Outfit: Floral Blazer

FLOWERBLAZER_5gifted BCBG Blazer // Joie Shell // J.Crew Jeans 

Rag & Bone Boots // DVF Purse

This blazer is my everything.  There are just no words for how much I adore it.  None.  I wore it to a few things during fashion week, and keep looking for more excuses to wear it.  BCBG, you have outdone yourself.  (Check out the pants, too – I’m not brave enough to rock, but they are pretty cool.)  The print, the cut, the length… just love it. I paired it with an otherwise ordinary outfit, but I’m sure you could get more adventurous… maybe next time I’ll try a striped tank underneath!

PS – I popped into ARROJO last weekend for a much needed cut + color.  Nick convinced me to lighten up a bit on the length (we took a solid 3 inches off and added lots of layers) and Inva is amazing.  If you need a colorist in Manhattan, she is your girl!






photography by Lydia Hudgens

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Leave a Comment


  1. zahra:

    Love that blazer! I am looking for a great floral blazer and this one is perfect- I love the whole look – that is how I would wear it too!

    Have a great day!

    2.21.13 Reply
  2. Nikki Rappaport:

    Your hair looks great! And love this cobalt gate background. Fun place to shoot!

    2.21.13 Reply
  3. Dana:

    Love your blazer! I think it could be great with a stripped top underneath as well!

    2.21.13 Reply
  4. Kimberly:

    Love the new haircut and I have officially added this blazer to my wish list…will now be stalking until it goes on sale! 🙂


    2.21.13 Reply
  5. Rachel:

    What a fun blazer!

    2.21.13 Reply
  6. Alyssa:

    Ok, you are right–that blazer IS everything. I’ve slowly become convinced I need a floral blazer in my life, so now I’m just on the hunt for one that fits in the budge. And did you say Nick at Arrojo as in Nick Arrojo from What Not To Wear way back when? I’m not even embarrassed–I was 100% obsessed.

    2.21.13 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      haha yes, that Nick. It was such a cool experience having him cut my hair!

      2.21.13 Reply
      • Lauren:

        that is awesome— love that show/him!

        2.21.13 Reply
      • Lauren | Seventeenth & Irving:

        When I saw your Instagram photo with him, I laughed at the memory of all the women on that show who would be in tears because they didn’t want their hair cut. All I could think was “hello, I would DIE to get my hair cut by him, I can guarantee it will look better!”

        2.21.13 Reply
  7. Katrina [Parker and West]:

    One, your hair looks amaze. Two, I love that coat and those shoes; can I borrow? Three, I love the façade you’re standing in front of; it’s such a great shade of blue!

    2.21.13 Reply
  8. becky:

    Wow. That blazer is amazing. The cut + the colors… It really is everything. Love the looks.
    The Pumpkin Spot

    2.21.13 Reply
  9. Lauren:

    you took the words right out of my mouth because i was about to say– this jacket is everything. LOVE it… so cute!

    2.21.13 Reply
  10. Kate:

    Ooh, I love the printed blazer! So pretty! I’ve been wanting to add some sort of printed blazer to my wardrobe for spring! I’m loving the bag, too!

    2.21.13 Reply
  11. viv:

    That blazer is serious business. Love it!

    2.21.13 Reply
  12. Amber - Real Girl Glam:

    That blazer is SO GOOD! Love it paired with simple jeans and a tank.

    2.21.13 Reply
  13. Daisy:

    love a great printed pant, but also an amazing printed blazer! so pretty, grace 🙂 x

    & Pretty Things

    2.21.13 Reply
  14. meghan:

    adore that blazer on you!

    2.21.13 Reply
  15. Chelsea:

    I love floral and a tougher anorak together. This look is gorgeous and your hair looks great!

    Chelsea & The City

    2.21.13 Reply
  16. Sam:

    Such a fun print! Love how you styled it! And, those booties are amazing.

    2.21.13 Reply
  17. christin:

    i want that blazer. a lot.

    2.21.13 Reply
  18. Drew @ Catfish & Caviar:

    This blazer looks gorgeous on you. This is a print that I think I could pull off 🙂

    2.21.13 Reply
  19. Kristina:

    Love your blazer!!


    Kristina does the Internets

    2.21.13 Reply
  20. alyson:

    Fully obsessed with this blazer, and digging your new ‘do girl!

    2.21.13 Reply
  21. bestofbklyn:

    Your hair looks awesome, and that blazer is so fun, and I adore those booties! Basically, you look great!

    2.21.13 Reply
  22. Miranda {onestylishdayatatime}:

    One of the best outfit posts yet Grace! Seriously in love with your blazer and how you styled it with rugged pieces. Gorg.

    2.21.13 Reply
  23. Emily:

    Such a pretty blazer, Grace!
    Isn’t That Charming.

    2.21.13 Reply
  24. chelsie:

    i love the do, your layers are perfect! and pretty much, BCBG has been on point lately with everything they do!

    2.21.13 Reply
  25. Jessica:

    What an amazing blazer!

    2.21.13 Reply
  26. Emma Finlayson:

    Love that blazer and love the boots. I need some R&B boots STAT!

    2.21.13 Reply
  27. Kristin:

    That blazer is gorgeous! Love the print. And you’re hair looks pretty amazing too lady!

    2.21.13 Reply
  28. Elizabeth // The Now:

    Beautimous!!! I would love to have hair like yours. Mine is so straight and brown. haha! That blazer is so cute. I really need to get some florals into my life. And I am obsessed with all Rag and Bone booties. xoxo

    2.21.13 Reply
  29. Emily:

    Obsessed with thisssss! You can rock a big print like that like no other, so fun on you! xx

    2.21.13 Reply
  30. Andrea:

    the blazer is amazing!

    2.21.13 Reply
  31. Katie:

    I absolutely die every time you post an outfit with that coat. It’s so perfect in every way! You look great, Grace!

    2.21.13 Reply
  32. Emily | Sparkle Meets Pop:

    That blazer is so, so amazing. I love having those pieces that you make excuses to wear all the time — that is love! haha. Have a great weekend!

    2.22.13 Reply
  33. Luci's Morsels:

    The new hair is great. I’m in the market for a floral blazer. I initially liked them but couldn’t imagine them being too versatile. Now I can definitely imagine lots of ways to wear one!

    Luci’s Morsels – fashion. food. frivolity.

    2.26.13 Reply
  34. Jordan - Queen of LA:

    LOVE the jacket and the way it goes so well with the purse. agree that it could look adorable with a navy and white striped shirt underneath. super cute.

    3.15.13 Reply