Paris, Part Two

When I left you last, we were strolling through the Jardin Tuileries.  From there, we walked all the way down the Champs Elysee, until we reached the Arc de Triomph.  I begged the boyfriend to stop in at Laduree, but the line was just too long for either of us to withstand.  As I mentioned before, it was a perfect Fall day. Lots of stripes, I might add as well… on the waiters at a cute little bistro, and at Petite Bateau (where I was about to purchase a cute striped tee, until I realized it was a maternity top.)

From there, we did a little bit of shopping… (no Chanel, but I took a picture!) Dinner was delicious sushi and appetizers at Buddha Bar – the original!

 More… after the break.

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