Outfit: Doubled Up

 photo OLDNAVY_MARCH1_5.jpg

Free People Coat // Rag & Bone Jeans // Henri Bendel Tote

Aldo Shoes (similar) // YSL “Extreme Coral” Lipstick

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend…  Stef and I hosted a dinner party on Friday night, which went very well – except for the fact that I undercooked the chicken.  Oops.  Back in the oven it went, and out came more wine.  One of these days I will master that whole “domesticity” thing… practice makes perfect, right?  The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing (watching House of Cards – my new obsession) at a friend’s bridal shower, and working on some fun DIY projects that I’ll be sharing over the coming weeks.  Now it’s back to work.  This week is going to be intense… but when isn’t it!?

On another note, there’s something going around our office right now, where you have to wear at least two necklaces at a time.  It’s taken me a little while to master the whole layering necklaces thing, but after careful instructions by our fashion team, I’ve just about got it down.

 photo OLDNAVY_MARCH1_4.jpg

gifted Old Navy Top // BaubleBar Necklaces

Separately, this top is a new fave… I went to Old Navy’s Spring Preview a few weeks ago and I was really impressed by everything they have going on.

 photo OLDNAVY_MARCH1_2.jpg

 photo OLDNAVY_MARCH1_6.jpg

 photo OLDNAVY_MARCH1_3.jpg

 photo OLDNAVY_MARCH1_1.jpgphotography by Lydia Hudgens

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  1. Kimberly says 3.11.13

    Love the little anchors on this top – so cute! Old Navy has been hitting it out of the park lately!! And the leopard coat is, of course, quite fabulous 🙂


  2. Rachelle says 3.11.13

    I was so tempted to get the anchor version as well. great styling, love the layered necklaces.


  3. Rachel says 3.11.13

    Cute top! Old Navy has a lot of cute things lately.

  4. I seriously love that anchor top! So cute and love it with the layered necklaces.

  5. Meagan says 3.11.13

    love your blog!!! your outfit is perfect! amazing heels!!
    xoxo Meagan

  6. Kenzie Lee says 3.11.13

    I couldn’t agree more, old navy has become a go to spot these days for cute, j crewesc pieces!

    X Kenzie


  7. Liz Schneider says 3.11.13


  8. I am still working on the whole “domestic” thing as well..

  9. Sam says 3.11.13

    Love the simple cas look! I can’t wait until we live in a bigger place and can host dinner parties. It just sounds so fun! No worries about the chicken. I dumped a jar of chili powder on the floor on Friday, so you’re not alone 🙂 xo

  10. Julie & Lauren says 3.11.13

    Love this Grace! I undercooked the chicken on NYE— I’m not quite the domestic goddess yet. XO

  11. Cathleen says 3.11.13

    Great look! Nice to see a different coat! I like the whole outfit, especially how you are wearing the necklaces! You look great!

  12. Jess says 3.11.13

    I love everything about this outfit, but I could basically live in skinny jeans and button-ups so no surprise there. Glad you had a relaxing weekend, and hope your Monday is off to a good start.

  13. Jessie Springer says 3.11.13

    I love the doubled necklaces! I usually double up a super dainty piece with a statement necklace, but need to venture out with pairings similar to yours!



  14. Emily says 3.11.13

    I snagged that anchor chambray a few weeks ago and LOVE it! Though I’ve had trouble styling it in the cold– can’t stop picturing it with white shorts and over a bathing suit this summer! Adore it with the white baubles!

  15. alyson says 3.11.13

    those delicate anchors are so, so fun. I’m trying to avoid old navy so bad because I keep seeing amazing pieces. PS: and you can never go wrong with leopard (need one more massive cold front in florida so I can wear mine again).

  16. Daisy says 3.11.13

    the little anchors are so cute!

    & Pretty Things

  17. Kristin says 3.11.13

    Beautiful look! And I cant’ stop staring at that gorgeous bag!

  18. Johanna says 3.11.13

    Love your entire outfit! I have been wanting to buy a animal print coat for awhile, but my husband swears that he won’t acknowledge me in public if I do….oops. Guess I’ll have to test that promise 🙂 I went by Old Navy last week and they really do have some great stuff. I can’t wait to replicate your outfit!

  19. Sara says 3.11.13

    I am still a little hesitant to rock the two necklace trend. You pull it off perfectly! I wish I worked somewhere that had fun rules like that! Hope you had a great weekend!

  20. Love the anchors on the top, I thought it was polka dotted from far away. So fun and whimsical!
    Smart n Snazzy

  21. I have the navy version of this necklace and may need to pull a copy cat move.
    love everything old navy’s up to these days and that anchor top is so fun.


  22. Emma Finlayson says 3.11.13

    Loving this outfit, Grace!
    The shirt and the necklaces and of course, the tote!

  23. rita says 3.11.13

    julia childs says to never apologize for the outcome when you are cooking for others – and i tend to agree with her. but more wine is always the answer!

  24. Sarah says 3.11.13

    So lovely! Great, versatile top, and I love the heels! I also have a jacket like that 🙂

  25. I just need to go and purchase that top already! I’ve loved it since I saw it on your Instagram. I’ve done the same thing with chicken too. I struggle in the kitchen but you can’t go wrong with adding more wine. 🙂

  26. Alyssa says 3.11.13

    Old Navy is totally werkin it lately–I love that top! I’m not sure if I could pull off two bold necklaces like you masterfully did here, but I love layering delicate ones!

  27. Lloyd and Wolf says 3.11.13

    Love the button up with layered necklaces.

  28. Lauren says 3.11.13

    Love this coat– I have the asos one that is similar and have been living in it. Love the layering of these necklaces too!

  29. chelsie says 3.11.13

    that old navy sailor top is adorable!

    great look, grace 🙂

  30. Gaby says 3.11.13

    That coat is gorgeous! And I love your bag, one of the very few white bags I’m loving right now 😉

  31. I’m still trying to master the art of layering necklaces, particularly since I normally gravitate to big, chunky, statement pieces.

  32. Emily says 3.11.13

    Love so much about this pairing – the leopard, layered necklaces, and that adorable top!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  33. Nice layering! I always feel like my necklaces aren’t stackable, but I think it’s time to play around and find out. And no worries about undercooking chicken — domestic goddess-hood is something we’re all trying to attain! Sometimes I wonder if it’s just as elusive as it sometimes seems.

  34. Kristina says 3.11.13

    I’ve been trying to layer my necklaces too, too bad I don’t have experts to ask at work! Cute coat!


    Kristina does the Internets

  35. Monique says 3.11.13

    Ohhh soo cute! I have those Aldo pumps! You just reminded me to break them out again now that the weather is getting nice!

  36. viv says 3.11.13

    Super cute button down!

  37. Nnenna says 3.11.13

    I love the look of layered necklaces- I’ve been saving the recent Bauble Bar emails for inspiration! Also, your Old Navy anchor shirt is so cute!

  38. Bettina says 3.11.13

    I love everything about this look! It’s super casual but the aldo heels really pump it up 🙂

  39. Alexa says 3.11.13

    So so cute Grace! Loving the coat!

  40. Jessica says 3.11.13

    You definitely DO have the necklace layering look down! Gorgeous outfit my dear! I still can’t get enough of that leopard jacket!

  41. Dora says 3.11.13

    I love the necklaces!

  42. Julie Leah says 3.11.13

    Love the leopard coat over that blouse!! That print is so fun – especially w. the double BB necklaces 🙂

  43. Hitha says 3.12.13

    Old Navy is KILLING it right now. Just went on a mini-spree on their website, and loved that the total was under $50. I wish I snapped up the blouse you’re wearing – such a great transition piece from winter to spring!

  44. michaela says 3.13.13

    Grace! You’re so cute. I love the printed coat and your heels are adorable. Great lip color as well!

  45. Emma says 3.16.13

    LOVE this top! and the layered necklaces!