Packing List: Tulum


On Friday, my friend Alex and I head to Tulum for a few days and I couldn’t be more happy about it. This weather, coupled with feeling just a tad burnt out make this the perfect time for a quick little getaway. I have a lot going on at work so only took Friday and Monday off, but it is a pretty quick flight and we’ll have a full three days on the beach. I’m making it my mission to pack as light as possible – cramming everything into my Cuyana Overnight Bag. But it shouldn’t be hard – all I really need are bikinis, coverups, and yoga clothes. I’m actually bringing just one pair of sandals – and (seriously) no makeup. A refreshing change of pace.

From top left: Mikoh Tunic / Coverup // Shark Tooth Necklace // Supergoop Lip Balm // Supergoop Sunscreen // Cuyana Overnight Bag // J.Crew Shorts // Tassel Necklace // Marysia Swimsuit // Old Navy Scarf // Old Navy Flip Flops // Gold and Gray Bracelets // J.Crew T-Shirt // Ray Ban Aviators // Tata Harper Travel Set // Basta Surf Dress

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  1. Saša Rakovec says 3.26.14

    I really like these are the days top!

  2. I absolutely love the white bikini! I’m always concerned I’d look too pale/washed out in white since I’m so fair skinned, but maybe it’s worth a shot? The Marysia style is amazing!!! Have a relaxing, restorative & FUN trip!
    xoxo, Stella

  3. LOVE them all! That necklace is so fun and love that little tee, too!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  4. In love with that tunic!

  5. Rachelle says 3.26.14

    Great list, love that little dress.


  6. Heidi says 3.26.14

    I am so glad that I’m not the only person who buys crazy expensive sunscreen and acts like that’s normal! My husband thinks I’m insane, but as a ginger, I need all the sun protection I can get! Have a great trip.

  7. turqandteal says 3.26.14

    Packing light always seems to start the trip off on the right foot for me. Tata Harper makes the best products!

  8. jillian says 3.26.14

    ahhh! so jealous! have the best time and soak up some sun (with sunscreen of course!) xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  9. Jayme says 3.26.14

    Have the absolute BEST time! I’m now envious, need a weekend getaway and the Cuyana overnight bag and maybe, just maybe the Tata Harper Travel Set, lol.

  10. Your getaway sounds AMAZING. I’m trying to stay strong until our Scandinavia vacation, but we gave in and booked a weekend in Montauk next month. The weekend before we move. I’m finally incentivized to start the purging and editing process!

  11. Clara says 3.26.14

    Aaaah what flight are you on to Cancun on Friday?? I take off around 8 am…. xo

  12. Dana says 3.26.14

    AHHH that bag and that bikini!!! YES PLEASE!

  13. katie says 3.26.14

    good for you on packing no makeup! sounds liberating 🙂 enjoy this amazing vacation and let your skin breathe! i admire your light packing skills, that’s all you really need! have fun!

  14. sweetstudioblog says 3.26.14

    looove these picks! have the BEST time. we all deserve a few days off to reboot here and there, and taking that time is oh so important. if you’re willing to share, i’d love to know where you stay in tulum. a friend and i have been looking to plan a trip!

  15. Kristi says 3.26.14

    Love every single one of these picks!


  16. Emma Fox says 3.26.14

    I love the mix of high and low end products! Seems just like my wardrobe – simple, casual but chic. Have a great trip!

    PS I’m going to Almond for the first time next Thursday, definitely going to try one of your recommendations from Instagram. I’ll let you know how I like it!

  17. Kirby Todd says 3.26.14

    Heading to Cabo in May and may have to add a few of your items to my packing list! Tulum is definitely on my travel list.

  18. Bettina says 3.26.14

    Tulum is your jam!

  19. Bee says 3.26.14

    I wanted to say thanks for your words of encouragement on tanning for my upcoming trip! I took your advice & booked a Glow mobile home spray tan instead of tanning beds this year!! SPF & a light golden spray tan at home is my new skin routine for our upcoming holiday! Thanks!! Adios Chica!!

  20. Sage says 3.26.14

    The beach sounds incredible right now!

  21. HeidiM. says 4.1.14

    Love everything!! can you tell me if the sunglasses are pink when you look through them, or are they brownish with pink mirror on the front? I want to order them but hate looking through pink! Thanks.

  22. Andi says 4.1.14

    That basra surf dress is GORGEOUS!