Outfit: Manifesto

GLITTERSHOES_7Manifesto T-Shirt // Shabby Apple Tulle Skirt

Kate Spade Heels (or try this inexpensive pair)

My friend Meg is launching a line of tees and I was so honored when she asked me to be a part of the lookbook!  The shirt is awesome… so soft and comfy… and I love the gold writing.  I wanted to dress it up a bit so I paired it with this fun tulle skirt.  (A note about the skirt…  I really, really wanted the Anthropologie version but wasn’t going to spend nearly $200 on a tulle skirt that I’ll probably only wear a few times.  After a comprehensive  search of the Internets, I settled on this one from of all places… Shabby Apple.  Their store is usually not really my thing, but I love my new skirt.  Who would have thought?)

I’m so proud of Meg… now go check out her shirts!







photos by Lydia Hudgens

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Leave a Comment


  1. Chelsea:

    There are few things in the world that I love more than a good tutu or tulle skirt. I have a hugely fluffy one from ASOS, and I might have to look into Shabby Apple now. The t is very cute. Wonderful outfit! xo

    1.15.13 Reply
  2. Jess // Curating Style:

    I saw the thumbnail in my Google Reader – *knew* I’d love this outfit! It’s the perfect combination of casual and feminine, and I feel like a tulle skirt would be a fun addition.

    1.15.13 Reply
  3. Liz Schneider:

    Such a perfect combo! LOVE.

    1.15.13 Reply
  4. Alyssa:

    I love the way you styled the t-shirt–this tulle skirt is perfection on you! Very Carrie Bradshaw, I must say!

    1.15.13 Reply
  5. megB:

    Grace! You are just… TOO fabulous! I knew this would be a stellar post as soon as I saw the preview image on Bloglovin’ 😉

    1.15.13 Reply
  6. Meg Biram:

    So cute! Thanks again for being a part of it!!!

    1.15.13 Reply
  7. viv:

    Beyond gorgeous!

    1.15.13 Reply
  8. Noemi:

    The skirt is absolutely lovely, I would like to have something like that. And the shoes are lovely. weren’t you cold to take these photos?

    1.15.13 Reply

    saw yours…looked great!


    1.15.13 Reply
  10. Julie Leah:

    I’m about to have a fit over here!!! That skirt/tee combo could not be more perfect on you, G!


    1.15.13 Reply
  11. Rachel:

    So cute! Shabby Apple has some cute stuff (I have a gift card giveaway coming up this weekend for their site!) and this skirt is no exception!

    1.15.13 Reply
  12. Emily:

    Obsessed! This is totally my kind of look, love it on you!

    1.15.13 Reply
  13. Lali:

    That is so beautiful!!

    1.15.13 Reply
  14. Sarah:

    You look like a princess! I’ve been eyeing that skirt online at anthropologie too, but like you said, it’s not the most practical piece in the world 🙂

    1.15.13 Reply
  15. Sara B:

    love love love! i need a tulle skirt like that! i have been wanting one for so long. love how you styled this look!

    1.15.13 Reply
  16. Mady:

    love love the skirt! the shoes are cute too…



    1.15.13 Reply
  17. Bettina:

    This skirt and those shoes are a match made in princess heaven! And kudos to you because I’m sure it must’ve been pretty cold when you took these pictures 🙂 but you look like you’re posing in hawaii!

    1.15.13 Reply
  18. Samira:

    oh my! I love this skirt!!!!!

    1.15.13 Reply
  19. Elizabeth // The Now:

    Carrie Bradshaw, is that you!?!? You look adorable. Love the T shirt, Tutu, Sparkly shoes combo, Grace!!!!! xoox

    1.15.13 Reply
  20. alyson:

    so gorgeous (though you must be freezing, right?!). all for fashion. 🙂 love the tee/skirt combo… amazing.

    1.15.13 Reply
  21. Chloe Moon:

    I’ve been seeing this lady everywhere!!! I love her word a month t-shirts! Her handwriting is beautiful and “evolve” is such a powerful word! This photoshoot reminds me a little bit of Carrie Bradshaw in the newest Sex and the city movie with her tulle skirt! =)

    1.15.13 Reply
  22. Boyana:

    You look stunning!

    1.15.13 Reply
  23. Sarah:

    Love this combo, Grace! I feel like you’re a real-life version of one of my recent pins =) Also, I must say, your hair is truly gorgeous. Waiting for mine to grow is not my favorite

    1.15.13 Reply
  24. Judy:

    Such a beautiful skirt. You look lovely.

    1.15.13 Reply
  25. nancy @ adore to adorn:

    What a great lookalike skirt you found. I don’t personally shop at Shabby Apple but it’s amazing what you can find at places you least expect! Congrats to Meg for her cool shirt launch! =)

    1.15.13 Reply
  26. Kristina:

    I love the mix of the tulle and casual tee, very cute.


    Kristina does the Internets

    1.15.13 Reply
  27. Amy:

    That is such a beautiful skirt! And I love that tee, going to check those out now!

    1.15.13 Reply
  28. Bea:

    Love, love, love this look! The skirt is really adorable. Makes me think of Spring.

    1.15.13 Reply
  29. Smash:

    Such a cute way to dress it up Grace. So excited to check out Meg’s shirts! xo

    1.15.13 Reply
  30. Chelsea:

    There isn’t one thing about this outfit that I don’t love! Congrats to your friend and you are strengthening my case for purchasing those gorgeous shoes from Kate Spade!

    Haute Child in the City

    1.15.13 Reply
  31. Punctuation Mark:

    Very very cute look!

    1.15.13 Reply
  32. Emily:

    You look so cute! Very Carrie Bradshaw of you 🙂
    Isn’t That Charming.

    1.16.13 Reply
  33. bigapple-girl:

    you look so cute. it`s carrie bradshaw and so sex and the city like <3

    1.16.13 Reply
  34. Caisa:

    Such a cute little outfit 🙂 very Carrie Bradshaw-esque!

    1.16.13 Reply
  35. Preciously Me:

    Wow, beautiful!
    And I’m in love with this tulle skirt ♥

    1.16.13 Reply
  36. Niki:

    I love the tee! I will definitely check out her shop! And I love that you paired it with the tulle skirt – I am a sucker for an unexpected pairing like this!

    1.16.13 Reply
  37. Lauren (L.A. in the bay):

    I am so in love with this tee!!! Everyone in the lookbook styled it so amazingly. I love this look you put together. Such a fun outfit!! Love the touch of pink lipstick 🙂

    1.16.13 Reply
  38. Amy:

    That skirt is incredible, it looks amazing on you!!

    1.16.13 Reply
  39. Annie:

    thanks for your comment dear 🙂 this looks is really lovely by the way. I really like the mix of the girlie skirt and that t-.shirt

    X, Annie

    1.16.13 Reply
  40. Adiel:

    Wow, I like the premise for her line and, of course, the tee! Very cool!

    1.17.13 Reply
  41. Niki:

    Very cute<3 I just saw an article about the iconic style of Carrie Bradshaw and of course, the tulle skirt outfit from the Sex and the City intro was mentioned! I love the casual element you added with the t-shirt 🙂

    1.17.13 Reply
  42. Sarah {Raving Fashionista}:

    LOVE this look! You look absolutely adorably fantastic!! xo

    1.17.13 Reply
  43. Lynda (LyndaontheHudson):

    I love this look! First saw your picture on Elembee.com and I had to find out where you got that skirt! I love that and paired so effortlessly with the tee…just so chic! Big Fan!

    1.21.13 Reply
  44. Shabby Apple:

    You look fantastic! We love seeing the amazing ways our customers style our clothes. Definitely a win!

    1.22.13 Reply
  45. xiudian:

    Beautiful white skirt

    5.3.13 Reply