Outfit: The Classics

 photo BRICK_4.jpgJ.Crew Jacket (similar) // gifted Chinti & Parker Tee  (also in blue+white) // Chanel Sunglasses

Paige Jeans // Nine West Boots (similar) // gifted  The Ropes Maine Bracelet // Hermes Watch

This outfit is just me.  Easy, classic, and yes – a little safe…  As I get older I just stick to what works.  I’m most comfortable in navy + white… preferably with some stripes here or there.  This Chinti & Parker tee is a new favorite.  It has a nice boxy fit and I love the contrasting pocket.  I got the jacket at J.Crew last year — can’t believe it took me so long to invest in a navy peacoat… if you ask me, it’s the one thing you truly need for winter.

Anyway…  it’s been a long week already and I’m excited that we’re almost to the weekend!  Also… you guys know how much I LOVE The Ropes Maine… (wearing one in the photo below.)  I couldn’t be more excited that her collection goes on sale at BaubleBar today at 11am!

 photo BRICK_2.jpg

 photo BRICK_6.jpg

 photo BRICK_5.jpg

 photo BRICK_1.jpg

 photo BRICK_3.jpgphotography by Lydia Hudgens

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Leave a Comment


  1. Marie-Eve @aprettynest:

    You can never go wrong with classics ! You look amazing !

    3.14.13 Reply
  2. Alela Sirah:

    Nothing like a great striped top! You would know better than anybody! http://fashionablyspeakn.blogspot.com/2013/03/ask-alela-sirah-vol-5.html

    3.14.13 Reply
  3. Rachelle:

    love this classic look, and I love your hair it’s so shiny.


    3.14.13 Reply
  4. Kimberly:

    Such a cute casual outfit – I am the same way as I get older; I like to stick to the classics & what looks clean & polished. 🙂


    3.14.13 Reply
  5. ALISON:

    Such a chic outfit with look that hints at spring, love it!

    3.14.13 Reply
  6. Clara:

    Gorgeous, girly! Love those shades.

    3.14.13 Reply
  7. Liz Schneider:

    the best and most real kind of outfit!

    3.14.13 Reply
  8. Lauren:

    look at you pulling out the winter white! love it. i, too, live in stripes and jeans and very similar boots. have a good day!

    3.14.13 Reply
  9. Daisy:

    ohhh love the unexpected contrasting pocket!

    & Pretty Things

    3.14.13 Reply
  10. Alyssa:

    I think easy and classic is the way to go sometimes. You could be wandering the streets of the Village or in the Hamptons with this look, and I love that. Also, we need to have a conversation about how gorgeous your hair looks here. Not fair!

    3.14.13 Reply
  11. Cathleen:

    That’s a nice classic outfit. Very classy. I need to make this bracelet happen for me.

    3.14.13 Reply
  12. Hes:

    This is a lovely outfit. I got tired of waiting for spring and wore white jeans today, too.

    3.14.13 Reply
  13. Heidi {Dooley Noted Style}:

    This is a great example of how to wear white in the cooler months, some people say “safe” I say – classic! Personally I don’t think outfit posts need to be so outrageous i.e. wearing every item you have in your closet and look like your going to a fashion show. That isn’t everyday dressing. I love this because it’s real life, It’s what people want to wear and can use for inspiration on things they may already own. Plus your hair looks fab!

    3.14.13 Reply
  14. Kristina:

    Love your shirt, the contrasting pocket is so cute!


    Kristina does the Internets

    3.14.13 Reply
  15. Astrid:

    Your hair looks amazing here! Although it does most of the time… 🙂

    3.14.13 Reply
  16. Sarah Pickell:

    love this outfit! classic and simple. I really love the square pop of blue on the side of the striped shirt!

    3.14.13 Reply
  17. Emily:

    Cute look! I love the simplicity of this outfit.
    I still haven’t invested in a navy blue peacoat! I know, I know…what’s wrong with me? Perhaps that’ll be my big spring purchase.
    Isn’t That Charming.

    3.14.13 Reply
  18. alyson:

    Totally the same; most days are my usual suspects… jeans, and a striped shirt. 🙂

    3.14.13 Reply
  19. Rachel:

    Safe and classic is sometimes the best way to go (and by sometimes I mean “usually”)!

    3.14.13 Reply
  20. chelsie:

    this reminds me to invest in my own navy pea coat – so lovely!

    3.14.13 Reply
  21. Monique:

    That top is great! Love the winter white too!

    3.14.13 Reply
  22. Stacey @ Likes to Smile:

    Oh, the Hermes watch. I’ve been lusting after it for 5 years. Is it sad that it’s always my favorite part of any outfit post? Meanwhile…you make aviators look really good!

    3.14.13 Reply
  23. Mandy - Other Shoes in the Sea:

    I just love boxy tees! You look so fab in your sunglasses!

    3.14.13 Reply
  24. Sarah:

    So lovely and classic, just like you! I adore the navy jacket with the white pants. Awesome pairing!

    3.14.13 Reply
  25. danielle @ lou what wear:

    can we just get a post where you talk about your fab hair? cause i’m obsessed.
    p.s. – love that surprise pocket.

    3.14.13 Reply
  26. Sara:

    I feel like this is totally me. I love classics so much. I find that I tend to wear simple (not boring! ha) colors all the time and occasionally will spice things up. I just feel more comfortable in things that I know pair well together. Love that bracelet!

    3.14.13 Reply
  27. Sam:

    Love the simplicity of this outfit. Certain pieces are classics for a reason, and that’s why we can wear them again and again! xo

    3.14.13 Reply
  28. Emma Finlayson:

    Classic and polished. Great look on you!

    3.14.13 Reply
  29. Elizabeth // The Now:

    Yes to the classics!!! You look so cute. Ummm that bag!?!? Amazing! Love the contrast of the striped pocket!! xoxo

    3.14.13 Reply
  30. Novella - 9lla.it:

    I’m sooo in love with your striped tee 🙂

    Fashion & DIYs

    3.14.13 Reply
  31. allie:

    Love stripes and suede ankle boots; you can never go wrong with those two.
    xx Allie

    3.14.13 Reply
  32. Gabrielle | Savvy Home:

    Your hair is simply incredible these days! I need your tricks girl! Xx

    3.14.13 Reply
  33. Chic 'n Cheap Living:

    Hello Chanel classic flap and stripes! Safe isn’t a bad thing – safe is classic styling with well known staples! I think I may also need a striped shirt with red stripes now…ahh fashion enabling…

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

    3.14.13 Reply
  34. Jordan - Queen of LA:

    ohhhh grace! you look adorable. your hair is so long and beautiful!

    3.15.13 Reply
  35. Mialay:

    Amazing amazing!

    Lovving this post!


    3.17.13 Reply