sometimes the answer makes me a little sad (Like when someone immediately brings up cheating or people who say one thing and do another – the sort of stuff you don’t really talk about). And sometimes it makes me immediately swipe left as it hits home and I automatically assume that person wouldn’t like me very much. (People who say “like” too much. People who are always on their phones. That sort of thing.)

Anyway, it’s silly to me that people put that out there BUT it also got me thinking about my pet peeves, which I’m going to list out below. I’d love for you to chime in in the comments or in the private Facebook group with the little things that most annoy you! Let’s bond over the stuff we hate! 😉

I’m probably going to sound like a bad person so keep in mind that I know my pet peeves are absurd. That’s what makes them pet peeves. We know we shouldn’t be annoyed by these things, but… we are.

Pendleton Coat (c/o) // American Eagle Jeans // Soludos Boots // Chanel Purse

At yoga.

Mostly yoga makes me pretty zen but honestly there are things at class that make me completely crazy. Mostly it has to do with prop placement and placement of personal belongings. One of the things I love about my studio is that they lay the mats out for you. When left to their own devices, people are maniacs and put their mats in crazy places. Also. Water bottle placement.

As studio space is pretty tight we all usually put our water bottle up at the front of the mat, with our bricks. The other day, this girl in front of me had the same EXACT S’Well bottle as I did and insisted on putting it behind her. This is such a stupid thing to be annoyed about and would be fine and not that annoying but I kept wanting to drink her water. Everyone puts their water bottle in front of their mat. FFS, just follow the (unspoken!) rules.

With dating.

When a guy can’t suggest a date idea or make a plan. (For the first date. I love planning things, but I am traditional in this regard.) This is such a simple one but it’s the best when someone just suggests something to do. It can be a walk and coffee, it does not need to be fancy (first dates should never be fancy in my opinion). Just suggest something. Anything!

Pendleton Coat (c/o) // American Eagle Jeans // Soludos Boots

Oh, Tyrion….

I like to think that Tyrion is a lot like me (he’s a total neat freak and also thrives when things are orderly) but man, he does one thing that makes me insane. Whenever he has a hairball, he will only gets sick on my sisal rug (which is, incidentally the same color as him and also his hairballs). I’ve seen him scurry over to the rug JUST to get sick there. And I swear this is because he thinks it camouflages but sometimes I don’t see the hairball until it’s too late. And it’s so much harder to clean. Tyrion, I wish we could better communicate about this issue.

Pendleton Coat (c/o) // American Eagle Jeans // Soludos Boots // Chanel Purse

Photography by Carter Fish.


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  1. Katie:

    My yoga pet peeve is when the instructor says, “Walk or float to the top of your mat”…have yet to see anyone float.

    10.26.18 Reply
    • Katie:

      Haha what even is floating? Off to YouTube…

      10.26.18 Reply
      • Taylor:

        Float just means jumping to the top of your mat! It helps build upper body and core strength that you use in inversions!

        I don’t like doing this, but I’m an instructor so I say it sometimes, but usually still with “travel to the top of your mat”

        10.26.18 Reply
        • Haha that’s really funny. Mine says step or jump which I think is more realistic 😉

          10.26.18 Reply
        • Katie:

          Love “travel” so much better!

          10.26.18 Reply
  2. I can see your point about starting things off on a negative note with all the pet peeve talk! But I also think it actually makes a great conversation starter… haha 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    10.26.18 Reply
    • So true! I guess especially with dating, I’d always want to start with something positive!

      10.26.18 Reply
  3. Meredith:

    I know this sounds beyond awful, but the comments on Humans of New York’s posts drive me insane. They can get really preachy or even judgmental – sometimes it’s a skill to just listen! But I know most people mean well, so it’s a pet peeve.

    10.26.18 Reply
  4. Joanna:

    I attend a circuit training gym and it drives me NUTS when people drop their hand weights after an exercise instead of placing them gently on the ground/rack.

    10.26.18 Reply
    • OMG I am one of those people! My old trainer used to reprimand me. I don’t do it anymore though!

      10.26.18 Reply
  5. Taylor:

    I completely agree with you about the dating pet peeve! Nothing turns me off more is a guy that asks you out just to then ask where I want to go! Just decide on a place and I promise I’ll agree haha

    My roommate is my best friend and I love her but so many things she does in our apartment drive me insane. Mostly because I’m so particular about some things, that when one thing is out of place it drives me insane. Also our cat will always run into my closet when he knows I’m about to leave the apartment and I will have to spend 5 minutes wrangling him out so I can close my door. I know he does it just to drive me insane!

    Thanks for sharing, Grace!

    xo, Taylor

    10.26.18 Reply
    • Yes! Like literally you can take me to McDonalds and I will be great with it. Just suggest something.

      I’m really particular about my apartment too which is why I’m so glad I don’t have a roommate anymore. I think I have to live alone because I’m so crazy about where things go! (We actually talk about this on the podcast this week.) I hate when anything is out of place!!!! xoxo

      10.26.18 Reply
  6. Slow. Walkers! 100% I end up feeling like a creeper because I’ve got places to go and people to see (even if it’s just walking down the hall to the bathroom haha) and some people will take up the whole sidewalk or hallway and walk SO slow. It’s painful.

    10.26.18 Reply
    • Yesssss agreed!!!! I am a really fast walker and this bugs the heck out of me walking around NY!

      10.26.18 Reply
  7. Whitney:

    I have a lot of pet peeves that have to do with airport or plane etiquette, but probably the biggest one is when people sitting behind you don’t let you de-board before them. It’s common courtesy to let those in front of you get off first! It literally makes my blood boil when people race in front of you when they were sitting behind you, just to get off the plane faster. If they’re making a quick connection or running late, then let it be known. Don’t be a rude person, we all want to get off the plane as quickly as possible!

    10.26.18 Reply
    • OMG you are so right, the airport and bad plane etiquette makes me ragey as well.

      10.26.18 Reply
    • Sharon:

      YES! to this and I feel the same about elevators… let people get off first and then get in!!!! Instead of running into me as I am just trying to get of the elevator!

      10.26.18 Reply
  8. Omg, Bones does the same thing when he throws up! We try to push him onto the hardwood, but he insists on the rug. They’re so silly sometimes. PS Love that coat!


    10.26.18 Reply
    • Hahahahha it’s so funny (but still annoying). Like they think they are being good, and trying to help… but nooooo just do it on the floor!

      10.26.18 Reply
  9. Cassie:

    People who are consistently late. It drives me CRAZY on so many levels. First of all, if you’re always late, wouldn’t you figure out that you need to get ready/leave earlier than you normally would??? Also I feel like when you make it a habit to be late, you’re sending a message to those who wait for you that your time is more valuable than theirs. Living in NYC obviously everyone is late sometimes (hello MTA!) but when it becomes a personal quality in someone that’s a huge pet peeve for me.

    10.26.18 Reply
    • I totally agree. Like just figure it out and leave earlier!!!
      Sometimes it really just is the MTA (since moving to Brooklyn I’m always either 10 minutes early or 10 minutes late but I’m usually early!)

      10.26.18 Reply
  10. Wendy:

    Guys on hinge who answer the question “we will get along if” with things such as ” you’re not a cheater”. Seems like you might not be ready to date just yet there buddy. I actually just deleted hinge after having a weird few dates with a guy, and then coming across a few guys with the aforementioned sort of angry-ish profile.
    I’m with you on the plans thing- make a plan, any plan for the first date. I like making plans, but I dislike when friends or anyone is all waffly.

    Slow walkers are definitely a pet peeve, as are slow talkers- I want to rush to get their words out for them.

    10.26.18 Reply
    • HAHA yes. Like wow maybe you don’t need to bring this up yet. I’ve seen a lot of angry profiles on there too – it’s crazy!

      10.26.18 Reply
  11. Rachel:

    Haha, I have so many pet peeves! But one of the worst is when people don’t let you off the elevator, or the subway, before they get on! It’s like HELLO! we all have places to be and you being rude and pushing yourself on won’t get you there any faster.

    Also, I would have said slow walkers, but I had knee surgery this summer and I’m still recovering, so I’m a slow walker for now. Hopefully not forever though!

    Lastly, I have a pet rabbit, who I love so much, but she also drives me nuts! From eating boxes, paper, bags, apple cords, etc.. but the thing that bothers me most is that a box or something could be in the same place it’s always been in my apt and for whatever reason she’ll decide that today is the day she’s going to eat it! No apparent rhyme or reason. So let me know when you figure how to communicate with animals better lol

    10.26.18 Reply
    • It’s funny how our pets can drive us crazy. But they’re the best. So it’s worth it. Luckily they’re cute!

      10.26.18 Reply
  12. Brit:

    People who don’t say please and thank you! It drives me bonkers. I used to work with children where you could teach them, so when I hear an adult ask for something without a “please” – say, when ordering or in an email – I have to stop myself not to say please on their behalf. Manners people!

    10.26.18 Reply
  13. Kristen:

    yoga teacher here and I wish we were able to lay out the mats at my studio!! People do place their mats like maniacs. It drives me crazy when people don’t line up in beautiful rows (and it makes it harder to squeeze new people in if the class is packed!).

    10.26.18 Reply
  14. Leah:

    When people get on the subway before letting people off. It makes me so angry at the end of my commute every day – I’m always pushing upstream even though I have the right of way!

    10.26.18 Reply
  15. Kate:

    I know this sounds awful but my yoga thing is people who breathe just ABNORMALLY loud the ENTIRE class.

    I understand yoga is about breath and I appreciate that–a lot–it’s why I go! But sometimes I’ll be near someone who just breathes so loud the whole time that I can hear them over the music, the teacher, and the whole rest of the class, and it is so distracting. I probably sound so mean. I feel like once in a while go ahead and let out the loudest sigh you can–that’s encouraged!–but for an entire hour, I shouldn’t be able to hear a singular person!

    Then again, it’s incredibly likely I’m just not doing enough yoga and am too tightly wound 🙂

    10.26.18 Reply
    • Lisa:

      OMG yes!! I don’t experience this a lot, but when I do, it SO gets on my nerves! I went to a yoga class with a guy friend a few weeks ago and he also noticed it during that class, but he said he thought it was kind of hot. I said I thought it was kind of obnoxious 😛

      10.27.18 Reply
      • Kate:

        Lol I’m glad I’m not a complete psycho! Yoga does keep me sane overall 😉

        10.28.18 Reply
    • Hahaha sometimes I worry I breathe too loudly! When class gets hard I always breathe out of my mouth which you aren’t supposed to do.

      10.28.18 Reply
  16. I commute on a bus and in the morning if someone is talking or the person next to me has the light on it drives me up a wall. So silly in the long run but I’m the moment I want to scream.

    10.26.18 Reply
  17. Abby G:

    Loud phone talkers – especially on public transportation. I really didn’t want to know the details of your colonoscopy.

    10.29.18 Reply
  18. Dana:

    You are too funny, Grace!
    I cannot stand when people are on the phone on public transportation. It’s SO rude, so I often give them a death stare or sigh REALLY loudly until they get the hint. Also, my father has these OBNOXIOUS yawns that my sister and I cringe and make the “Arthur fist” every. single. time. LOL

    The Champagne Edit

    10.29.18 Reply
  19. Cheryl foley:

    Cigarettes. Ugh! Smoke in my face, trying to enter a building through a cloud of noxious smoke, then I smell like it the rest of the day…and people who throw their cigs down on my property! I cannot stand it.

    12.5.18 Reply