Parisian Style, Part 2: The Trench

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I am just obsessed with French Style – and the book, Parisian Chic, by Ines de la Fressange.  One of my favorite parts of the book is Chapter Two, The Not-so-Basics.  She refers to these pieces as the “Magnificent Seven.”  The non-negotiable items that everyone must own, the essentials to chic, Parisian Style.  I thought it would be fun to do a little series around each of these items.  We’ve already conquered the first item… the blazer.  Today, we move on to the classic trench.

The trench is a magical piece of clothing.  Put it on over whatever you are wearing, throw on a great pair of sunglasses, and you are instantly fabulous.  I’ve owned several iterations… a few London Fogs that have fallen apart, a few from Banana Republic and Gap… but two tax-refunds ago, I splurged on a classic Burberry trench.  I never looked back.  The quality is incredibly better than anything else, and it is sturdy – I know I’ll have it forever.  Here are some of my favorites – and how to wear them.

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